City of the Daleks.
Introduction and teaser.

Just a quick idea. What if the Atlantis expedition finds an unexpected creature in the Pegasus Galaxy? Of course they'll need a Doctors help and as I'm tired of reading unimaginative Rose/Ninth or Tenth Doctor stories I think I'll dust off an old friend, let's wait and see who...

Doctor Who and related characters belong to the BBC (save for the Daleks, that is co-owned by the estate of Terry Nation).

Stargate Atlantis on the other hand belongs to MGM/Acme Shark.The plot is mine but I don't make a profit out of it.


'So where the hell are we?' John asked McKay.

'Do I look like the tour guide? Do I have a map to the unexplored planets of the Pegasus Galaxy in my back pocket?' The irritating scientist answered a bit too quickly.

'No.' John growled. 'You have the life-signs detector and your leading us down a Wraith passage.' the Lieutenant Colonel sighed.

'Technically Ronon's leading us.' The Canadian pointed out.

The tall Setedan took time from scouring every corner, nook and cranny with his pistol to glare at the self declared smartest man in Atlantis; 'Which way now McKay?'

He shook the small device, turned it up side down and then right way round; 'That way.' McKay pointed at the wall, in the opposite direction the tunnel curved

Ronon sighed and checked a near by doorway. 'We can go this way.' He flicked a switch on his pistol and fired, blowing the doors apart.

Tayla, the final member of the team, spoke up from the back of the group. 'I still do not understand. What happened here and what we are doing exploring a crashed Wraith cruiser.'

McKay shook the detector again. 'It's simple. We came through the gate and found a Wraith ship gutted from the inside. It also had a flying saucer wedged in the ground next to it. Now somebody flew that saucer, the Wraith shot them down and bit off more than they could chew. Now I found three blips on this thing and we're going to introduce ourselves.'

'And what if they are the Wraith?' She asked.

'Wraith blips are like ours.' McKay waved it at her. 'These aren't normal readings.'

John snatched the detector and got his first good look. The scientist had been guarding the little thing like his private stash of coffee. Instead of the usual white circles there were three purple triangles with nasty spikes coming out of them. 'What the... ' The blips vanished; 'McKay?'

'I said they were difficult to see.'

'Yes but that's called vanishing.' John was losing patience with the annoying man. 'If I was to ask what the hell they were would you have an answer?'

'No. That's why we're going to find out what they are.'

'Found them.' Ronon called and pointed with his gun down the corridor. At the far end there were three six foot tall dustbins, all sat facing each other. All three looked alike. The bottom half was tall and had a shallow wedge at the front. It was covered in small globes. Just above that slant was two sticks on what the group guessed was the front of what ever they were. The first ended in a ridiculous looking plunger and the other shorter one had a sort of cage around it. A top dome was held above that with a pattern of slats. On the dome there was a short stalk with another globe like eye thing, as well as the stalk on opposite sides were two dead light bulbs.

The only difference between the three were their colours. Two of them were a sort of off white with silver highlights while the third had black globes across its bottom half and darker slats.

'Weird looking guys aren't they?' John asked

'Huh. Oh that's right.' Rodney exaggerated a slap on his forehead 'Super-advanced aliens from another galaxy are supposed to look human. I forgot. Hey! Fire burns in space without oxygen too. And did you hear we've also perfected a universal translator too!'

'That was not funny McKay.'

'Yes it was.' They had made it to the aliens by now. John didn't bother saying it but they were tacky.

'They do not appear to be that dangerous.' Tayla said

Ronon poked one with his pistol. 'That's because their not moving.'

'Wonderful observation there. These things aren't dead, they are in some sort of status. Also they ain't robots, there is something still alive in them.'

John looked at McKay. 'Rodney, this ship landed almost a thousand years ago. These things totalled it that long ago and they are still alive?'

'Well they would have to be to show up on a life signs detector wouldn't they?'

John had just about enough for one day. 'Right. They aren't going to move themselves no matter how alive, we take them back to Atlantis and find out what they are there.'

Somewhere not in space or time a short man in baggy chequered pants and a pudding bowl hair cut turned to his young friends. 'I know just where we should go next!' he said, before playing a little tune on his recorder...

End teaser