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Summary: Bella had selective memory loss when she had a car crash in Forks. Now she remembers nothing about her 2 years in Forks, or Edward for that matter. She lives in Phoenix with her mother and leads a normal life, as if the Cullen family never existed. But, what happens when Edward can't control his feelings anymore and comes back to beg for her forgiveness? When he finds her in Phoenix? With no memory of him at all? Will he leave her, like he said he would? Or will he try to provoke her memory in hopes of gaining back what he lost? And then things always get complicated when the Volturi step in to check on the promise that Bella would be a vampire. Read and review!

Chapter One: Cursing the Rain

It had been exactly two months, 2 weeks, 4 days, and 6 hours since the love of my life walked out on me. Not that I was counting.

In fact, I was doing everything in my power not to think of him. Him; I could never say his name; it was always just, him.

I was on my way to work, just finished spending the morning with Jacob, he really was a nice boy, if not a little forward. It was raining and my mind started to drift to one of those memories that should never be unlocked.

"Ugh, it's raining," I muttered trying to cover my head with my backpack.

"You don't like the rain?" came his perfect voice from behind me. I turned to look at his angelic face and grimaced, "I hate it."

He smiled and scooped me up with no problem whatsoever and gently pressed his lips to mine, "Really? I like the rain."

My heart surged as his gold eyes bore into mine, I gulped and reached back up for another kiss.

No, don't think about that. It's not important. Not. At. All. I cursed at the ongoing downpour, not only for making me late for work, but for bringing back…him.

My eyes sank to the crystal heart permanently attached to my wrist. The one thing he hadn't been able to steal when he'd left.

Why did he do that? He said he'd love me forever. The all too familiar tears welled up in my eyes again, blurring my vision even more.

"Ah!" I screamed into the nothingness, slamming my fists on the dashboard. My car swerved a little and I looked back up to regain control.

It all happened in slow motion. I saw the crystal heart glimmer off the headlights in front of me, dazzling my eyes, my hands shaking as they reached for the steering wheel, my mind already prepared for the pain.

And boy, was there pain. The delivery truck slammed into me headlong. That was the last thing I remembered about Forks.

"She suffered some head injuries, a few broken ribs, and a broken leg. Her memory is what I'm most worried about though," a melodic voice was saying.

My eyes opened slowly, the bright light blinding me. The searing pain came quickly, I groaned and there were four heads swimming in front of me. Which wouldn't be a problem, except that there were only two people in the room. My eyes closed and plunged back into the dark.

I slipped in and out of conscience frequently, always willing to glide back into darkness as the pain continued.

Finally, I woke up and it didn't hurt as bad. I tried to move my arms, but realized they were attached to a series of complicated wires.


My eyes shifted to where the sound was coming from, her voice pounding in my brain, "Mom?"

Renee smiled, fat tears rolling down her face, "Oh, my baby! You're ok!" her hands cupped my face and her expression turned fierce, "Don't you ever do that to me again! Do you know how worried I was?"

I didn't have time to tell her I was sorry, for what I still didn't know, a bright light…that was all I could remember, Charlie came in from the hallway, his eyes looked so tired.

He grinned, "Dr. Cullen! Dr. Cullen! She's woken up! She woke up!"

Please stop yelling, I wanted to tell him but I couldn't find the words.

In walked the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. He looked no older than 30, but his eyes seemed much older, wiser. His skin a porcelain white, his face looked as if they were carved out of stone. Carved by an angel.

He came over and checked the various machines and placed a cool hand on my forehead. The coolness struck me, but everything was cold to me right now, I shivered under the thin blanket.

"Could we please get another blanket for Miss. Swan?" I heard him ask. A young nurse in the corner nodded and dashed away on her task.

"How are you feeling, Bella?" his tone was calmer, it was so familiar. An old white house set in the woods formed in my mind's eye, I tried to grab the image, but it disappeared before I even got a good look at it.

I nodded, my voice still absent. My mother took care of that and got me a glass of water and helped me take a drink.

"Fine," I managed to sputter.

"Well, the family will be happy to hear that. They've been worried sick about you." He eyed me suspiciously, ignoring the glaring looks from Renee and Charlie.

