"Would you two stop snogging and come on!" said an irate Ron. "You're going to make us late for Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Harry pulled away from the non-verbal conversation he was having with Ginny. "Oh… right."

The two of them got up, grabbed their bags and followed Hermione and Ron out of the common room.

"When do you finish your apparition lesson's?" asked Ron, when they reached a corridor on the fourth floor.

"We have two more lessons before our test." said Ginny.

Since a lot of students in Ginny's year didn't take lessons the previous year, the Ministry set up a special course just for them. They finally reached the base of the stairs, and joined the crowd waiting to go up to the classroom.

"Didn't Professor Daugherty say we would be going over Previous material?" asked Hermione.

"He said he wanted to go back over useful spells that we haven't covered in a while. Just to make sure we haven't forgotten any—"

Suddenly Harry felt something hit the back of his head and he turned around to see Peeves pelting chalk at them.

Potty's marrying wheezly, I think I'm gonna heave, I saw the two of you snogging and now I can't seeeee!

Harry went to draw his wand but before he could remove it from his robes he heard Hermione cry out "Langlock!"

The spell instantly hit its target and Peeves went off making rude hand gestures, while everyone in the corridor laughed.

"Nice one!" said Ron. "You think he would have learned his lesson by now."

"Good Morning." said Professor Daugherty, when they entered the classroom and took their seats. "As I said last time we will be reviewing material from previous years. You will never know what will show up on your N.E.W.T.S. and I would hate for you to lose points for something simple because you simply forgot how. We will be going over Boggarts and the Salvio Hexia spell."

Professor Daugherty waived his wand and a wooden chest appeared. As soon as it touched the floor it began to jump about. Harry wondered for a second what his boggart would be, he hadn't faced one since the maze fourth year. He had been through a lot since then and he was sure it wouldn't be a dementor this time.

"Now if you please, form a line."

Everyone jumped up and somehow Neville, once again, managed to be first in line. But Harry noticed that he didn't look fearful like he did the first go around. Once again Professor Daugherty waived his wand and the top of the chest opened. Neville stood there and a moment later a fully cloaked death eater climbed out.

Purely out of instinct, Harry griped his wand tighter. Several people let out gasps. But Neville barely flinched as he pointed his wand and said "Riddikulus!"

As soon as the words escaped his mouth, the death eater shrunk and turned in to a crying baby. Neville smirked.


Ron was next and Harry had strange suspicion that his boggart had not changed. His suspicion were confirmed when the baby turned in to a very large spider. Harry and Ginny smiled at each other when they saw Ron cringe. Hermione looked at Ron and gave him a radiant smile. Harry figured this helped his nerves a bit because Ron pointed his wand, muttered the incantation and a second later the spider was thrashing about the place in roller skates.


Ginny stepped forward, Harry turned to Ron to give him a high five as he took a step back but he stopped when he saw the expression on his face. He looked to him and then to where Ron was looking. His eyes went wide.

There lying on the floor in front of Ginny was his own body but he was dead. His glasses were askew and there was a small trickle of blood coming out his mouth.

Harry looked to Ginny who had her wand to the side not bothering to raise it. She just stood there as if in shock, her breathing irregular. No one was speaking; they all had their eyes on the Harry lying upon on the floor. Harry moved so fast he made Ron jump in surprise.

He raised his wand and shouted. "Riddikulus!" His body vanished and he sent the boggart back in to the box. He reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Ginny?" She looked up at him; tears were swimming in her eyes. And without warning she bolted and ran out the classroom. Ron made a move to sprint forward but Harry grabbed his arm and looked at him. Ron nodded and Harry went after her.

"Ginny!" he shouted, when he entered the circular stairwell. He looked down and saw that she had stopped and sat down a few flights down. He quickened his pace taking several steps at one time. When he got near he slowed down and stopped two steps above her. She was openly crying with her head buried in her knees. He got down beside her and pulled her in to his upper body, resting her head under his chin.

"I'm so stupid!" she said.

"No you're not." said Harry, pulling her head up to look at him.

"Harry—it was as if I was back in the entrance courtyard with you laying in front of me."

"It was just a boggart, nothing more."

"I know, but that boggart looked just like you did that day. Right down to the robes you were wearing. I just…froze."

"Shh, it's okay. What happened wasn't even six months ago, so it's still going to be fresh in your mind. Hell it's still fresh in my mind."

"It just shocked me to see you lying there, I didn't expect it. I thought it would just be a giant bat like last time."

"You're scared of bats?" he asked partly to get her mind on a new subject.

"Yes, I am and don't go around telling everyone or I will be forced to hex you."

He smiled at her. "Well if you're going to hex me, I'll never utter that piece of information ever again."

She giggled as she sat up. As Harry looked at her he suddenly realized what his boggart would be.

"If it makes you feel any better, my boggart would have been you." he said, looking straight in her eyes. "So don't see what you saw as weakness, because it's not. It just shows the caring person that you are."

He leaned forward and the two of them kissed.

"Now what do you say to skipping class and going to raid the kitchen?" asked Harry when they broke apart. "Kreacher could probably use some company."

She nodded and the two of them descended the stairs. When they reached the next corridor, Harry looked up and saw Peeves still clutching his throat. The two of them looked at each other and started laughing.

"What spell did Hermione use?" asked Ginny through fits of laughter.

"One of Snape's." replied Harry.

Quite suddenly his mind zoomed back to the Shrieking Shack with Snape lying on its floor grabbing at his neck. He could almost smell the copper stench of blood. He could almost feel Snape's grip on his arms, as the dying man was pulling at him.

"Harry, Harry!"

His mind came back to the present and he looked at Ginny, who was looking at him with her head slightly cocked to the side.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Just thinking." he said.

She reached up and wrapped her arms around him, tight. She raised her head up and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For just being you." she said. "Now let's get going before we get caught."

He nodded and the two of them continued on their way.

"I wrote Mum and asked her what George was planning, but she said she didn't know. Fat chance, their all up to something I know it."

"Well we'll find out tomorrow won't we?" said Harry.

"Don't remind me." said Ginny.

"I feel embarrassed, from just thinking about it."

Harry laughed.

"I've just got a feeling that whatever my brother has planned is somehow going to involve, letting the whole of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade know that he's there. And that's never a good thing."