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Welcome, Oh Darkness - Chapter 6

Yugi ground his feet into the carpet stopping Téa in her tracks.

'Yugi, what are you doing? We have to get away from him!'

'No, Téa, we don't! He's fine now. He fought the spell and he broke it. He apologised for hurting me.'

'But he came back for more! We saw him trying it on again! On the bed, he was kissing you!'

'That was me! I kissed him.'

'What?' She sounded exasperated.

'I kissed him. I realised a long time ago that I love him. Even before we were separated, I knew, and he feels the same way too. The spell just made him act all crazy! I forgave him and now Joey and Tristan are going to hurt him. He's more fragile than you think.'

Téa tried to digest everything he had just said. Her brows furrowed deeply.

Yugi looked at her and stepped back. 'I don't have time for you to analyse this. You just have to trust me!'

Tea stared deely into her friends eyes and saw and realised the truth. Yami had fought and won his internal battle and broken free. She nodded resolutely. 'I trust you!'

Yami was dazed. Joey hit harder than he ever imagined. He was seeing stars and was dragging himself along the floor to get away from the blonde maniac. 'Joey, please wait,' he rasped. His lips had been split and he felt like his cheek was several times its usual size.

Just then, he was hauled off the floor. Tristan spun him round to face outwards and was held tightly to prevent from getting away. He stared in horror as Joey slowly advanced. He squirmed to try and get away.

'You're gonna pay dearly for what you did to Yugi, pal.'

Yami closed his eyes tightly waiting for the next rain of attacks.

'Joey! Wait!'

Yami opened his eyes and saw that Joey's arm was mid descent, but he'd turned round in reaction to Yugi's cry. He saw Yugi's eyes wide with fear.

'He's gotta pay for hurtin' ya, buddy!'

Yugi shook his head. 'No, Joey, he's fine now. He's already apologised for doing what he did. He wasn't in his right mind. It wasn't his fault.' He saw Joey didn't look convinced. 'I love him,' he added desperately.

Joey lowered his arm from shock. Tristan also loosened his grip on Yami. Yami didn't, however, break away from the brown-haired boy, partially knowing that if he did, they might think he was trying to get away to do more damage, and also because Yugi's words shocked him as well. 'You,' Joey started. 'You love him?'

'You love him?' Tristan intoned.

Yugi stared at all the males in front of him. He hadn't planned to come out like this, or suddenly profess his love right away, but the circumstances made it impossible to not. He blushed furiously. 'Yes, I love him. And that's why I've forgiven him for what he did, and why I believe he's fully broken free of the spell that caused him to act in that way.'

Joey studied Yugi's expression. He wasn't that much of a fool. He could read Yugi like the proverbial book and what he saw in the young boy's eyes was concern, love and fear, but all were genuine. He turned slowly to look at Yami and swallowed hard when he saw the blood running down the former Pharaoh's chin and red mark below his eye that would later turn into a large purple bruise. But most importantly, he saw his old friend again. The sharp purple eyes held no malice, only shock at Yugi's words and regret at what he'd done. 'Are ya really back?'

Yami broke his gaze away from Yugi and looked into Joey's eyes. 'I think so.'

'He's working on it,' Yugi said sharply. 'He may still have some of the bad streak inside him, but we'll work on that…' He looked around the room at everyone, including Téa behind him by the door. '…together.'

Tristan stepped around Yami and turned to look at him. 'Sorry, Yami-man. But you understand, right?'

Yami smiled slightly and nodded. 'Of course. You were just protecting a friend.'

Tristan smiled. 'Oh good, because I'd hate for some of that wicked rage to be directed at me.' He saw Yami's face fall and he grinned widely and slapped him on the shoulder. 'I'm just kidding!'

Yami smiled wryly and turned to Joey. 'Are we okay then?'

Joey huffed. 'Yeah, I s'pose. But I may have to go and still beat da crap out of Marik and Bakura, just to get rid of this anger I got stored up inside.'

'That's nothing a little bit of mint tea won't relax out of you, Joey,' Téa said from the doorway. She had a smile on her face, glad that the fighting was over. 'I'll go make a fresh pot.' She turned and left the room.

'We'll help,' Tristan said grabbing Joey by the arm and dragging him out.

'Hey!' Joey began, but the rest was muffled as the door to the room was shut behind them.

Yami and Yugi turned to look at each other. 'Oh my god,' Yugi gasped rushing over to Yami and ran his thumb across his chin to wipe up the blood. 'Does it hurt?'

Yami winced when Yugi's thumb brushed over his cut lip. 'A little, but it'll heal.' He gently took Yugi's hand in his own and removed it from his face. 'It's a small price to pay for the mental and physical anguish I've put you through.'

Yugi's own large purple eyes looked up into Yami's sharp ones. 'Please stop beating yourself up about it. I forgive you and you should forgive yourself.' He reached up with his free hand and ran it through Yami's hair. 'Please,' he repeated, begging slightly.

Yami leaned into the tender touch of Yugi's ministration and sighed slightly. It felt good. 'Well, I'm sorry still, and since you forgive me, there's only one thing I can think of to do.'

'What's that?'

'Spend the rest of our lives making sure I never hurt you again, and make up for hurting you before.'

Yugi smiled. 'I accept your apology and accept your proposal to keep me safe. As long as I'm in your arms, I'll feel no fear.'

