Young Love

Disclaimer: If Harvest Moon was mine, I would be very happy, but Harvest Moon isn't mine, so stop asking.

An eighteen year old girl stares out an open window, looking at a young boy seated on a hard wooden bench, holding a small bouquet of blood red roses and dressed in a crisp, black tuxedo. The boy's eyes shift uneasily, yet he appears excited, as if he were about to go on a crazily spiraling roller-coaster. She glance's down at the dress she is wearing, her midnight black braid's falling down in front of her face. She lifts her head up, and looks at the boy again. An odd feeling brews up inside of her, which she knows is love. She has loved this boy since she was very little. Her jet black eye's sparkle at the memory, and she quickly turns on her heel, and walks out a door. She walk's over to where the boy is seated, and sits down next to him.

"Hey Stu, I'm ready." She announces to the boy. Stu looks at her, and his expression turns to pure joy.

"Hello May, shall we go?" He asks her. May nods her head, and they stand up and walk towards the Inn.


A five year old May sat on one of the benches in the square, waiting for someone to arrive. She looked up to see a young boy around her age with black eyes and hair, just like herself. She smiled.

"Stu! Over here Stu!" She called out to him. The boy turned around to see his friend waving at him. He ran over, also smiling.

"Hey May, what do you wanna do today?" He asked. May giggled.

"Hey, that rhymed!" Stu laughed too.

"I would like to go to the Inn today." She told him. Stu nodded, and helped May up. They ran to the Inn, and walked inside.

"Here, Elli gave me some money, why don't we have some lunch here?" Stu asked her.

"Ok, why not?" May told him. The two of them walked over to a nearby table, and seated themselves. Soon a young orange haired girl walked over to them.

"Hi you guys, what are you doing here?" She asked them.

"We are going to have lunch together Ann!" May told her. Ann smiled.

"I see. Ok, why don't I get you two some menu's, and you can choose what you want." She told them. They both nodded. Ann walked away. Suddenly, Stu's face got very serious.

"May, there is something I would like to give you." He told her. She looked at him, confused. He reached into his back pocket, and pulled something out. May gasped when she saw what it was. In Stu's hand was a blue feather. It wasn't a real blue feather, it was just a normal feather painted blue

"Stu, do you know what it mean's to give a girl that?" May asked him. Stu nodded.

"Well, I accept." She said, taking the blue feather from him. May put it in her back pocket. Just then, Ann came walking back with the menus.

"Here you go you guy's!" She said, placing a menu in front of each child.

"Thank you Ann, but I'm not hungry anymore. Come on Stu, let's go and play with Carter!" May said, getting off her stool. She grabbed Stu's hand and pulled him out the door.

End Flashback

May and Stu walk into the Inn, and sit at the very table May had been thinking about only moments ago. She looks at Stu, and her eyes grow sad. She knows that Stu had forgotten about his proposal to her thirteen years ago, and today, she wanted to remind him. Ann walks up to them.

"Well hello you guys! So, what'll it be today? Shall I get some menus?" She asks them. Stu smiles.

"We would like the menus please." He tells her. She nods, and then walks off. Stu then turns to May.

"So, what did you want to talk about, May?" He asks her. May's face grows serious, just like Stu's had many years before.

"Stu, thirteen years ago, you and I went here, and sat at this table to eat some lunch. Well, back then, you had given me something, though I think you forget what it is." She explains. She then pulls out the very same feather Stu had given to her. Stu gasps.

"You remember?" He whispers. May's expression becomes confused.

"I thought you didn't remember." May asks, quite confused.

"No, I could never forget something like that." They stare at each other, pleased that they both remember.

"Do you still accept?" Stu asks nervously, finally breaking the silence. May smiles.

"I can't. You never asked me the question. You just showed this to me." May says, holding out the blue feather to Stu. He smiles, and takes it from her. May stands up while Stu gets down on one knee.

"May, will you marry me?" He asks.

"Yes Stu, I will marry you." She responds. She takes the blue feather back, and kisses Stu lightly on the lips. Just then, Ann comes back holding two menus.

"Hey guys, are you leaving?" She asks.

"Yeah, we are, but I would like to ask you something. Do you think we could use the Inn for an after party?" May asks her. Ann frowns.

"What after party?"

"Why, for after the wedding of course!" Ann's expression changes to delight.

"Are you two getting married?"

"Yes, but I guess it was only a matter of time. It was young love."