Title: Lockdown

Rating: T for normal teenage behavior (nothing you wouldn't see on the show).

Disclaimer: Kyle XY and its affiliated characters do not belong to me.

Summary: Complete Jandy fluff. Takes place right where the couch scene ended in Lockdown. Andy and Josh spend the rest of the evening together.

Spoilers: "Lockdown" and I guess all episodes before "Lockdown," just to be safe.

Chapter 1

He felt her breathing slow, even, long breaths. Her fingers stopped tracing circles along his left arm. He swept a loose strand of hair away from her face and kissed the top of her head. He watched her chest steadily rising and falling and he realized at that moment just how content he was watching her sleep. Sure, his mom might have had the whole family on lockdown because a crazy girl who was apparently out to get their family was on the loose, and Andy was going in to start chemo the next day, but the moment couldn't have been more perfect.

Josh had never met a girl he felt so comfortable with. He could be himself with her. He didn't have to pretend that he didn't like video games or zombie movies. And he loved that she laughed at his jokes even when no one else understood them. He realized, as his eyes began to droop and his head began to feel too heavy for his spine, that they made the perfect pair. She was everything he ever wanted and he hoped he was the same for her.

What felt like it was only seconds later, Josh could hear someone talking, but he couldn't understand it and he didn't want to. He just wanted to sleep.

"I'm taking my shirt off."

He heard that part distinctly. Was he dreaming? It felt like a dream. He felt warm and safe like he was in a dream. And besides, no one would ever really say that to him unless he was dreaming. As a matter of fact, Andy had said something eerily similar in a dream he had about her just a week before. He had been woken up by Lori before the dream had a chance to continue. He still blamed her for that.

He felt something soft and familiar touch his lips. If this was a dream, he definitely didn't want to wake up.

"Okay, there goes my bra."

His eyes sprang open and he found himself staring directly at her. She laughed and her eyes seemed to sparkle and dance.

"I knew that would get you up," she remarked, rather pleased with herself. She had never considered herself to be the type of person who could use her "feminine talents," as her mother would put it, to get what she wanted, but she liked that it was working for her.

Andy tried to sit up, but Josh held her down, his arms around her waist. Somehow, while Josh was sleeping, Andy had managed to roll over so she was on top of him, facing him.

"Stay," he whispered into her ear.

She settled against his chest as he tightened his grip around her. She rested her head above his heart while her hand found his. He raised her hand to his mouth and kissed it lightly.

"Guess we both fell asleep," she said, thinking about him. Whatever doubts and fears she had about their relationship were gone. The bottom line was, she wanted to be with him. She wanted to be near him. And she wanted him to be there while she fought the disease inside of her.

"Yeah," he murmured, stroking her hair and closing his eyes.

"Looks like your mom…ah…saw us," Andy remarked.

Josh opened his eyes and saw the red and green plaid blanket, which was usually kept neatly folded on the back of the couch, was covering both of them.

"Great, now I'm going to get the don't forget to be responsible if you're having sex talk."

Andy giggled. "Well, at least she trusts us."

"What do you mean?"

"She left us completely alone. She's been in her office with the door closed for more than a half hour. If it were one of my moms, she'd be standing here watching over us like a hawk, ready to strike and kill if you even so much as accidentally bump into me."

"Remind me to never fall asleep on your couch."

Andy smiled and felt her stomach rumble.

"Hungry?" Josh asked, feeling the rumble against his own chest.

"Famished," she replied. After all, she had barely eaten all day. Sure, Josh had put out quite the junk food sprawl, but she barely touched anything. She was too nervous about telling him about the chemo. Now that they were over the awkwardness of it all, she was starving.

Josh reached over to the table and picked up the bowl of cheese curls. He grabbed one and held it out for her.

"I was hoping for something a little more…substantial," she said, eyeing the cheese curl.

"Take it or leave it."

Andy reached up to grab it, but Josh pulled it away. Smirking, he put half of it in his mouth, leaving half sticking out. Without hesitation, Andy brought her mouth to his, grabbing the cheese curl and his lips at the same time. He felt her tongue grazing his teeth and his mind completely shut down. He could think of nothing else except her body pressed against his and her lips, which were currently devouring his. She kissed him with more greed and hunger and passion than he thought humanly possible.

When she pulled away, he felt empty inside. All he wanted was for her to do whatever it was that she had done again.

"Uh-uh," she said, playfully pushing him back down as he reached up to kiss her. "Now I want real food." She disentangled herself from him, despite his resistance, and stood. "And you're going to make me something."

She strode off towards the kitchen.

Author's Note:

Okay, I said I would take a break from writing Jandy fics for a short while (especially since I'm trying to finish up a Harry Potter fic that I've been working on for a while), but I just couldn't stop myself from writing. I just love Jandy too much! This was supposed to be a quick one-shot, but, since I'm basically incapable of writing short stories, it's turned into a little more than that. This is probably my first complete fluff story I've ever written and I love it so far! Not writing about angst and drama is actually a lot of fun! Anyway, stay tuned for another fluff-filled chapter coming soon!