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SUMMARY: Yami's Marik and Bakura create a concotion that draws out a person's evil side, if only temporarily, and they use it on Yami with the intent of ruining the ex-Pharaoh's life.

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Welcome, Oh Darkness - Chapter 1

'Bakura, quick! Add the last ingredient!' Marik cried.

Bakura growled at being ordered about, but he complied. He threw the dark purple powder into the cooking pot and it fizzled. The mixture turned from green to black with this addition and purple smoke rose up to the ceiling.

Marik mixed the glop and sniffed it. He shuddered. 'Excellent! It's ready!'

Bakura sniffed the mixture and nearly threw up. 'And how do you propose we get the Pharaoh to drink this? We can't just walk up to him and say 'Here, it's the new cola! Try it!''

Marik poured it into a bottle. 'He doesn't drink it, moron! When it's cooled down, it will turn into a powder. Then, we just need to throw it on him.'

'So, what you're saying, we've made ash to throw on him? Well, that's truly evil!' he mocked. 'After months of collecting this stupid witch craft stuff for you, all we've made is dirt!'

Marik huffed. 'Didn't you listen to a word I told you? This potion will 'encourage' the Pharaoh to see our way of thinking. His dark side will be brought to the surface.'

'Does he even have a dark side? We all know Yugi keeps him grounded.'

Marik sighed. 'Yugi has nothing to do with it. Yami is a good person, but everyone has a dark side that can be encouraged. Come I'll show you.'

The two yamis found themselves outside and in the park. They observed two girls chatting happily about boys and were oblivious to the darkness looming.

'So, I said, like, no way! And he said 'way', and so I like had to go, okay!'

'Oh my god! That is like so totally freaky!'

'I know!'

Marik whispered to Bakura. 'See? Good friends talking about…something, cryptic as it may be. Now watch what happens when I sprinkle them with just a tiny amount of this stuff.' He got up and took a pinch of the powder over to the girls. 'Afternoon ladies. Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?' He walked passed them, said this, and sprinkled them. They giggled at him. He then walked back towards the bench where Bakura was waiting. They watched him go and then turned to each other and began whispering.

'Hmm, how do you do that to women?' Bakura asked jealously as the Egyptian sat back down next to him.

'It's a tall, dark and handsome thing. Now watch!'

They watched as slowly the two girls stopped talking in a friendly manner. Then one of them stood up. 'Oh my god, you're such a bitch!' She slapped the other one who was surprised.

'You're the bitch, bitch!'

The other gasped at the insult and began pulling her friend's hair. 'Take it back!'

'No, you whore!' She flicked the other's ear.

Bakura licked his lips as the two fell to the ground in a tussle. 'Ooh, baby, they can both come back to our apartment and finish that. But what happened?'

Marik chuckled. 'This powder draws out the essence in a person that is evil. I only gave those two a tiny dose. They'll wake up tomorrow with a headache and wonder what the hell happened. Their friendship is probably in ruins though.' He turned to Bakura who was drooling. 'Pay attention!' He slapped Bakura upside his head. 'With this whole bottle, we'll be able to turn the Pharaoh evil for an extended period of time. Enough time to completely ruin his friendships and hopefully get him to come to us and wreak some havoc. By the time it wears off, so much irreversible damage will have been done, he will be a broken man.' Marik began to laugh evilly.

Bakura turned back to the two fighting girls and laughed as well, enjoying the show.

'Yami! Where are you?' Yugi looked in his room and the spare room. 'Yami?'

'In here, Yugi.'

Yugi looked in the kitchen and found Yami with the fridge open. 'What are you looking for?

'I suddenly had a craving for something sweet. I think it must be your fault for eating all that sugar while we were in one body.'

Yugi pouted. 'That's a stupid excuse. Face it, you're a sugar junkie just like me!'

Yami looked shocked. 'I am not!' He closed the fridge, unsatisfied. 'I think I'll just go out and see if I can find something from the store.' He rushed passed his hikari and Yugi giggled.

'Okay, Yami, but remember, we're all going to the arcade tonight after dinner, so be back soon.'

'Yes, mother,' Yami joked. He dodged a flying grape and shot out the door in search of the elusive sugary goodness.

Marik and Bakura were walking back from the park when they spotted the Pharaoh. 'Oh! Look! What luck!' Marik exclaimed. They hid in an alleyway. 'Just the right opportunity to try this out!'

'One thing though, Ishtar. How are we going to dump this lot on him?'

Marik grinned wickedly. 'Like this.' He shoved Bakura around the corner.

'Hey!' Bakura exclaimed.

'Hey yourself!' Yami said as Bakura nearly collided with him. 'Oh, it's you, Tomb Robber.'


The two glared at each other for a while before Yami shrugged and pushed passed him. 'If you'll excuse me?'

Bakura grabbed his arm. 'Just wait a second!'

Yami sighed. 'Let me go, thief!'

Bakura looked over the Pharaoh's shoulder and saw Marik waving frantically. He was indicating he should push the Pharaoh into the alley. 'Uh, sorry about that. I wasn't watching where I was going.'

Yami's eyes widened. 'You…are apologising…to me?'

Bakura's eyes reflected the Pharaoh's in wideness. 'I did? Oh, no, what I meant to say was…hey, what's that?' He pointed off to the side. Yami looked as well. Hehe, sucker, Bakura thought. He suddenly pushed Yami into the alley.

'Hey!' Yami yelled. He found himself on the ground with Marik straddling him in the blink of an eye. 'Get off me, psychopath!'

'I don't think so, Pharaoh. It's time for you to come over to the dark side!' He poured the black powder over the Pharaoh's head and torso.

Yami shut his eyes as the black stuff was dumped on his head. He spluttered as some went into his mouth and sneezed when it went up his nose.

When the jar was empty, Marik jumped off the Pharaoh and stood aside. Bakura had joined him.

The Pharaoh turned onto his side and coughed violently. He brushed the powder off his face and when he'd recovered he looked up at the two yamis above him. He got off the floor and brushed more of the powder off. 'Just what do you two think you're doing?' he yelled.

Just then, he felt funny. His head began to spin and his world darkened. He fell to the ground again and blacked out.

Bakura watched the Pharaoh fall and raised an eyebrow. 'What happened?'

Marik smiled. 'Large doses of this stuff causes dizziness and fainting. He'll come around in a few minutes. And then, he'll be evil.'

They both watched intently as Yami twitched on the ground and slowly regained consciousness. He propped himself up and after another minute of struggling, he hoisted himself onto his feet. He looked at Marik and Bakura.

Bakura noticed even in the fading light that Yami's eyes had somehow changed colour. Their normal deep purple had been replaced with a crimson fire and he figured it was a side effect of the potion.

Marik clapped his hands with glee. 'It worked! It worked!' He danced around a little.

Bakura rolled his eyes. 'So, what happens next?'

He was suddenly struck on the jaw and flew backwards from the force. He hit the wall and clutched at his throbbing face. He looked up and saw Yami grinning. It wasn't his normal grin. It was more evil. 'What the fuck did you do that for?'

Yami laughed. 'I've wanted to do that for a long time, but just never thought I could do it. I have never been a physical person, always using duel monsters to fight my battles. But for some reason, I just suddenly had the urge to do it, so I went for it.'

'That's because your inhibitions have been lifted, thanks to my potion,' Marik said. 'Now, what do you say we go looking for some trouble?'

Yami's evil smile didn't fade. 'I'd be delighted.'

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