Chapter8(sorry for the wait.)

While Veronica and Hoggle waited for Hoggle's friends to arrive , Veronica told Hoggle about the book, Her admirer and her dreams. Just as she had finished her story Hoggle's friends arrived . You could hear them before they were in saw them ."Whoo Ambrosus whoo there's a good boy." Said Sir Didymus as the little fox got off of Ambrosus's back. "Where Hoggle?" asked Ludo as he turned his orange head. "Why he is over yonder speacking to a lady my brother." answered Sir Didymus. They both walked over with Ambrosus trailing behind them.

Hoggle looked up and said "Ah here they are now, Didymus ,Ludo I'd like you to meet Veronica."

Veronica stood up and saw a Fox , a Yeti and a sheepdog with a sadle on his back. "Nice to meet you in person I've heard all about you."said Veronica Sir Didymus , Ludo and Ambrosus said Hello then looked at Hoggle as if to say what's going on.. So Hoggle told them Veronica's story.

"Don't worry fair maiden we shall help thee." Promesest Didymus "Veronica friend." said Ludo

"Yes ludo I'm your friend." And the turning to Sir Didymus Veronica said" Thankyou noble sir."

Didymus bowed saying my lady.

"Well what are we waiting for we have an appointment in the Goblin City."Said Hoggle although he dreaded see that rat Jareth again, he couldn't bring himself to leave this girl lost in a place she only read about.

Meanwhile Greenlee was watching through her magic veiwing bowl.

"That's right think your safe and nothing to worry about for now but soon you'll wish you'd never been born." said Greenlee with a dark laugh.

(end chapter)

(sorry if the end of the chapter is a little lame , It'll be better next time.)