Blood Welt

By Mysti Sagara

Chapter 1:// Going To Forks

Hello, I am Isabella Swan, I'm 17, and am completely, irrationally in love with a boy I've never met. This is what is known as a "Cyber Relationship" but even though I've never met this Cedward in real life, I know that we'll be soul mates. We both have a strange obsession with vampires, we both love the night, and we both love, most importantly, each other. For the past 8 years, I've been living with my mother, but my father just moved to a town named Forks, where, coincidentally, my beloved Cedward lives. It is also coincidental that my Father is having a midlife crisis and is in dear need of me in his life.

And that's where I bring you, me, on the landing plane in Forks: Adrenaline pumping, my heart racing, and my black mini skirt running a bit TOO high. Not like I cared, for my father was not the one picking me up from the airport. I had told him that I was going to rent a car and drive myself home. He had been the fool to believe me. And as I stepped out off of the plane, I had to adjust my dark blue cami and my stockings. As I walked loudly, for my thick boots thumped across the ground, I couldn't help but look around.

Cedward told me that he would hold up a sign with a large heart in the middle that said above it "Cedward" and below the heart "Swan Lake." I looked around, worry absorbing my heart. There was no sign, there was, strangely, no one. I had ridden the plane alone. I had gotten off alone and I let out a whimper when no one was there. I almost began started crying when some one tapped my shoulder behind me.

And that's when I turned to look at, what I believed, was a true born Angel. Perfect features, beautiful, masculine, with beautifully golden eyes (probably contacts, but STILL) and an adorable half smile that would make any girl weak in the knees. My heart was beating so fast and loud, I could not only hear it, but feel it in my throat. I didn't believe at love at first sight, and then I met him.

"Are you, Swan Lake?" My heart melted. His voice sounded like bells chiming. I think that's the moment I fainted. Literally, it was much too much to take at once. For one, the boy I'd been talking to for months and months was everything and more I had believed him to be, but he was also sweet too, and amazingly beautiful. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a car. It wasn't moving, we were still at the airport, just conveniently moved to the parking lot. I looked around. In the nicest car I had ever been in. The interior was black leather chrome and nice and shiny. It took a moment for everything to sink in, like what had just happened in the airport. "Oh my god…." I looked over to see Cedward smiling at me sweetly.

"Are you all right? I think you got a little air sick… it was just delayed." And he was clever. He was just TOO perfect. "By the way… my name is Edward Cullen. And your name is..?"
It took me a moment to register that question as well. His name was Edward Cullen. I wonder if one day I would become Bella Cullen… "Oh… my name is… urm… Isabella Swam… Please, call me Bella though…" It got quiet. He was just sitting there smiling at me faintly. He was really adorable.

Then he broke the silence with that angel voice of his. "So, after all this time… We finally meet." He said smiling still.

"Yeah, I know…" I said looking at his eyes again, they were a honey golden yellow, really beautiful. But really unnatural. I couldn't see where his contacts were. That was weird. "But… I think I should be going home… My dad's waiting…"

That really made him smile. "Well, strap in." He said shortly and started the engine. We were off even before I could even get myself strapped in all the way. How did he know where I lived? I looked back. All of my bags were back there, my purse sat between my feet and the directions that my Dad had given me were on the dash board.

'Oh." I said and snuggled back into the seats. I then noticed that it was also cloudy outside. Where I came from, it was barely ever cloudy, only when it was going to thunderstorm or there was going to be a tornado.

I looked over at Edward; he wasn't very intent on his driving. He was always glancing over at me and smiling. His skin was unusually pale. But, then again, so was mine. I was always out tanning and always running around, but for some reason, my skin never tanned. Maybe he was like that too.

I also took the time to notice he was really muscular. He looked lean and scruffy but like he could beat up a few people. I also noticed his clothes. With this expensive car, he could have afforded a lot better clothes. He was wearing a black band T-shirt and Levi's. Nothing expensive, maybe $30 if the jeans were from a designer or something. I liked that, it was kind of cute.

"How is it you're sitting there saying nothing, and yet you're still dazzling me." I found myself saying. That sure caught his attention. He looked at me strangely for a moment, and then looked back to the road, smiling again.

"How is that you can catch me off guard like that, when I can almost always read other people's emotions." Edward replied and I realized that we were pulling into a driveway. It was a small house, two stories, but not very wide or long. There was a garage, a cute front yard, and back yard, not too far away from a forest, and painted a cute off white. There was a cop car in front, because my Father, Charlie, was a cop, but next to the cop car, there was a big chunky red truck. It was really old looking, but it looked like something I would drive. I smiled at it. So this was home.

"I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow… you are going to FHS right?" he actually sounded worried. It made me want to squeal.

"Yeah, I guess so." I turned to unbuckle my seat belt, and something cold brushed my cheek. It was Edward's lips. It made me gasp, because, he was quite ungodly cold. But it felt good, strangely. He smelt familiar.

"I'll see you soon." He said, and the doors were unlocked. I stepped out from the car, and closed the door. I looked at the car he had. It was a very shiny silver Volvo. He smiled at me again and waved goodbye. So… I could help but think, This was Forks.

End Chapter 1:// Going To Forks

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