The Price of Peace?
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Welcome back to the Doctor Who crossover bunny shooting range. Where for some barmy reason I keep taking plot shots from Doctor Who and cross them with all sorts of other cannon.

This time I'm turning my attention to Farscape. Of its time Doctor Who could be said to have been just as ground braking, perhaps even more so. Making this a perfect match. Unfortunately, for Farscape, I've been planing this for quite a while and although it's going to be short I can guarantee something of interest.

At first it was going to take place somewhere in the middle of both Farscape and the Classic Who series. Interestingly you weren't really supposed to recognise which Doctor I was using, I wanted it to be whoever you guessed it could be. When searching for a plot I re-watched my Farscape DVDs and something from the end of the Peacekeeper wars bugged me. That little annoyance gave me the basis of a rather interesting plot.

Then, turning the whole idea on its head, I realised only one Doctor had the knowledge and the attitude to pull this off. Only one could cut through the mess and argue a point so obscure that it borders on the unthinkable. Giving me an insight in to the Doctor in question I'm afraid this became a rather big target on the range.


I don't own Doctor Who or Farscape, or any of the characters. They do belong to the BBC and The Jim Henson company.


Aeryn Sun had done a lot of things in her life, seen a lot of wonders and fought a fair number of battles. But that was all in the past and in all of that time and adventures she had never been so proud.

Her son, D'Argo, stood on a storage crate and was learning to fly Moya. It had been six glorious years of peace and in that time the Eidelon's had slowly spread their influence throughout the Uncharted Territories and deep into Peacekeeper and Scarran Space. In that time she and John had raised a healthy, strong, boy.

After the first couple of years on Hyneria they had been bitten by wanderlust and her husband called it. Ever present, the giant bio-mechinoid ship Moya and her symbiotic Pilot agreed to take them. Charting the Territories and the marvels of Tormented Space.

They were making their way, however aimlessly, to Earth. Hopefully they would still welcome the chance to explore space and travel amongst the stars.

Chiana had never really left Moya. She tried to settle down on several planets but she never really fit in. In the end she realised Moya had become the only real home for her. "Aunty Chi", as D'Argo called her, had become part of the family. Half guarding, half corrupting the littlest, member of the crew.

Stark had also stuck with them. At first he spent time among the Eidelons, seeking a better grip on the calm he enjoyed these days. He still wore the scars on the right side of his face but the metal mask was happily stored away. Sark had changed so much that he even served as their mediator and the level head in any arguments within the crew and with whatever bozo attacked them.

Thankfully that was rare but it did happen. Aeryn would never admit it but those were the times she felt most comfortable. John could see it but said nothing.

John. John spent his time researching. He had never given up wormholes and once again filled whole rooms with notes. Aeryn had come to understand it was more of a hobby than the obsession of before but John still kept it up. Laughing about how travelling through wormholes is a lot safer than weapons made of the things.

'Mom, what's that?' D'Argo asked, pointing at the main portal.

Something small and blue hung there in Tormented Space, innocently spinning on some unfathomable course. '...Pilot?'

'Apologies. Moya's sensors did not detect any objects that close to her.'

'What is it?'

'Unknown, Moya can see it but it is almost invisible to her sensor screen.' as they passed it Aeryn could see clearly that it was manufactured. Clear edges and inset panels dotted its small, box like, surface. At the top were a few words in English Aeryn half recognised from Earth.

'Pilot. All stop, power up the docking web and bring it aboard!'

'Officer Sun?'

'Its from Earth, Pilot.' It was then something strange happened. A light on top of the box flashed and the little thing faded in and out of sight. Eventually the whole thing vanished, only to have the light flood the command room.

She acted instantly, even six years of peace hadn't dulled her reaction time. In one action she slapped her comms and picked up her son. 'John; get down here. Something strange is happening.' Stashing D'Argo under the strategy table she reached for her empty holster.

Some times she hated peacetime.

Aeryn almost hadn't noticed the sound that accompanied the light. A grinding of gears and discordant notes unlike she had ever heard before. It seemed to echo from everywhere before the Box fully reappeared with a solid pulse and a clang.

John, Chiana and Stark all ran into the room just in time for all the lights to go out.

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