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Edward is the Prince of Meyerland. The entire kingdom is ruled by his family, but the nobles believe that they are angels sent from heaven to rule the land and they are to live forever and ruling forever. Bella is a common peasant struggling to fit in this new land in which she came from Japan. Bella works as a maid in the Palace for now and finally encounters Edward on a stormy night in an alley as he saves her from a rapist. Modern timed.

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As I walk out of the plane and out into this new, foreign land called Meyerland, I take a deep breath smelling in the fresh air as the breeze carries the sent of a the wild woodlands surrounding this vast kingdom. It's going to be a new start for me. I walk towards the airport to the baggage claim area.

To start out with, my name is of course, Isabella Marie Swan. Nicknamed Bella. After the death of my parents in Japan I have moved away to form a new life from my sorrowful birthplace. I may have just turned 18, but I'm definite strong enough to take care of myself. Who knows what life may bring? I have heard much about this kingdom and the peace and prosperity that has been praised and adulated through the entire world. I thought perhaps, I'd give this place a try. As for now, my main concern is finding my hotel room.

I walk out of the taxi as I take a good view of the home I am to stay in for a while until my circumstances are better. It was a tactful place. Not grandiose, but has an inviting aura vibrating out of it. The owner of the hotel walked me to the room helping me carry the baggage. Room 777. Oh great, seven. My favorite number. Maybe the tide will change for me, after all of these misfortunate events. I packed everything out into the given furniture and I stare at full size bed and I finally drop down in exhaustion.

(Next Morning)

"Excuse me sir, but do you know where the Cullington Palace is," I asked the man on the front desk. I've heard the previous night down at a coffee shop that the Cullington Palace is looking for a new set of maids to work and serve the royal family as the old maids are being retired this year. Why not give it a chance. Besides, I've heard they serve good food there.

He explained the directions given to me and according to him the palace was not very far from this place, only a few streets down and 2 miles away. Good. Saves money. I can just walk there.

After a forty-five minute walk, I finally came in sight of the Palace. Magnificent. The palace was humongous. It fitted every description of a perfect dream mansion. Better than the fairy tales. And to think that I might actually have a chance to work here. A change in luck.

(Edward's POV)

"Alice," I called out to her, "Stop being so excited. Your thoughts are driving me mad."

She had been excited all day about the new maids that were to be interviewed and hired today. She always loved to social with the people around the castle and she was even more thrilled to get to know more people.

"Gee, Edward. There's nothing wrong with wanting to meet more people. Besides this year's maids are to be young and inexperienced. Maybe you'll find a girl of your choosing!"


Yeah right. That kind of luck for me never occurs. Being a vampire and all, it's not that easy to find a girl to spend an eternity with and to say that she might be a human…. I don't want to think about it. Either way. It happens every year. I get used to it by now.

We were sitting in the Garden of the palace reading and "pretending" to be having breakfast, which I soon will regurgitate when I go to the bathroom. Our family has been ruling this kingdom for three centuries when Carlisle first came into power. He was turned in to a vampire at that time. And the era was in bizarre as Vampires and witches were causing turmoil throughout the country. Carlisle was turned into a vampire by accident. He was a son of a priest, and knowing that he became a monster, he refused to drink human blood and developed a different eating habit than all other vampires. He had been protecting humanity to the best of his abilities ever since then. Reforming the government and was elected king by all the nobles in which they believed that he was an angel destined to take care of this country. However, they did no realize that he too was a vampire. Because the nobles realized that he was immortal, the government has kept our immortality a secret from the rest of the world. Which the only way to keep it a secret was to switch kings every two generations or so. I've been made king only once since I've only been a vampire for eighty years. Tedious, is the only thing I can say about ruling a kingdom, especially such an abnormal one. I was to the next king again after Carlisle's reign. And because of that I needed a wife in the next 2 years.

Thinking about it made my head hurt and I needed to get out of Alice's thoughts, so I decided to take a walk around the palace. As I went towards the front gate of the palace, a breeze blew my way. My thirst overcame my thoughts when I smelt the most luscious scent of blood in my damned life. I NEEDED that blood now. My stomach growled and hollowed in demand of that blood. I opened my eyes as I say a hundred yards away, a thin and elegant girl with beautiful ruby brown hair that shined almost read in the sun, walking pass towards the citizen entry way. She was pale looking, with a straight poise. Her eyes were light brown but as a tiny cloud shaded her from the sun I could see her eyes change in to a chocolate brown color. She wasn't too tall or too short. About 5'7 to 5'8. She was thin and her feminine physique made her look weak, but even though she was thin, her breasts were an astounding size. Between a B and a C. Perfect. Every aspect and angle that she moved in looked breath taking. Could any woman be this beautiful? I was addicted to her just by looking. That perfect image was what took me away from that breath-taking smell for a second. But the breeze grew stronger and I inhaled more of that delicious scent. I could feel my feet automatically running towards her, as I was only a few yards behind her now. But I stopped and quickly hid behind a nearby hedge plant. I could not bring myself to drink from this human girl. I would break the vow that I had kept to Carlisle and my family. And if I drank that beautiful, hot, flowing, pulsing… stop! I have to keep conscience. If I did such a crime, all that my family stood for will be ruined. I looked way from the girl and ran the opposite way as fast as I could. For this moment I was able to make the right decision, but I must never see that lovely girl in my life ever again. Never again.

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