Mizuho snuggled closer to Kei as the sun shined through the window. She didn't want to get up. But after a while Kei turned to face her.

"You know eventually we are going to have to get up."

"No I just want to stay here" said Mizuho scrambling to stay as close as she could to Kei. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"Well I'm getting up" said Kei slowly slipping out of her arms. Of course he didn't want to get up either, he loved it in her arms. But he knew she would never get up if he didn't. She rolled her eyes and slowly slid out from under the covers and grabbed her clothes off the floor.

"Ok class now today we are going to be reviewing what we learned yesterday in Algebra about the…"

RIIINNNNNG!!! (a.n. it's a break bell…duh)

"Well there's the bell see you all after break!" She quickly pulled all her papers in a stack and raced out the door. Most of her students hadn't even made it out of their chairs.

A few minutes later Kei snuck into the storage room at the school him and Mizuho had been sneaking to so they could meet. As he was shutting the door two familiar arms wrapped around his waist.

"Kei I couldn't get out of that class fast enough. I couldn't wait to see you."

"Umm…Mizuho you saw me anyway"

"Yeah…but not like this…" Mizuho said as she turned him to face her and pressed her lips firm against his. His hands trailed from her neck slowly down her arms. He smiled into her kiss. It was so familiar to him…every detail of her body, every touch of her lips. Everything…

"and she was like he's…OH MY GOD" said a girl walking into the room. She was on the phone and as soon as she saw the sight she dropped it. Quickly she picked it up and ran as fast as she could from the scene.

"KEI!!! She…she SAW…SHE SAW US!!! This is not good. Kei?"

"Your right…this isn't good"

During the rest of the classes Mizuho was very figetey. That girl wasn't in class…and everyone was whispering.

As soon as school was over Kei and Mizuho ran home…and didn't exspect it. A minute after they had walked through the door there was a knock. Mizuho answered it shocked as the man on the other side of the door said…

"Mizuho Kazami you are under arrest for physical contact with a student minor and I just want to warn you that you can sentenced in prison for up to 30 years."