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Crimes of the Heart.

She threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. He secured her in his arms as he carried her into his bedroom slamming the door closed behind them.

In the velvety darkness their lips met in a scorching kiss.

She opened her mouth to grant him further access. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and she tilted her head to deepen the kiss. He hadn't shaved and his stubble was rough against her cheek.

Making his way nimbly through the darkness, he let her fall onto the bed with a bounce. Climbing upon the bed after her he knelt between her legs as she lay wantonly on her back gazing up at him with lustful eyes.

Spreading her legs apart, he lowered himself over her and began running his tongue down her chest and placed a kiss where the fabric of her shirt hindered his exploration.

Her body had been explored by him on many occasions but he relished in discovering it in new ways every time they met.

She reached her hands up and yanked his shirt open, buttons flew every where and could be heard bouncing, rolling and scattering across the wooden floor.

"Where did you tell him you were going?" He whispered roughly into her ear as he pulled her sweater over her head.

"I said, I... ahhh…. I told him I was going to my parent's house… mmmm," She fought to find words as his breath delighted the sensitive skin of her throat.

"How much time do we have?" He asked, as he eased downwards and nipped the soft skin of her breast with his teeth.

She gasped and pulled his hips against hers tightly, grinding herself against him. The warm sensation between her legs was mounting with arousal. Oh, the effect this man had on her.

"I don't want to think about him now, Sirius," She said breathlessly.

He didn't argue. He captured her mouth in another searing kiss and groaned loudly into her mouth when she reached down and clutched his manhood through his jeans, his erection straining against the confining fabric.

In one swift movement, her bra was deposited on the floor and he took one of her pink nipples into his mouth as he massaged her other breast with his large hand.

Hermione continued her teasing of his member. She slowly unzipped his jeans and, slipping her hand beneath his boxers, she wrapped her fingers around his long, thick manhood. Excruciatingly slowly, she began sliding her hand up and down his length.

Sirius squeezed her breast even tighter and growled in appreciation of her touch. The extended periods of time between their trysts made it far too difficult to control himself when they were finally together again.

" Oh Gods, Mione… if you keep that up, this won't last long."

She smiled from her place beneath him and kissed his chest and rolled over to lay on top of him. She continued her ministrations on his shoulders and neck before working her way back down his body pausing on her way to lick his navel.

As she neared her destination, leaving a trail of blistering kisses, she pulled his jeans along with his boxers down over his hips and onto the floor. She smirked in pleasure when she saw his member ready for her.

Sirius lay back on the pillow, his breathing already ragged from the anticipation of another incredible night with this amazing woman.

He watched as she lowered her mouth over him, holding his gaze all the while. She teased her tongue around the tip as she stroked him with her small hands. She slowly took him into her mouth, reveling in the response he gave. She grew even wetter at the prospect of being intimate with him once more.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Sirius steered Hermione towards him and in one swift movement, he was atop her once more.

He yanked her skirt down and felt his erection tighten even more when he saw that she was not wearing panties.

He looked down at her and she shrugged coyly, sensing his question.

The two lovers lay together naked on the satin sheets… the snow outside chilled the room but neither was aware of anything but the expanse of skin and warmth of the person beside them.

Sirius inched his hand down her flat stomach and dipped one finger into her wet center. She gasped with pleasure and he pushed a second finger into her. He closed his eyes and fought to restrain himself… she was so tight, he had to ready her for he was much larger than average.

It had been a month since they had last met and Sirius was quickly nearing a point where he wasn't sure if he could hold back any longer.

"Mione…" He begged, his eyes squinted shut.

She groaned and writhed upward against his probing fingers.

"I'm ready," She panted, "Please."

Sirius wasted not a second in pulling away his hand. Fixing his eyes upon her own, dark with lust, he positioned himself at her opening and in a long sleek motion, he penetrated her hot moistness. He pushed himself in all the way… she was so tight, he repeated to himself.

Hermione cried out at the sensation of finally being filled by him at long last. Arching back, her lithe body was flush against his and he was granted further access into her depths.

He emitted a growl and began thrusting smoothly yet feverishly in and out of her. She bucked her hips to meet each thrust and cried out in delight as his shaft rubbed her most sensitive spot over and over again.

She wrapped her legs around his waist once more leaving nothing to obstruct his path as he drove into her again more deeply.

It started slowly… the warm, tingling sensation from their point of convergence… that spread through her abdomen… tickled her and sent a burning ecstasy racing through her shuddering body.

"Oh God, Sirius!" She cried aloud. She dug her fingernails into his broad shoulders as he pushed her over the edge of elation.

As the waves of pleasure overtook Hermione, her warmth tightened around his manhood and Sirius squeezed his eyes shut as he felt his own climax take control. His release was cathartic and he bit her shoulder to keep from calling out her name as he spilled himself into her, his entire being trembling.

A month was far too long to detain himself from such heaven.

He collapsed on top of her and rested his forehead on the pillow as the both lay panting, their bodies dewed with sweat of invigoration and bliss.

After a moment, he pulled himself out of her and rolled heavily onto his back beside her in his bed.

She inched towards him and framed his muscular body with her own, resting her head on his shoulder as she traced her fingers along his chest. Her golden wedding band glistening slightly in the vague glow of the street lights outside, catching Sirius' eye.

Sirius licked his lips and looked away, but pulled her more tightly against his side while reminding himself for the hundredth time that he ought not care about the offending jewelry. They had sworn long ago that this liaison would not progress beyond their own physical needs.

He breathed deeply and closed his eyes, allowing himself to find solace in the soft, slumbering breath of the woman he knew he was entirely in love with.

Miles away, Draco lay awake in his own bed, troubled thoughts racing through his mind. A floo from his wife's mother moments ago, had opened his eyes to what he had long suspected. His wife had been lying to him… and he hadn't a clue where she was.

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