I decided to make a few more chapters to Young Love so... I bring you chapter 2: The Wedding

Chapter 2: The Wedding

May stands in front of a mirror, taking in her look. She is wearing a beautiful, snowy white wedding dress that her husband-to-be's grandmother wore. It seems incredible that she is going to be married to the one she has loved since she was very little. An older girl comes beside her.

"You look amazing May." The girl with rosy eyes and hair comments.

"Thank you Popuri." May responds, not being able to take her shimmering black eyes off of herself. There is a silence.

"We had better get going, or we are going to be late for your wedding!" Popuri announces to the young girl. May nods, and she quickly turns on her 3 inch high heels and walks out the door, Popuri quickly following.

"We're late!" Popuri exclaims angrily.

"Oh don't worry, Stu is always late for everything else. I'm allowed to be late once you know." May explains.

"Yes, but couldn't you pick a different time to be late?"

"No." Popuri frowns.

"Oh, look, the church, we're almost there." May says to the strawberry-haired girl. The two ladies reach the doors.

"Wait here." Popuri tells the bride. She opens the doors and walks in. May waits. As she waits, she looks up at the ocean of blue sky. The summer breeze chills her slightly, but she doesn't notice much. She smiles with glee. Her deepest dreams are about to come true. The cherry blossom tree above her rains down with soft pink petals. Suddenly, the doors to the church open, and Popuri and an elderly man walk out.

"Wow… May… you look amazing." The old man breaths. Tears are in the sages eyes. May smiles, tears entering her own. She hugs the man.

"Thanks Grandpa." She whispers. They hug for a long time.

"It's time." Popuri interrupts. May nods to the girl. She links arms with her Grandfather, inhales deeply, then pushes the heavy church doors open. As she slowly enters, she glances around. All her closest friends are there. There's Ann and her husband Cliff up ahead, with Popuri standing next them. Mary, the Maid of Honor, is on the opposite side with tears in her eyes. Her husband, Gray, stands a little ways away from her. Popuri's brother, Rick, and his wife, Karen are standing near the doors. Lillia, Popuri's mother, stands close to the Doctor and his wife Elli, who is also Stu's sister. Ellen, Stu's Grandmother, is up ahead. Manna and her husband Duke are standing near the back of the church. Another woman is amongst the crowd, though May isn't quite sure who she is. Kai, Popuri's husband, stands next to the Groom as the Best Man. May's Grandfather lets her walk the rest of the way. She approaches her beloved Stu. She looks upwards. A grand, golden chandelier hangs above her. Her hands shake, causing some of the petals from the indigo orchids that are in her hands to fall to the scarlet carpet. Finally, she is there, holding the hands of the one she loves.

"Stu Tylers, do you take May Violeta to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and health, until death do you part?" Carter, the priest, asks Stu.

"I do." He replies solemnly.

"And May Violeta, do you take Stu Tylers to be your lawfully wedded husband, through sickness and health, until death do you part?" Carter questions, turning to the dark-haired girl. May inhales deeply.

"I do." She says smiling.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride." Carter tells Stu. Stu leans in and kisses May deeply. The church erupts with applause. The newly weds break apart and look around. They smile to each other, and hug.

That evening, the people who witnessed Stu and May's marriage are now at the after party. There is dancing, laughing, talking, everything. May takes a sip from her white wine, and peers around the room at all who are there. She's deep in thought. She's now married. She's not Miss May Violeta anymore, now she's Mrs. Stu Tylers. Of course, she's very happy, but the one thing that could have made her wedding the very best day of her life, would be if-

"May? Are you ok?" Mary asks, standing near the young girl. May glances at the Maid of Honor and nods. Mary hugs her.

"Well, if you say so. Remember though, I'm always here for you." The bespectacled girl reminds her. May takes another drink, pushing back one of her long jet black braids. She then spots the woman whom she saw earlier. She tries to recall her face from somewhere. Her dark eyes and hair all seem too familiar. Someone interrupts her thoughts by tapping on her shoulder. She turns around to come face to face with her husband.

"Hey." He says.

"Hey." She replies. They stare at each other for a moment.

"You wanna dance?" Stu asks.

"Well," May says, putting her drink on a nearby table, "if you insist." Stu laughs, his merry black eyes laughing with him. He swings her around as the couple waltz across the floor. They dance and dance until their feet ache. After the song, the newly weds part ways, and May walks over to her friends and sits down.

"Hello ladies." May says to Ann, Popuri and Mary.

"Hi." They all chorus.

"So, how does it feel to no longer be a bachelorette?" Ann asks, taking a drink of water.

"Ok I guess." May tells the trio honestly.

"Mm-hmm. I like being married too." Popuri explains.

"Was it everything you ever dreamed about?" Mary inquires.

"Yes… well, no." May sighs.

"Why not?" Popuri asks.

"I just wish that… I really wanted to have my mother be here to see me get married." May says with disappointment in her voice.

"Oh, we're sorry May." Mary comforts the saddened bride.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry." Ann assures the others. The girls look puzzled.

"I'll be right back." Ann says. She stands up and walks away. The red head soon returns with the woman May had been wondering about, and May's Grandfather, Barley.

"Barley, tell May." Ann mentions to the old man.

"May, I would like you to meet your mother, Joanna." Barley announces, motioning to the midnight black-haired lady. May gasps. She slowly stands up.

"Are you… Are you really my… Mother?" May whispers. The girl nods. Crystal clear tears are rolling down Mays pale cheeks. She hugs her mother.

"I'm so proud of you May." Joanna whispers. May smiles.

"I have so many questions for you." May says.

"I know… You can ask me later, but right here, right now, is your special night. Now go have fun." Joanna insists. May nods. She runs across the dance floor, pulling her friends with her. They dance and dance and dance. May flashes her mother a smile from across the dance floor.

"This is the best day of my life" She thinks to herself as she watches Joanna from the hardwood dance floor.