Three months passed since Temari had been with Shikamaru, and she was now in the heat of battle. Many shinobi had fallen in battle, but it looked like Leaf and Sand were prevailing over Sound. Their numbers were decreasing daily and their attacks were becoming less powerful. The Village Hidden in the Sound was not ready to go down with out a fight. They sent out fewer yet stronger shinobi that began to decrease the numbers of Sand and Leaf rapidly.

Temari was now battling a female Sound ninja whose comrades called her Osoreru, meaning fear. She controlled sound waves with a small harp, just like how Temari controlled wind with her fan. The battle between them had drug on for three days and Temari was beginning to show signs up exhaustion. Osoreru threw several senbon attached with letter bombs at Temari.

"Wind Scythe Jutsu!" Temari yelled as she swung her fan. Osoreru smirked as she jumped right into the wind while playing her harp, dodging all of the senbon. The senbon attached themselves to trees and blew up, causing smoke and fallen trees to erupt all over. Temari swung her fan once more, increasing the harshness of the wind. Osoreru began to coat her harp with a liquid as she jumped into a tree. Temari's fan was fully opened as she bit her thumb and spread the blood across it.

"Summoning Jutsu!" She called and Kamatari came racing at her opponent. Trees were ripped from their roots as plants were thrashed about. After a few moments, every thing settled and Temari rested on her knees to gather chakara. Then she felt a sharp pain in her arm and then another. Temari opened her eyes to see two senbon sticking in her arm. She pulled them out and began to brace herself for another attack. Temari looked all around her surroundings, all the time thinking, "How could she have survived that last attack?"

"Look up, look down, look all around, but you shall never be prepared for my next attack!" Osoreru's voice echoed through the trees. Temari held her fan up to block half of her body while she gathered more chakara to wait for the attack. Soft music began to play through the forest as Temari's eyes began to grow heavy and she faintly saw Shikamaru's face.

"No, no don't fall for this!" Temari shook her head and opened her eyes to see Osoreru's foot kick her. Temari's fan fell from her grasp, as she slammed against a tree. She slowly stood up, recovering from the kick.

"Stay down! I'm not finished with you!" her opponent screamed as she threw kunai at Temari. Temari crossed her arms across her body for protection as the kunai tore through her clothing and pinned her against the tree. "You fell for one of my most simple attacks, a ninjutsu that any Gennin could have preformed. To think, a Jonin fell for that. Well, I guess that's what happens when you don't save your energy like me. Now I'm going to finish you off slowly." Osoreru plucked some stings and weapons flew through the forest.

"Aaa!" Temari screamed in pain as the weapons hit her. Blood began to drip from her body as she struggled to pull the weapons out. Then a loud whistle rang out through the entire battlefield and Osoreru soaked her hands in the same substance as her harp.

"Sorry kid, but I'm goanna have to kill you quicker than I thought." She blew over her harp and played a short melody. "Whispered Assassination!" Temari closed her eyes as she prepared to go on to her next life. Then she remembered all the time she had spent with Shikamaru before the battle. How the two had fought each other so much and then how they fell in love.

"Ugh!" Temari opened her eyes to the sound of some one else's pain. There in front, blocking Temari from Osoreru's jutsu was Shikamaru, blood flowing from his body.

"Dang! I missed and hit the boy; he was a cute one too. Oh well," she said, drenching her fingers again "just have to perform the jutsu again."

"Shikamaru!" Temari struggled and then finally ripped her skin and clothing free from the weapons as she caught Shikamaru. The hatred in her began to swell as Temari ran towards Osoreru. Osoreru blew over her harp and began to play the melody over again as Temari picked up speed. Temari pulled her fist back and hit her in the face, then kicked the harp from her hands and dug a kunai into each of the woman's shoulders so that she was unable to move her arms. Temari kicked Osoreru into a tree as she jumped down to the ground. Osoreru tried to get out from the tree, but found it udderlessly impossible to do so as Temari jumped twenty feet in front of her, holding her fan.

"Daikamaitachi no Jutsu!" Temari swung her fan and the Great Cutting Whirlwind sliced through Osoreru, killing her in the process. Temari turned and leaped to the branch where Shikamaru lay bleeding. She tossed her fan to the side and knelt beside him. Temari tried to hold back her tears as she laid his head on her lap and began to stroke his face.

"It's funny…t-the only thing…that came to my mind…as I blocked…that j-juts…was the time when y-you jumped in front of me…and saved my life." Shikamaru coughed and blood came from his mouth. Temari let out a little laugh as some tears rolled down her face. Shikamaru gave a small smile and asked, "Temari…r-reach your hand into m-my shirt…and t-take my necklace off…for me." Temari unzipped his vest and pulled the necklace with a simple gold ring over his shirt. Then she unclasped it and slid the ring into her palm and did the same to hers. "Can y-you put…m-my ring on…my finger?…I-I want to die wearing my wedding ring." Shikamaru raised his hand slightly and Temari slid it onto his left ring finger.

"Shikamaru, are you able to put my wedding ring onto my finger?" Temari chocked on the words as she saw Shikamaru cough again.

"Even wh-when your husband's dieing…you're still a pushy woman." Shikamaru sighed heavily as he took Temari's hand and placed her ring on it. His breathing soon became very heavy as Temari held him close to her.

"Shika-kun," Temari chocked "I'm pregnant. You're going to be a father, Shikamaru." Temari tried to smile through the pain of seeing her husband die before her. She gently took his hand and placed it upon her stomach.

"I'm a f-father…how t-troublesome…" Shikamaru took his last breath and left his life. Temari wept uncontrollably over her husband's dead body. She cried into the night and finally passed out from exhaustion. The next day, it was announced that the Villages Hidden in the Leaf and Sand had won the war. Gaara and Kankuro scanned the battlefield for Temari along with Naruto and Sakura who looked for Shikamaru. The four found the couple and stopped in silence. Sakura gently handed a sleeping Temari to Kankuro and then bent down to check Shikamaru.

"He…he's dead." Sakura said as she too began to cry for her lost friend along with the others.

One year later

Temari walked through the gates of the Village Hidden in the Leaf's cemetery, followed by her two brothers. In her arms were two infants, one sleeping and the other playing with her hair, which was down. They walked through the gave stones and stopped in front of one which was inscribed with:

"Nara Shikamaru.

A man with incredible analyzing skills,

Some one who was lazy, yet would run a thousand miles for a friend.

A great husband who loved his wife now and forever,

Even in secret."

Temari kneeled on the ground as she read what was inscribed on her husband's gravestone. She handed her sleeping infant over to Gaara and held tight to the other while she looked up into the bright blue sky.

"We had twins, out first was a little girl and I decided to name her Suna after the Village Hidden in the Sand, and because it's such a beautiful name." Temari allowed a tear to fall from her eyes and then exchanged children. "Our second baby was a little boy. It took him forever to come out but he did." Temari laughed a little and bit her lip as she began to cry. "He reminded me so much of you that I had to name him Shikamaru." The wind blew through Temari's golden hair. "I miss you, Shika-kun. It's a lot quieter with out you." Then the wind gently rustled the leafs in the trees and it almost sounded like Shikamaru had sighed and said, "You're so troublesome." Then Temari began to laugh at his voice as the wind blew softly around her and her family.

The End