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Deidara was not having a good day. Tobi made them lost chasing after the ever-illusive three tails, then they had to fight off a group of bounty hunters, and to make things worst they were travelling through a godforsaken swamp. Tired, hot, irritated (by Tobi) and desperately in need of a bath, Deidara finally snapped.

"Tobi," Deidara said an anger mark appearing on his head, it was them Deidara suddenly felt itchy.

"What senpai?" Tobi asked sounding disgustingly cheerful.

Deidara slapped his arm and scratched it vigorously, "damn it hmm," the artist murmured.

"Senpai?" Tobi asked stopping to allow the Iwa nin to catch up.

Deidara swatted with his hands, "irritating pest," Deidara said continuing to scratch his arms and parts of his face.

"Um senpai are you…itchy?" Tobi asked unintentionally causing the blond's anger to rise.

"No," Deidara said more to keep his pride than anything else, "shut up and keep going hmm." He was tempted to make mini bombs to bomb the hell out of these bugs if only he had sufficient chakra. But alas he didn't.

After enduring several maddening hours of intense itching, scratching, Deidara finally spoke a question that has been on his mind ever since they started trekking through this swamp.

"Tobi," Deidara asked scratching vigorously at his now raw arms, "why are you….unaffected hmm?"

Tobi did not reply straight away, as if considering how to answer the Iwa nin's question without getting blown up, in truth Tobi wanted to laugh in his senpai's face.

"….I used….." Tobi paused again, while Deidara swatted a huge bug that had landed on his face, "damnit hmm!"

"Insect repellent," Tobi said holding out a winkled tube of cream.

Deidara look at Tobi who looked back. There were times Deidara wanted to tear that mask off Tobi's face to see his expression and this was one of those times, but instead Deidara opted for reaction B, "give me that," Deidara said snatching it out of Tobi's hands.

Tobi waited a few more minutes enjoying Deidara's struggles to squeezed out anything out of the winkled tube.

"Tobi forgot to mention one thing senpai," Tobi said cheerfully ignoring the blond's look of rage, "Tobi used it up before we entered here so…."


"Yes senpai?"



"Arggh senpai I'm on fire!!!" Tobi yelped flapping about and diving into a swamp pit to put the fire out. Deidara just glared and decided to flew out of this swampy pit even if it meant loss of his remaining chakra.


"KAKUZU!!!!" Hidan yelled at the masked nin who was walking at a leisurely stroll. Kakuzu ignored him. "SERIOUSLY KAKUZU WHY DO WE HAVE TO TAKE A DETOUR IN A GODDAMNED SWAMP?!"


"THERE's LIKE BUGS EVERWHERE ON ME!" Hidan shrieked getting more angry as his partner continued to ignore him, "AND WHY AREN'T YOU AFFECTED?"

Kakuzu responded by tossing his partner a winkled old tube. After enjoying a few minutes of blessed silence accompanied by Hidan's grunts at trying to extract even a tiny bit from the tube, Kakuzu then spoke, "its empty

The fight that began after the initial silence was brutal (for Hidan), and both of them reached an understanding. Kakuzu never really told Hidan that it was because of his iron skin jutsu, and Tobi never really told Deidara it was because he was all covered up including his hands, they both agreed their partners were idiots.


Tobi 1 Deidara 0

Hidan 0 Kakuzu 1

Akatsuki 0 bugs 2 (Hidan/Deidara)

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