Jasper and Me- Chapter 1

I met Jasper on my first day of my sophomore year. I had just moved in with my somewhat estranged father after the peaceful death of my mother. It was about six months into the school year so I started school on the first day of the new school year. My mother had been an alcoholic when I was a child, and died on the eve of her eighth anniversary of sobriety. We knew it had been coming so my dad had flown down to help me with all of the funeral arrangements and what not. Then it had been decided that I would come and live in the beautiful town of Forks, Washington. I had been prepared for the loss of my tragically beautiful mother and so when she finally died, I mourned for about three weeks and then, kissed my mother's grave with a final goodbye, and did not look back.

I had been terribly nervous on my first day, but my father Charlie had been kind enough to buy me a car to get to and from school. Also I had told him that I was going to get a job so the used truck was the perfect gift. When I finally rolled into the parking lot I was trying desperately hard not to hyperventilate. I could never relate to people my own age, and usually came off as shy and warm or cold and distant. I strolled into the office, trying to keep my head held high full of confidence, while I cowered on the inside. Once I had gotten my schedule I headed off to my first class, and tried desperately to avoid the stares and whispers that were pointed at me. I continued like this for the rest of the day, until I went to lunch, which I was dreading. I walked into the cafeteria, got my food, and not wanting to attract too much attention walked over to a table in the corner of the room and sat down without looking to see if there was anybody else occupying the table. I sat down and tried to look distracted by my food when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked up quickly to see a beautiful blonde boy who looked a little old to be a sophomore in high school, but I recognized him from my English class.
"Oh, I'm so sorry to intrude. Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked.

He looked up at me and smiled a breathtaking smile, "No, I don't mind at all. You're Miss Swan aren't you?"

"Yeah, Bella. What's your name?"

"Jasper Whitlock."

"Nice to meet you Jasper." I said with a smile.

"I believe the pleasure is all mine" he said smiling back.

I laughed and looked into his eyes, "Did you seriously just say that?"

He looked shocked for a moment and then paused and joined in laughing with me as well. We continued talking until the end of lunch and haven't been separated since. He was my best friend from that day on and I was his. We talked about everything and anything. And it was only about a month or so after our introduction that I finally discovered what he was. A vampire.

However with this discovery, the only thing that changed was the level of intimacy in our friendship. Sometimes he would come over in the middle of the night when I was sick, or had a huge essay that I hadn't finished. He would either keep me awake or end up doing it for me. We were the best of friends and while everyone suspected more, we remained only friends knowing full well that we were not made for each other for that type of love. Instead he helped me get through high school for the first time and I helped him survive it for the tenth time. H

He told me of how he was changed into a vampire by a rogue vampire when he was a nineteen year old soldier serving in the Civil War. He had gone a human drinking binge for about thirty years before he became disgusted with himself and decided that he would search for a different way of living. He found a doctor by the name of Carlisle Cullen who had taught him how to drink from animals. They had been as close as brothers, until one night he lost control and attacked someone. Before he killed the human he ran, ashamed and guilty, leaving Carlisle behind to clean up his mess. He had not contacted Carlisle since. (He reassured me that while I had a wonderful scent that he had not had human blood in over a hundred years and had managed to maintain control since that slip up once.) I tried to persuade him that maybe he should try to find him. Tell him why he left. But he said that he just wasn't ready yet so I decided not to push him. I tried to ask him once about what had provoked him to attack the human but he did not tell me so I dropped the subject without further explanation. Also I tired to ask him about why he was alone, how he had not managed to find someone to love after all these years. Surely he had met other vampires beside Carlisle. But again he refused to talk me about it. It was okay though, with his power he understood that I was disappointed that he wasn't comfortable enough with me yet to tell me but also that I understood how difficult it must be for him to share something like this with me. So yet again, I acquiesced.

He still warned me every now and then about how I should stay away from him because he was dangerous but I made sure that he knew that he was stuck with me for as long as we both wanted to be friends. And this was the way things were for us for the rest of sophomore year and for the whole summer. Nothing disturbed the balance of our paradoxical relationship until the beginning of our junior year. That is when the fun really started.