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Chapter 4 – Glowing

aka Exploding Sex (because I can't resist it saying that somewhere )

The day was relatively uneventful. She held herself together through most of it, although some of the time she glowed brightly. She spent a few hours working on her laptop, and didn't venture too close to the man in the house. It was unavoidable now; when a man offers you ice cream you can't say no, especially when your body temp is in the 100's at all times.

She was still a little embarrassed about the day before. She smirked to herself and wondered what it would be like to make love to Jack O'Neill. It wasn't like she hadn't thought of it before. It's just that she never considered it before. The rules were always more important. Where they really so important this time?

Jack smiled wide as she devoured the ice cream. She had a fantastic look of bliss on her face as she licked the cool creamy semi-liquid. It melted in her mouth and very slightly dribbled down the sides of her lips. Her skin began to glow a softly brilliant white. Her skin was warm and delicate, her freckles still seeming to glow like the rest of her but the coffee speckles were merely translucent from the glow inside her. She looked incredibly beautiful, somehow ethereal and exotic, but still her.

He couldn't resist the bright smile on his own face as she laughed and slid her finger to catch the melting cream on her face, pulling it up to her lips again. She even let out a little moan as it slid down her throat and he was sure in that moment she was torturing him. Another scantly constructed sundress gripped her curves, those beautiful full breasts pushed up to the brink of exposure and the way her tongue tickled against her lips. The way she sucked her fingers clean made his body react physically. His blood rushing south. He could never eat ice cream and feel the same way again. How could she be so incredibly hot and not know it?

She eventually set down her bowl and side glanced at the General. He was just playing with his, not eating it any longer. She bit her lower lip at the bowl, a begging little look in her face. The man handed over the bowl without her having to ask, but she was a little surprised to catch a glimpse of what she thought…might have been. No. Could it? She shifted and noticed he was occasionally sneaking glances at her instead of the television. Sure enough, she leaned a little to one side and then could distinctly see his pants tenting.

She smiled to herself and began to nibble on her bottom lip. What was the risk now? Really? She was barely a human being anymore much less an Air Force officer. She could still be a woman. She loved this man next to her. She had for years and in this moment he was there to care for her. He was fighting for her, protecting her and he even went out of the way to get her things she enjoyed, things she loved. She didn't know how much she needed this time until he gave it to her, and she wondered now. How much worse could she make it? She loved him and had for so long. But if this never went away her career was over. Her life as she knew it was over. There was no reason not to love the man next to her. Not to throw herself head long into his life and share all they could.

She finished the ice cream silently and set it on the coffee table next to her own. She slid back on the couch and let herself lean against the older man's warm body. He felt cool against her hot skin, but it was still receptively warm. It was causal and loving and kind. His arm lifted and slid around her shoulder, holding her close to his body. She felt herself stop there. Maybe she would push it later, but not right now. The smell of him, the strength of his arms, the lack of questions from him made it all feel okay. Made her heart swell and her mind calm. This was right. This was okay. This was enough.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she felt herself smile. "Jack…."

"Yes…?" he responded, hearing the soft tiredness in her voice.

"I love you." The statement was soft and whispered as she peeked up, one hand finding a balance on his firm strong chest. Okay, so she lied to herself. It wasn't enough. "You don't have to say anything back…you just have to know; that's all."

"I know," he said in return, face turning to find her so unbearably close to him that he had to resist the urge to kiss her. His deep brown eyes burned into her bright blue ones. Intense and direct. He smiled softly and whispered gently, "I …" His breath caught in his throat, he looked down at her with all the sweetness and love he could find. "We're gonna find a cure for this. You're gonna be okay."

"Jack…" Her voice was calm but hallow and sad. "If there were a way to fix this, we wouldn't be here right now." She slid up, boldly climbing into the man's lap and settling her hips down onto his. She could feel his erection now, on her ass, and she couldn't stop the soft white glow from the inside of her or the rush of wetness from the coil of passion in her lower belly dancing like a snake.

Jack took a deep breath at feeling her so intimately pressed against him. It was perfect. It was real and it was calm. Inevitable. "I refuse," she whispered, letting her fingers sink into his hair, "to live for an eternity…and never know you…"

"Sam…" he whispered, looking down at her lips. He struggled for a reason, a reason not to do this or a reason to have her stop. "What will you do if we do cure it? Will you regret this? Will you ignore this?"

"Absolutely not," she promised, letting her hands delicately stroke his face. She was calm, soft and gentle.

"You know," he whispered, fingers stroking her hips as they sat squarely on his own, "…I'd have to be insane to say no."