"Family?" I asked hoarsely.

Charlie came over quickly, "Bella, honey, you don't remember Dr. Cullen? And his family?"

"Should I?" I was so confused, everything seemed blurred, and all their questions were making me nervous.

Dr. Cullen leaned in a little, "You know, myself, Carlisle, my wife Esme, and my children, Emmet, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Edward." He said the last name slowly, gauging my reaction.

A cool fragrance washed over me as he said the name, they were all very old fashioned, but nothing popped up in my head matching any of those names. I shook my head warily.

Charlie smiled widely; pleased I didn't remember what ever it was I was supposed to remember.

"We should let her get some rest, this is probably all very strange to her right now," Dr. Cullen pushed some buttons on the monitor and I nodded my head in agreement before the darkness took over my mind again.

"We should just let her forget him altogether!" an angry voice said harshly.

"First we should make sure her memory doesn't come back, don't you think, Charlie?"

"That's the thing Mrs. Swan, I don't think it will. Now I'm not sure how much she does remember, we'll find out when she's stronger."

I felt a rough hand undo something around my wrist.

All the voices melded together before my dreams beckoned my away again.

The bright lights never ceased to blind my eyes, but I adjusted easier this time. It was the first time in a long while I felt good. Like I hadn't just fallen off a building.

The hospital looked strange, not like the one in Phoenix. Where were we?

My parents lay sleeping, draped over the tiny couch, as far away from each other as possible.

I found I desperately needed to use the bathroom, and attempted to get out of bed. It was not an easy task. It probably took me a full 30 minutes to stand up, not a good thing when your bladder is screaming at you to hurry up.

I hustled out the door trying to locate a restroom.

"Miss. Swan?" I turned around and caught my breath, it was that doctor again, the beautiful one.

His hand caught my elbow, "What are you doing out of bed?"

"Bathroom," I muttered.

He nodded, "I see, well why don't we get you…comfortable, and then I want to have a little chat with you," he glanced into my room, "without your parents."

"It seems she remembers everything up to moving to Forks with Mr. Swan." I heard Dr. Cullen say. Living in Forks? Who would be that stupid?

"Please, call me Charlie. So, let me get this straight, she remembers everything up until she lived with me, up until she met…" his voice growled a little, "Edward."

Wasn't that Dr. Cullen's son's name? Charlie shouldn't be so rude.

Dr. Cullen neither sounded offended or angry, "Yes, that is correct. I believe she has gone through some selective memory loss. When we left, it caused an enormous amount of stress on her, pain too. I know she felt deeply for him." For who? Edward? Emmet? Jasper? Dr. Cullen? Billy Bob Joe? I hated this confusion.

"While she was in a coma, her sub-conscience did some picking and choosing, what it thought was safe for her to remember. She probably doesn't want to remember anything about those 2 years in Forks; she doesn't want to feel the pain of losing…him again." Lose who?! This was so frustrating! I couldn't find my voice again, wishing more than every for that water. And why did they keep mentioning Forks? Was it summertime already? Two years? They were out of their minds if they thought I was staying with Charlie for two years in Hick Town.

"What do you think we should do then, Doctor?" my mother's soft voice resurfaced.

"I think it would be in her best interest to go back to living with you, Mrs. Swan. Keep things they were before Forks. Act as if my family and I never existed. She never went to live with you Charlie. She just got in a crash while she as up here visiting you. It's easier that way. If she doesn't remember, why make her? It's obvious it's something she wanted to block, so let her block it out."

"Agreed then, Bella will come back to Phoenix with Phil and me. And thank you Dr. Cullen, for coming all the way up from Los Angeles when you heard about her condition," my mother spoke quickly, it was hard to keep up with her words, everything was so foggy.

"I loved Bella very much, Mrs. Swan. She is very important to me, I would never forgive myself if anything I could have prevented happened to her." Dr. Cullen said softly, "I'll be sure to tell Esme she's doing better." I heard the faint click of a pen, "She's free to go tomorrow afternoon, back home, to Phoenix, Arizona, where she lives," he said closely to my face.

Why was he saying it so slowly? Like I didn't know I lived in Phoenix? So I got a little bump on the head, did they think I forgot everything?

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