Yami planted a light kiss on Yugi's forehead. 'Very poetic, little one,' he said. He pulled away and his face darkened. 'There is actually just one more thing I need to do…'

Bakura stormed up to the door. Someone was banging and was not relenting. 'What the fuck is with everyone interrupting my night's rest?' he yelled as he pulled the door open, ready to send whoever had disturbed his slumber to the shadow realm. He stared in disbelief at who it was. 'Pharaoh,' he spat.

Yami stood on the other side of the door, arms folded, the Eye of Horus aglow on his forehead, with a look of death on his face. 'Where is he?'

Slightly perturbed at his lack of an answer, Bakura raised an eyebrow. 'Marik? In bed, I would imagine. The place I want to be. The place where you should be!'

'I have a score to settle with him.'

Bakura smiled wickedly. 'Well, well. This is a surprise. You've broken free of his spell, how I don't know, but despite that, you still want to take revenge on him?' He shifted from one foot to the other and opened the door wider to let Yami in. 'That is completely against everything you stand for. I like it. Come in.'

Yami unfolded his arms and walked into the apartment passed the Tomb Robber and headed for Marik's room. He reached the closed door and put his hand on the handle. He opened the door slowly and silently.

Bakura waited in the kitchen for the sounds of battle. As much as he'd wanted to witness the Pharaoh's anger redirected, he felt sure he'd have to intervene, and he didn't want that. He didn't care if Marik got beaten up. He never really liked the so called yami. At least the Pharaoh was an actual yami rather than an incarnation of someone's rage brought to life.

After a short while, he looked up to see Yami, eyes downcast, fists clenched. 'Done it already?' he asked with amusement. 'Deadly silent, a new style for you.'

'No, he was gone.'

Bakura stood up. 'What? Gone?'

Yami nodded. 'Everything's gone. The room is completely empty.'

Bakura couldn't believe it. He rushed passed the Pharaoh and headed for Marik's room. When he opened the door, he found the Pharaoh was right. The room was completely devoid of anything, except the basic furniture.

Bakura growled slightly. He imagined Marik used his powers or a spell to move quickly taking all his things with him. 'He just vanished without telling me? The bastard! I'll kill him!'

Yami punched the wall in frustration. 'I need to release this pent up aggression. I feel like it's the last of his spell and if I get rid of it, I'll be completely free.' He slowly looked at the thief.

Bakura shook his head looking at the hole Yami had somehow managed to make in the wall then noticed the look he was getting. He didn't like it. 'Then join a gym and beat the crap out of a punching bag. I'm going back to bed. It would seem I now have to figure out how to pay the whole rent on this place…and find Marik and kill the fucking loser!'

Yami was surprised. 'You pay your way here? I just assumed you'd killed the owner and taken the deed.'

Bakura looked at Yami through narrowed eyes. 'You're goading me, aren't you?'

Yami made a waving motion with his hands. 'No, no, just thinking out loud.'

Bakura huffed. 'You can stay here if you like, but if you're here when I wake up, I suggest you stay out of my way. I am not a morning person, particularly after getting no sleep the night before.'

Yami sighed as the thief headed for his own bedroom. 'Thank you,' he called after him. 'But I'm going back to Yugi, and then I'm going to look for Marik.'

'Suit yourself,' the reply came from the bedroom. 'Now kindly fuck off!'

Yami smiled at the tomb robber's attitude. Despite everything, he wasn't as bad as Yami thought, at least, not as bad as Marik had turned out to be…and for now, the King of Thieves was safe from his wrath.

Yugi opened his eyes when he heard the door crack open slightly. He pretended to be asleep when he felt the bed shift and a hand run through his hair. Warmth and love radiated through the mind link he shared with Yami, as well as sorrow and regret…and anger.

Worrying about the anger part, Yugi forwent his pretence and turned to face his dark half. 'Yami?' He found the other sitting on the bed, head hung low.

'Why do I feel the need to get revenge, aibou?'

Yugi blushed at the nickname and sat up and put an arm around Yami. 'Revenge against Marik and Bakura?' The older nodded his head. 'Well, I suppose technically, they were the cause of your actions and indirectly hurt me, but I think that if you forgive yourself, then you should forgive them.'

'Forgive them?' Yami spat. 'Bakura maybe, but I can never forgive Marik. He shows no remorse in any way, runs like a coward too. Bakura at the very least had the courage to remain in my wake and showed that he cares for someone other than himself.' He quickly recalled to Yugi how Bakura had been concerned for Ryou when he approached them about his despicable actions, and how Marik had simply scoffed. He also explained how Marik had simply vanished. Yami sighed. 'I feel like I'm incomplete.'

Yugi tightened his hold on Yami and kissed his cheek. 'You don't have to feel that way. You have me now.'

Yami turned his head and kissed Yugi on the lips briefly. 'Thank you, Yugi. But I feel like I must search for Marik and make him pay for what he did. If you want to, blame it on the residual effects of the spell he cast.'

Yugi let go of Yami and nodded his head solemnly. 'I understand. Just please be careful.'

Yami smiled. 'Of course. And don't worry. I'll be back soon and we have the mind link. I'll keep you informed.'

Bakura felt like he was going to go crazy. Would he EVER get any sleep tonight? He swung the front door open. 'WHAT!?!?!?'

His eyes opened in surprise when he saw the Pharaoh standing there with a smirk on his face and a red glint in his eyes. He found he could read Yami like a book at that moment. A grin spread across his face.

Yami looked at Bakura in the eyes and then briefly down at the Millennium Ring around his neck. 'Feel like joining me in trying to fink a fucking bastard?'

All thoughts of sleep fled from Bakura's mind. 'I thought you'd never ask…'


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