Joviana belongs to Gevaisa, as does this 'verse. Just a harmless bit of fun.


XXI. Vacation

It was Lake Latveria, a small, isolated lake in the mountains, and part of Doom's private getaway. An idyllic summer day, with perfect weather. And Doom had it all to himself.

Well...technically, he didn't. In fact, at the moment he was wearing swim trunks instead of armour, and wondering how his beloved wife had talked him into this. As part of his new "truce" with Reed Richards, Joviana had invited the Fantastic Four for a day at the lake. Innocuous-sounding, yes, but hardly as innocent as you'd think.

Joviana, at the moment, was relaxing on the beach by Sue, the two women chattering amiably. She looked at Victor and gave him a thumbs up and a wink. Mentally kicking himself for agreeing to this, he got into the inner tube. Waterproof/watertight mask on? Check. Firm grip on the handles of the tube? Check. His sense of dignity? Back on the beach with Joviana.

Finally, he gave the OK signal to the boat. Victor von Doom was not going to be cowed by water tubing, after all. And then, his stomach lurched as the boat took off, pedal to the metal in rapid circles around the lake. It was all Victor could do to hold on. As he felt his stomach heave, he shouted: "CURSE YOU, RICHARDS!!!!!!!"