Jasper and Me- Chapter 5

The door swung open to reveal the girl with short black hair as she bounced up and down with excitement.

"Hi, Bella! I'm Alice. Jasper told us a little about you and I'm so glad to meet you. I-"

"Alice, darling, give them a chance to breathe," a motherly figure interrupted Alice's rant from farther down the room. I could have sworn I heard someone say something about not all of us needing to breathe anyway. But the slightly older woman continued, "Please, Jasper, Bella, come in. I'm Esme, Carlisle's wife. I assume you've met everyone else?"

Jasper led me inside and shut the door behind us as I replied, "No, I don't think I have met anybody properly yet. Except Alice of course." I finished with a warm smile towards the still jumping vampire.

"Oh, well then, please introduce yourselves to Bella while I get something in the kitchen." She said turning to walk, presumably, to the kitchen.

The blonde girl raised her hand and looked me over for a moment, saying cautiously, "I am Rosalie," then gesturing to the large, dark haired man next to her, she said, "and this is my husband Emmett." Emmett nodded in my direction, with a huge grin on his face.

"You were the one driving the M3 today weren't you?" I paused as she nodded assessing me, "Gosh, it's a fabulous little car. I've been dreaming about it for about a year. When did you get it?"

Her eyes lit up and I felt her approval. She was about to answer when Esme walked in.

"Edward? Where are you?" Esme called as she set down a tray with food, presumably for me. I could sense she was proud for remembering to serve hors d'oeuvres to the human guest, and in my head I congratulated her. They even looked edible; which was a nice surprise from someone who hadn't human food for at least a few decades. That is how long Jasper told me it usually takes to get in control of your thirst enough to be around human for extensive amounts of time. Plus she looked like a 1920's movie star so I predicted that that was when she was changed.

"Coming, Esme," was his muffled reply. And suddenly he was standing beside her. I could never get used to vampire powers. "Carlisle should be home any second."

Esme glared at him for a moment before he turned to look at Jasper and I sitting on the couch. "Forgive me, Bella, correct? I am Edward, Carlisle's first son." He said, as he flashed me the world's most breathtaking smile. I was saved from the embarrassment of stuttering something stupid when Carlisle walked in the front door and froze upon seeing who was sitting on the couch.

Carlisle sucked in a gust of air and staggered over to Jasper. Jasper stood up and they looked at each other for a moment. Then they started laughing and hugging. I stood up and gave Jasper a hug after Carlisle stopped, and tried to stifle the tears leaking from my eyes.

"Carlisle, it's a pleasure to finally meet you!"

"I'm so sorry, I have not had the pleasure of an introduction yet. Clearly you are here with Jasper, but what is your name?" He said shaking my hand with both of his.

"I am Bella Swan."

"Oh, Chief Swan's daughter?"

"Yes. I am." I then turned to Jasper, "See, what did I say?! I told you what was going to happen and was I right?"

Jasper looked at me ecstatic and bashful at the same time. Once Jasper, Carlisle, and I stopped laughing and crying and talking we looked around the room and noticed all of the blank and confused stares and started laughing some more before we finally got around to explaining.

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