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"Naruto?" Sakura knocked at the door to her teammate's apartment for the third time. He had still not answered. It was around noon now and the girl had been knocking for a few minutes with no response. She turned the doorknob slowly and entered the building with caution. He never showed up for training and that was unlike him. What could've come over the boy? The pink haired girl closed the door behind her making a light noise. She lifted her voice pitch as she called "Naruto?"

Still no reply, this made Sakura's concern grow. She made her way through the living room with the coffee table covered in empty instant ramen cups. Each step she took made a creak or a murmur in the floor boards. Most shinobi would move silently though homes, but she let her movement give sound. Sakura would never want to stumble in on him bathing or doing something...personal. Once to his bedroom she tapped lightly at the door.

"Naruto-kun? Are you there?" She inquired. He hadn't been to the ramen shop that day nor to see Iruka so this was the only other place. He could've been visiting Tsunade but then she would've known. Her slender hand went to the door handle and she gave another knock, this one harder. A faint cough came in response before the kunoichi open the bedroom door.

The room was cluttered with dirty clothes and more ramen cups. His usual orange track suit laid in a scrunched up heap in front of the door. Her left foot scooted the cloth to the side before the girl entered. The crown of a head stuck out from blue bed covers. The blonde hadn't left bed once that day because of being strangely sick. His hair was messier the many times he was up and about. Sakura moved to Naruto's bend side and shook him tenderly.

Golden locks twisted with the head and body as Naruto rolled over to her. He nuzzled the blanket down so his eyes were out, half lidded and puffy. Another cough gave through the fabric into the silent room as a pathetic way of saying 'Hello.' "Naruto, are you alright?"

Jade eyes scanned over the huddled form hidden under the mess of quilts. Her eyes reached the sick boy's face, and Sakura noticed sweat on his forehead. By her guess, he probably had a fever or maybe, at worse, the flu.

"I don't feel well..." was all that the blanket mumbled. Naruto shifted slightly as a shiver jolted through his body. "I'm cold."

"I see that." His friend sat on the beside and placed the back of her head against his forehead, ignoring the moist feeling. He was burning, like a hot cup of coffee had been spilt on his face.

"You have a really bad fever. Let me get you a rag." Sakura left for a moment and then returned with a cold wet cloth. Naruto had rolled over now and the blanket was down some with one of his arm out, laying up toward his head. Placing the cloth on his flushed skin, she pulled off a few covers to help the fever break. Another cough came and Naruto winced, placing his hand to his throat.

"Throat sore?" Sakura question to get nod as a answer. Her soft foot steps gave sound as the kunzite headed to the bathroom to look for medicine. She was used to helping people since she was a medical-nin. It took some time but she found some unused cough syrup at the very back. Probably Iruka gave it to Naruto once but the blonde felt he was too tough for the stuff.

After leaving the bathroom, Sakura headed downstairs for a spoon. She then came back into the stuffy room. It was odd to her, though, to see her friend so sick and still in bed. Sometimes he would just push through it. This must be very bad.

The blonde was now sitting up and rubbing the back of his neck. The rag laid in his lap while his blue eyes scanned in a very slow pace around his bed. Sakura dismissed it as him just being sick and having that surreal feeling of sickness. Fevers and flues cause the brain to slow down while the body fights off the bacteria. It is a defense mechanism but if Shinobi were to go into battle in that state, they'd end up passing out or getting killed. But that never stopped good ole Naruto.

"Here. Open up." Sakura sat on the bed once more. It took a moment for the command to register to him, but Naruto complied and opened wide. Pouring the right amount, she slide the spoon between his lips. Naruto swallowed and make a sour grimace.

"I know it's gross but it'll help. Here take another." Naruto followed her request and took another serving. He coughed afterward, violently. But, luckily, Sakura was there and she began patting him on his back to sooth out the choking. Once the fit was over, Naruto began to act odd. He leaned forward pressing his damp face against her shoulder, gasping lightly from the previous coughs.

"Have you taken anything to help?" Sakura asked in a soothing, caring voice only for the boy to shake his head. "Well, I noticed you don't have anything so I'll go by my house and get you something."

"Don't Leave." his voice came out in a hushed manner before she could even get up. Green eyes grew more concerned as she watched Naruto leaned back a little wobbly. "I've...never been this sick before..."

"Naruto..." Sakura wasn't sure how to explain that getting him some medicine would help. It was the look on his pale, ill face that kept her there. That look of doubt and fear. She bit her lip to keep from giving anymore. She could always get it later when he was feeling less upset.

The comforter wrinkled in waves as the blonde crawled over and laid his head in her lap without asking. He was in orange pajama pants and a white tank top which had sweat staining it. The pinked haired friend grabbed the wet rag laying on the bed, placing it back on her friend's heated brow.

Neither spoke for an instant as the room rested with only his heavy breathing and small coughs. It was one of the most gentle moments the kunoichi had ever had with Naruto. She was not used to taking care of him because he never got sick enough to stay home. It made her feel belonging even though it gave her guilt. It reminded her of why she wanted to be a Medical-nin in the first place; to help those in need.

"Sakura-chan?" came a voice that lifted the room of it's quiet air. Sakura lifted the cloth to feel his forehead again, checking the temperature. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be so-"

"I'm sorry I can't be the one you want." Naruto's spoke in a gloomy tone as he cut her off.

The pink haired girl wasn't sure if it was the sickness or him getting better. But her heart my fluttering at his words now. She had always known of his fondness of her but for him to say such things in this situation made it harder to face. She felt his hand take hers and move it to his cheek. Another long sigh filled and left him, as his voice began trailing off.

"If I could, Sakura, I'd be him, so you could love me too..." He held her hand there, never wanting to loose the feel of her soft palm. "Because I already love you...too much..."

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