"But…you're going to," she concluded with a hesitant smile, the glow in her skin changing from white to pure red embarrassment.

His soft hand, wide warm palm spread across her face and pulled her to his delicious mouth. The kiss was strong and deep and passionate. Heat flooded through her, both natural and unnatural. His tongue wasn't deterred however as it separated her lips and pushed through them. Her soft tender body molded to his and she leaned against him, weight collapsed against him, her tender frame slumping against his as her nose buried in his neck.

"I'm not saying no, I just have to make sure…I don't want to take advantage of you…and I don't think I could touch you …and ever stop." She blushed, bright red, in his arms, her skin betraying the swell of feeling in her heart. "Sam…" She loved the way he said her name. Melted to it. "I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here…tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. I will be here…for you in every way and any way." His hands moved suggestively down her sides and across her hips, the swell in his pants pushing against the heated juncture between her legs. "I love you."

"I know," she whispered in return, kissing the flesh of his neck tenderly. "Sleep with me tonight?"

"Of course," he whispered, breathing in the smell of her hair and feeling a groan inside him. God did he want her. "Especially if you promise to sleep naked again."

Her head jerked up, and she looked down at him with wide surprised eyes, her hair glowing bright red and her breath coming short. "What?" she asked, choking out the word with a sudden embarrassment.

"Oh," he said with a bright smile. "So you meant sleep not 'sleep'?" He nodded his understanding and gently let his fingertips brush soft-ghosted trails up her back and touched his lips to hers, fingers sinking to the back of her neck and pulling her into him for another kiss. This time it was deep and slow and long, her soft lips molding to his, her soft fingers sinking into his shoulders as he realized his hands were holding her tight. Pushing her weight down into his lap he attempted to gain some friction there. Delicious, outrageously wonderful friction brushed up against him, grinding and rocking on him.

Jack's mind reeled for a moment. He couldn't believe he had her on his lap, couldn't believe he really had her in his hands, in his lap, touching him, and kissing him. His tongue plunging into her hot rich mouth as she touched him. He resisted the urge to open his eyes, despite the desire to look at her, despite the feeling of heat on his skin. He prayed to God she could hold herself together long enough to let him touch her, let him love her like she deserved.

His eyes opened slowly as her lips moved away. She didn't have the same glow as she had before. It was whiter, happier, and sweeter. It didn't look like fire brewing inside her as much as it looked like she was glowing with happiness. That might also be because of the wide pure Carter smile on her face.

"Jack," she whispered, loving the way that name came off her lips. Loving the way it felt to say it out loud instead of just when she was touching herself at night. She moaned softly as his hands slipped up her thighs and began pushing her skirt up slowly. Her breath quickened a little as she looked down at his bright sweet eyes. They were filled with a burning passion that surprised her just a little. Something so strong and so…hungry…that she felt he might loose control and eat her, right then and there.

He lowered his lips to her neck, teeth and tongue devouring her flesh with little warning. His fingers searched up her smooth creamy thighs to find her panties, and he felt his swelling cock twitch when he found nothing under the flimsy fabric. He let his fingertips tease where her panties should be for a moment in little circles before traveling up, dragging the loose silken fabric away from the woman's hot soft flesh. He held his breath as he felt her arms stretch above her head. He groaned low in his throat as he passed where her bra should have been sitting on her ribcage, but there was nothing but hot delicious flesh beneath his fingers.

His heart raced with anticipation as the fabric left his hands and the woman carried it over her head and away, his head pulling back as he leaned against the couch to look at her. She was still glowing bright sweet white, skin beautiful and unique. She smiled down at him and he couldn't resist the urge to touch her. Fingers gliding over every inch of her. He could feel her skin and muscles jump with the touch of his hands, her smile still bright, her body softly shivering beneath his touch. Her skin was incredibly hot, burning to his touch but somehow it warmed him from the inside out.

He didn't realize he was staring, didn't realize he was looking captivated by the sight of her. Until of course he heard her sexy voice, whispering into his ears and softly pulled him back to reality. "Jack, you're wearing too many clothes."

His deep brown eyes flickered up to her with a slight bit of mirth. "Really? I hadn't noticed." His fingers traced the patterns growing on her flesh, little swirling curves that connected her freckles in gorgeous ethereal strokes that looked almost magical. "You're beautiful," he whispered, his smile spreading slowly. The sight of her naked was one thing, but her blushing and glowing whiter, hotter made him want to eat her up. His arms wrapped tightly around her torso and he moved quickly. His superior size and strength, plus the surprise of the action, gave the naked woman no time to react. She was under him in an instant, laid out on the couch, his knees straddling her and his hands ripping off his thick shirt.

