For I Have Seen Twilight- Chapter 2

I did dance wonderfully the next night. But I of course paid no attention to this. I was to busy clenching my eyes shut in order to keep them from searching the faces in the crowd, praying and dreading the recognition of any of them. It was a nervous habit I suppose. I always looked for seven faces wherever I went. I remember one time I caught myself looking through a crowd in LA. In the middle of July. At a matinee. It was at that moment that I finally shut out the world completely, when I decided to learn how to control my mind so that I would not need to keep my eyes open during performances. Leaving the world behind me as I walked off the stage and stared into the mirror, wondering where I had gone wrong… but no. I had a show to finish and I could not waste my time on childish dreams of better times.

The plane ride to London was uneventful. Until we were about to land and I found myself subconsciously comparing the skyline of modern London to that damned painting that had haunted my mind as I tossed and turned the night before. I quickly put on my game face and stood up out of my first class seat, only to run into someone as they walked past my seat. It was an uncomfortable reminder of my clumsy past and I flinched as the person continued on their way. I did not let myself think of the last person who actually touched me. Instead I sealed off the thinking part of my mind by going through my schedule for the day.

I had lost my appetite since he left and had lost an unhealthy amount of weight. Also dark bags had been basically tattooed underneath my eyes as everyday I felt my life's energy drained from me. I hardly slept anymore because of those wretched nightmares of his soft touch, his loving eyes, and his gentle kisses -SHIT! No don't think of that. Anything but that I told myself.

I switched topics in my head and went through last night's dance, silently feeling it, searching for a non-existent mistake to dwell upon. And as I stepped off the curb and into the awaiting limo, I just couldn't shake the feeling at the bottom of my stomach that was screaming for me to get back on the plane. Begging me to turn back now. And as the door shut behind I glanced up for some reason that I forget the moment I saw them. A pair of topaz eyes. Standing in the crowd in front of the airport. I shook my head and blinked a few times as the car started to pull away. When I looked back up into the crowd, where I had seen them only moments before them, I saw an empty space. Almost as if they had never existed.

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