Sand: Hey ya'll, here's my new story …. It's going to be a Naruto/Hinata story but it's based on a RP game/story me and Sora have for Kajitsu (Naruto's mom, we made her up) and Arashi (a.k.a the fourth, Naruto's father … in our minds). Everyone in this story, at least the main characters, are 16-17, unless I say otherwise. That means their in their Junior year of high school. This first chapter will be sort of introductory, it'll only have Hinata, maybe one or two of the other girls, and probably Naruto. At the end of the chapter I'm going to give you a list of possible pairing, other than Naruto/Hinata, for you to vote on, and sooo, please, please vote otherwise, I won't know what pairings, other than Naruto/Hinata, to do.

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Hinata Hyuuga sighed as she tied her green Starbucks apron tightly around her waist and pulled her mid-back length dark purple hair into a low ponytail. She sighed again, working a double shift on a Saturday was not her idea of a relaxing weekend.

'Erg why couldn't Mack get Sakura or Ino to work today.' she thought with a light groan as she walked out of the employee's locker room and into the Barnes & Noble.

"Bout time you got out here, Hinata." Mack, the manager called.

"Well not everybody is perky about working a double on a Saturday!" She said as she walked behind the Starbucks counter, Mack laughed and stared to take the chairs off the tops of the tables.

"Have some coffee and you'll be ready for anything." he retorted, Hinata giggled and rolled her eye, but she did get herself a vanilla cappuccino. Rubbing the bridge of her nose as she started up some of the machines.

"Maaaaan, this is going to be a looooooong day." she murmured with a sigh when she saw a mother and her screaming son heading towards the Starbucks part of the store.

1few hours later1

"Hey last customer of the day." Mack said nodding toward the blonde boy who was walking towards the Starbucks.

"Hi welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?" Hinata asked cheerfully, well has cheerfully as she could.

"Yeah I'll have a large coffee." He answered, smiling at her lightly, his blue eyes sparkling, Hinata tried not to get lost in them.

"Is that all?" she asked as she started to ring it up, he nodded.

"Ok one moment." she said as she turned away from the counter to start making his coffee.

"Ok here you go that'll be 3.50." she said as she handed him his coffee.

"Thanks." he said nodding slightly passing her the money.

"Thank you and come again." Hinata said, again the blonde boy nodded and turned and walked back out into the mall.

"So can't wait to tell the girls." she whispered, placing her elbow on the counter and her chin in her hand.

"Well if your done watching him walk away you can go home, he was our last customer." Mack said smiling knowingly at the younger girl. Hinata blushed ten shades of red swatting at her boss's arm.

"Ugh! I'm outta here, bye Mack see you tomorrow!" she called heading back to the employee locker room to change back into her regular clothes. A grey tank top with a purple broken heart on it, and some low-rise, dark blue jeans.

1at the Hyuuga mansion1

"I'm home!" Hinata called as she walked through the front door, silence greeted her, "I guess Father and Hanabi haven't gotten home from the martial arts convention." She sighed and headed upstairs to her room. She groaned lightly and stretched her arms above her head, she ached, especially her feet, she had been pretty much standing all day long. All she wanted to do was take a shower, get in her pajamas and see if her best friends, Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno, were on. She was in luck, Ino was on when she got on.

StarbucksQueen has signed on.

BlondeBeauty: Omg! Hey Hina-chan, how was work?

StarbucksQueen: I should hurt you and Kura-chan for making me take a DOUBLE shift on a SATURDAY!!!

AngryCherryBlossom has signed on.

BlondeBeauty: Hey Forehead.

StarbucksQueen: Hey Kura-chan.

AngryCherryBlossom: Hey Pig! Hey Hina-chan!

AngryCherryBlossom: How was work?

StarbucksQueen: OMG!!!!

AngryCherryBlossom: what?

BlondeBeauty: what?

StarbucksQueen: I saw the HOTTEST guy today.

BlondeBeauty: rele what'd he look like?

AngryCherryBlossom: yeah, what's his name?

StarbucksQueen: well he had spiky blonde hair, and the most GORGOUS blue eyes I've ever seen, and I don't know his name.

AngryCherryBlossom: What! Why not?!

BlondeBeauty: Yeah! Why not, he sounds mega hot!

StarbucksQueen: well I was trying not to let his mega hotness make me mess up his order, so i didn't ask for his name.

AngryCherryBlossom: man that sux, wish I had been there now.

BlondeBeauty: yeah me 2, ugh gtg ttyl! Lylas!

StarbucksQueen: nite lylas!

AngryCherryBlossom: what she said.

BlondeBeauty has signed off

StarbucksQueen: I gtg 2, I gotta eat, haven't had anything all day, nite lylas!

AngryCherryBlossom: bye, lylas nite!

StarbucksQueen has signed off.

Hinata signed and walked downstairs to her kitchen, and started to make two grilled cheese sandwiches for herself. When those were down she poured some grape juice, sat down and the long dining table and ate her dinner alone.

1while later1

"Well, no work tomorrow, no school tomorrow, which means ….. Hangin at the mall with Kura-chan and Ino-chan." she whispered as she lay on her back in bed, " and maybe …. Maybe I'll see that boy again." And then, she was asleep.


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Ino/Shikamaru or Ino/Sasuke

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