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Title: Once upon a time a Shy Musume

Genre: Humor/Romance/Drama

Pairing: Yukimura/Sakuno

Time frame: Sakuno in Senior High (15), Year 1, Yukimura Seiichi (17/18) in Senior High Year 3. (In Japan, there will be 3 years for Junior High and 3 years for Senior High. All new semester starts in spring).

Scene: Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku

Note: For Japanese/Chinese, surname/family name/last name comes first.

Standard Disclaimer: Tenpuri belongs to Konomi-sensei. (Yah, he has a sexy voice)

Warning: Sakuno-centric. Please do not continue if you're not a big Sakuno fans. Could be super OOC, a little paranoid, readers are advised to stop reading if you find this disturbing.

"…" denotes speech

'…' denotes thoughts

"…" denotes flashback

Title: Once upon a time a Shy Musume

Chapter 1: A Brand New Morning

Today is the beginning of her new day, her new life and also her first day as senior high school student; she thought blissfully as she stood in front of the enormous entrance of a well known school, Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku.

'Sakuno, fight!!' she noted inwardly as she braced all her courage; she took her first step to enter the school compound when something happened.

Yes, before she could even take a second steps, she was hit by an unidentified object and due to the impact; she collapsed instantly.

"Hey, are you okay?" She heard faint voices of students calling her with concerns before falling into unconscious state.

Teachers came in minutes later; clearing the spectators who stopped by and watch.

"What happened to her?" A teacher asked.

"We don't know" replied some students in unison.

"I saw some flying object hit on her head" one eyewitness confirmed.

"Anyway, we need to carry her to the infirmary for treatment" another teacher suggested "Who will volunteer to take up this task?"

"I don't mind though…" one male student said with a cheeky grin "She's cute afterall"

"Let me do it" another male student said.

It turns out that more male students are fighting over the task to bring the girl to the infirmary.

The little havoc finally stops when someone picked the unconscious girl from the teacher's arm and proceeds to the infirmary.

"Hey!!" a guy yelled but regretted that he did it as soon as he registered the person who took the girl a while ago was none other than the well known tennis vice captain, one of the three demons, the majestic Sanada Genichiro.

"Sensei, I'll take care of her" he said somberly with his pair of renowned cold eyes fixed on the crowd.

"So…sou? If that's what Sanada-kun wants" a teacher stammered upon sensing the emperor's majestic aura. Not only the students; even as for the teachers; no one dares to go against what Sanada sets.

"Please excuse us" with a polite bow; the emperor head towards the infirmary.

Together with him; there came along other Rikkai Dai's tennis club members. Kuwahara Jackal was pulling one side of Kirihara's ears.

They heard the team's captain, Yukimura Seiichi reprimanded the junior.

"That was an easy serve to nullify and yet you let it went pass you"

"…" Akaya preferred to keep quiet. He already knew the super strength of his captain's serving and if he'd attempt to nullify that ball; he might break his racket.

'No, my arm' he reconfirmed inwardly.

"Ah, so she was hit by a tennis ball directed by Yukimura-san" one student muttered softly.

"I wondered if the girl will be okay" another said.

"Wow?! What happened?" The school nurse asked anxiously.

"She got hit by a tennis ball" the group said in unison except the three demons.

"Well, lay her on bed first, Sanada-kun" she directed.

"I thought that there is a warning sign installed few kilometers away from the tennis training ground?"

"She didn't get hit within the perimeter of the training ground…" Masaharu Niou explained.

"Yeah, the useless junior caused the problem" Marui Bunta muttered nonchalantly "He failed to nullify that serve directed by our captain"

"What?" Akaya felt arrows of criticism attacking him harshly and right now he felt that he's devastated. He ought to defend his reputation "But…but…"

Before he stood up for himself, the captain came forth to talk to the nurse.

"We're sorry for troubling you, Sensei"

"No…that was nothing" she blushed upon seeing the beautiful young man talking to her politely.

"I'll examine her while the rest of you can go back to your respective classroom. Class is about to start" she said thoughtfully.

"Sensei, I'll stay here and wait until she wakes up" Yukimura said suggestively.

"Eh?!" Sanada, Renji and Niou stared at him while the rest shrieked in unison.


"Please" he requested seriously for the second time.

"Fine; you can stay" at this moment, she couldn't get herself to continue further, especially when Yukimura looks so determined. Finally, she raised her hand and said in defeat.

'Oh, that smile just now was too eye piercing' she thought inwardly with joy.

Though Yukimura would never realized this himself, he's actually a natural womanizer. That soft pleading gaze is one of his secret weapon. Not only women, even guys would fall in love with him.

"Bucho, you don't have to go as far as this" Niou said blatantly.

"A man should be responsible for what he caused" Yagyu Hiroshi remarked chivalrously as he closes the book he was reading a while ago.

"Yukimura, we'll leave her to your care" with that said, Sanada signaled the rest of the members to leave the infirmary.

"Sakuno, I like you"

"Ugly people like you should just rot and die in darkness"

"Stop acting like he belongs to you only. He belongs to everyone"

"Ugly, disgusting, you've got the worst personality!!"

"Those girly long braids. It's an eyesore. I cut them off"


"Stop…" Sakuno whimpered; her knees curled up a little, two arms holding against her own body tightly, tears trickled down from the corner of her eyes

"This child…" Perhaps she's having a nightmare; he assumed. He placed his broad hand on hers as he whispered with assurance "Don't worry, everything will be fine…"

Her miserable façade smoothened and was replaced with a faint smile.

In the midst of darkness, a glimpse of light appeared before her. She sees a dark figure appeared before her.

"I'm here to heal your wound, my Princess"

The End


Musume – Daughter/Girl (In my story, it refers to girl)

Fuzoku – Affiliated (Rikkai Daigaku is an affiliated school (Fuzoku kou))

Sensei – Teacher/Master/Doctor

Sou – That way/Like that (Hehehe, the explanation is going to be long). If anyone is interested to know further; please message me; I'll be grateful to provide a full detail)

Bucho – Captain

AN: I didn't know what makes me used this title; but it directly comes into my mind while watching Gintama where the heroine Kagura-chan introduced a paranoid episode – Once upon a time a China Musume; you don't know the real Gintama. Phew…that was really something.

I also dunno why, I voluntarily starts typing this short fiction; perhaps mi-chan needs something to stimulates this 'mi-chan' creativity. I'm totally beaten, as the other stories are still in 'Lost world' It's like a cube puzzle, I'm struggling to put it back on pace again.

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