Chapter 4 Get out of my Lab!

When Grim, Starscream and Nergal finally returned home Starscream went straight to the basement as Grim just went back to the TV and watched a few of his soap operas as usual. As for Nergal, he decided to get to know more about his new 'friend' and to do that he followed the former Decepticon Air Commander to the basement.

Starscream walked tiredly down the basement and just glad that Mandy actually let Grim and himself leave the pathetic excuse for entertainment. He walked straight to his computer and attempted to contact Shockwave again and see if he could give him the personality components he needed. He turned on the computer he built and immediately attempted to contact Shockwave. And unfortunately/fortunately he wasn't there. One thing since he got contact with Shockwave he has been no use in anyway to him. And unfortunate he needed him so he could get the personality components.

With that idea no longer on his agenda for the evening he decided to start working on blueprints for another weapon. Not to plan his escape from Billy and Mandy (He knew that was futile), but just to practice a hobby and enjoy the peace and quite.

As he was sitting down and getting the blue paper and the white pen he heard a step coming from top of the basement. He immediately turned his head to the only door entrance to the basement but only saw the door open. The former Air Commander got out of his chair and aimed his right null ray around the basement. He aimed up at the ceiling, back at the entrance and then at all sides of the large basement.

Starscream sighed as he saw no one else in there. So with that he walked back up the stairs and closed the door. He just assumed that he didn't close the door all the wall when he went down. So with his frighten reaction he went back to his work table to get started with the blueprints.

Starscream then finally got his white pen and started to draw the design of the weapon. He put all his focus on the paper and all his attention on how he was drawing the design. He was totally unaware of his surroundings and focused only on the paper and white pen on it. All thoughts he had previously or problems were gone when working on his blueprints.

"HELLO FRIEND!" and voice came from his right next to his audio receptor.

"AH!" Starscream screamed as he fell out of his seat to the opposite side of his intruder and the white pen starching the paper as he fell. Starscream growled at what had just happened and saw his intruder to be Nergal. Starscream sat up and yelled "Get out of here!"

Nergal simply stood where he was and said "Oh come now Starscream. Surly you want spend time with your friends rather than stay alone down here."

Starscream now stood up and said "I'd rather not be disturbed," he then turned his head to the side seeing his blueprints now ruined because he was interrupted. With that fueling his rage he said "What are you doing here?!"

"Why I'm here to get to know my new friend!"

"I am not your new friend!"

"Why of course I am." Nergal said happily as he walked a short distance away from him and continued "Why wouldn't we be?"

Starscream could come up with thousands of reasons right now but he held it in and said "For one thing you just invaded my privacy! And second you are not leaving as I ordered you several times!"

By then Nergal had already lost interest what he was saying but was fascinated in Starscream's room/lab. It wasn't complete but it was still in working condition of the place. So far there was a large five screen computer in the lift hand corner, a long work table to the right of the computer filled with cybertronian tools and random parts, and on the side of the wall after the table were robots that looked like Starscream except they were different colors.

Intrigued he grabbed one of the cybertronian tools that looked similar to an Earth drill and said "Well would you look at this thingy. How do you-" Nergal was cut off but the drill like tool fired a twirling laser in which Starscream dodged but it hit his computer monitor and destroyed it.

"Hey put that away!" Starscream yelled about to grab him.

"Hmm…I wonder what this is." Nergal said picking up what looked like a rod with power outlets on the top. He then turned it on and it was pointed in the direction toward Starscream and it electrocuted him.

Starscream groaned in pain as he was on the ground. He then looked up and said "Get out of my lab!"

Nergal then saw a ball that had electricity around it and said "Oh, I wonder what this thing does." He then pressed a button on the bottom of the ball.

"NO DON'T!" Starscream begged.

Just then another bolt of electricity came but instead of hurting him it turned him into vehicle mode. Starscream attempted to return to robot mode but was unable to. He struggled by hovering in the air and banging the nose of the jet on the ground, flying into the walls, flying around in random circles in the lab trying to return to robot mode. Nergal the whole time was just watching him.

"You stupid incoherent Earth Creature! Neutralize the effects now!" he ordered.

"Well why don't you return to robot mode?" Nergal asked innocently and stupidly.

"The Transfixatron you used on me forces me to stay in vehicle mode. Now release me from staying in jet form!"

"Alright then let's see." Nergal said as he examined the device. There were two switches on the device. But he couldn't remember the one he pressed. And it was written in Cybertronian so he couldn't read it either. So he decided just to guess and pressed the same button again. The electric shock hit Starscream but did nothing and still he couldn't return to robot mode.

"You stupid-" Starscream yelled as he fired his lasers at him.

The laser blasts hit Nergal and he flew into the wall and he dropped the device. As the device fell an electric shock came from it and hit Starscream but it neutralized the effects and transformed back to robot mode.

"Now that wasn't very nice." Nergal said as he bushed himself off and stood up.

And at this time Starscream had all he could stand about this creature. Because right now his computer was destroyed was electrocuted, forced into vehicle mode, and he knew if he stayed any longer he would probably stop functioning.

"Now get out of my lab!" Starscream ordered.

"What's going on down dere?" A voice came from the door.

"Nergal is a menace! I'd rather have Billy bothering me than him!" Starscream said as Grim came down the stairs.

Nergal just shrugged and said "Oh, we just started on the wrong foot." Starscream glared at Nergal and Grim knew why but Nergal continued "Why don't we start over with a fun for all board game."

Grim shrugged and said "Well, I guess it would be nice to play a board game again without Billy messing in up." Grim said nonchalantly.

Starscream could believe Grim was doing this but something within his mainframe told him that if he didn't keep his cool about all this Mandy or someone would make things worse for him.

"Fine…" Starscream said with a heavy growl.