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"You're so troublesome." Was always his reply after a date when he would have to pay for it. Shikamaru pulled out some money, as he and his date left the small restaurant. Shikamaru always went casual on dates, wearing his Jonin vest and his hair pulled back. Temari also went very casual, wearing her black kimono and having her golden hair pulled back into four ponytails. On special occasions, like this night, Temari's shoulder length hair would be down and she might have even put on some light perfume. The two walked down the street for some time with out even saying a word. Then Shikamaru entwined his fingers with hers and took Temari down a side street.

"Did you forget the way to my hotel or something? We're going in the opposite direction." Temari pointed out.

"Who said I was taking you to your hotel right away? There's something I want to show you." Shikamaru glanced quickly at the kunoichi and then continued to lead her to the 'something'. The couple walked for a few more blocks and then began to walk up a tower's tall flight of stairs.

"How many more stairs are there?" Temari asked as she walked beside the day dreaming boy.

"Hum? Oh we're almost there, just be patient." Shikamaru opened a door at the top of the stairs and led the way to the roof top patio. It was a very simple patio with some plants and a wooden swinging bench. On top of the bench were a book and a shogi game. Shikamaru led Temari by the hand to the bench and they sat down. Shikamaru set the book and shogi game down on the floor and began to rock the bench with his feet. Temari sighed as she tucked her feet to the side of her. Both were silent as they took in the beautiful sunset.

"This is really a beautiful place, how did you find it?" Temari looked over at a sleeping boy. Temari gave him a look and stood up, but just as she was about to head down the stairs the boy replied, "When I was a kid, my mother would take me here to watch the sunset." Shikamaru paused to let Temari come back and sit again. He opened his eyes to see her sitting beside him again. "I always thought about how pretty the sunset looked and always wondered if there would be some as pretty as it. Then I met this troublesome woman whose looks are far better than this sunset and her personality entertains me more as well. Temari looked surprised as he spoke again "I get a little lonely here with out you, so when I see the sunset, it reminds me of you. It is a lot quieter with out you, though."

"You're such a cry baby." Temari sat up and hugged him. "I missed you too." Shikamaru leaned his head against her chest and wrapped his arms around her as she leaned her head against his. Temari began to run her fingers through his hair as Shikamaru held her as tight as he could.

"I have a present for you." Shikamaru said as he leaned away and got up and off the bench. "It was a very troublesome thing to get you." He said as he began to pull something from his pocket. They sat beside each other until after the sun had already set and the stars began to shine through the night sky.

"I should probably take you to your hotel now." Shikamaru stood up and stretched while Temari did the same. Temari straightened her kimono a little and then held onto Shikamaru's arm as he held her hand all the way down the stairs and to the hotel.

The couple had a very interesting conversation on the way to the hotel. Temari and Shikamaru both agreed that things were going too smooth and quiet around the Village Hidden in the Sound. They agreed that the Sound must have been planning something since they had not participated in the Chunnin exams twice in a row. Shikamaru thought it best to send spies over and check out the Sound while Temari thought it best to double security. The conversation between the two Jonin soon stopped when they arrived at the hotel.

"It was very nice of you to take me out to dinner." Temari said.

"It was very troublesome at first. Then giving you that present was even worst." Shikamaru smiled a little at the kunoichi who turned red.

"If it was so troublesome for you, then why did you even take me out?" Temari asked as she started to walk into the hotel but was stopped. She tried to move her body but was unable to do anything against the force. "I was only joking you know."

"Yeah, but I didn't want you to walk away from me before I did this." Shikamaru made Temari walk towards him slowly.

"This is a new one. You don't have to move a muscle." Temari said as she stopped in front of him.

"I though I should learn a new technique." Shikamaru walked to Temari after undoing the jutsu. Then he put his arm around her waist and hand on her cheek. Shikamaru opened his mouth slightly and kissed Temari. Temari put her arms around him and kissed him back even more passionately than how he had. The two were soon wrapped around each other as they made their way to Temari's room, occasionally bumping against a wall. When they opened Temari's room, Shikamaru laid her on the bed and sat on top of her. Temari took in a deep breath as Shikamaru unzipped his jacket and threw it on the floor. Then he leaned against Temari's body and began to kiss her neck while she giggled. They spent a long and enjoyable night together.

The next morning Temari left the hotel and headed to the main gate. Standing against a wall was Shikamaru who appeared to be a little worn out, but nonetheless he was there. Temari smiled as she walked up to Shikamaru and he returned her smile.

"Did you have breakfast?" He asked.

"I had some fruit, I don't need anything more." Temari adjusted her fan. Minutes passed as the two stood beside each other and watched the clouds. "I'm going to miss you, since I wont be coming back to this village for a while."

"Are you wearing it, the present I gave you?" Shikamaru looked concerningly at her. Temari pulled out a chain necklace with a ring on it, and said, "I'll never take it off." Then Shikamaru held her close to him. After rubbing hands over Temari's back, he sighed saying "You're too troublesome. I'll see you soon, okay Temari? And if you miss me so much, then why don't you stop by and visit me?"

"Why don't you get up and come visit me instead?" Temari smirked at this idea as Shikamaru sighed. "I should be going now. It's a three day journey to the Sand and Gaara and Kankuro are probably worried about me." Temari said and then jumped up into a tree.

"Alright then, take care of your troublesome self." Shikamaru called as Temari began to jump through the trees.

"Always!" She called back.