Suddenly the cold winter air was nothing compared to the heat under his jacket. He panted and pulled off his shirt in a hurry, discarding it and smiling as he saw her bright blue eyes watching his, her teeth nibbling her lower lip hungrily as he exposed his chest to her. He smirked as he watched her glow visibly brighter, her chest rising a little more drastically.

She knew from the smirk that he was aware how much glow the sight of his naked torso was electing in her body but she honestly didn't care at the moment. His body was still toned, still strong and amazingly breath taking to her despite the recent lack of fieldwork. His muscles rippled as he straddled her, leaning over as he popped the button on his pants. He was too close to resist the urge to touch him and she gave in. Her hands tenderly stroked his toned body, the slightly wiry chest hair twisting in her fingers. She could see her handprints, glowing white-hot trails shivering over his cool, but warming flesh. She pulled her hands back and peeked up at his face, looking for approval.

"Don't you dare play coy with me now," he warned with a deep harsh growl, kicking all remnants of his clothes off his feet and then pulling himself back up to kiss her hard and deep. He could feel her slight hesitance, heat flowing through him as his body throbbed for her. The sensations pushing through him seemed…stronger then he had ever felt before. His lips and tongue worked against her, the wet slippery muscle dancing into her mouth and pulling her back into action.

His hand couldn't resist the exploration of her body. Couldn't resist the exploration of her sweet burning skin, deliciously warm thighs as the spread for him. Willing and wanting and opening just for him. His fingers trailed down her stomach, her hands stroking his chest and shoulders as he sunk a long thick finger into her wet body in a quick stroke.

She arched like a bow, her body shivering with sensation, rocketing through her like a lightning bolt as the man's digit sunk into her eager body further than he could ever have imagined. She was hot. So hot and wet and tight. He could feel the natural resistance of her body for even just the one finger and groaned deep in his throat at the idea of being inside her.

Her fingers were in his hair, wrapping around the short grey tendrils and her toes were tracing hot patters on the back of his calf. He could feel himself so hard he was straining and throbbing. The feel of her, the smell of her, the sight of her; so fast and so perfect that it was difficult for him to resist. Difficult to stay in control.

She couldn't believe she really had his wonderful weight on top of her, touching her, pushing her down into the couch cushions. His finger stroked and rubbed every available inch of her soft delicious insides until it found what it were looking for. Her body shivered in his touch, feeling her tremble as he touched the perfect spot inside her.

He could feel her flush with fluid and heat at the same time. He felt the stifling overwhelming warmth of her but really didn't care if he couldn't breathe. She broke the kiss first, eyes closing from the intensity as she arched, pressing her sore neglected breasts against him and whimpering for more. Begging, without words. She was glowing brighter and brighter as she wiggled underneath his weight, the color slowly burning blue, from white hot to a light gentle tint of blue in her hair. "Jack," she whispered, begging with her voice as she tugged at his hair.

Her eyes meet his and he could see her tortured pleasure reflected to him. She wanted so badly to come. He could feel her bubbling and burning and wiggling under him but he wanted to make her scream and whimper and beg out loud for him to fill her. The sight of Samantha Carter helpless was just too wonderful to give up now. He lowered his lips and captured one breast between his lips and sucked slowly, kissing the swollen round flesh as he worked his way toward one hard nipple. He peeked up at her face as he captured the little bud and worked it between his teeth and tongue.

Her eyes where closed tight as she let out a squeak and jumped under his lips, breath coming in little pants. The glow of her skin getting bright and whiter, slowly taking on a slightly blue color as it burned hotter and her body began to shake uncontrollably. "Jack…please…God Jack, please…" Her voice caught in her throat as she stared down at him with bright intense blue eyes, deep and heavy with desire as she begged him. "I want you inside me!"

Jack made the mistake of not being satisfied. He dug his finger harder, ignoring the way her sensual voice made his cock twitch and just enjoying the sensation of her. He licked and tortured her delicious breasts but it only made him ache to have her break on him. He wanted to make her come. Wanted to hear that voice say his name more than anything in the world, more than just say it. He wanted to hear her scream it as she was swallowed by the intensity of his touch. He worked his thumb across the little nub between her soft folds, rolling, and rubbing with every thrust into her tight body.

Little did he know the woman wasn't prepared to just submit to his touch, no matter how amazing and completely mind fogging it was. She used the element of surprise and all she knew of leverage to plant one leg on the back of the couch and tuck the other under. She bucked her hips hard, hands flipping the General's shoulders and pushing him off her and onto the floor. She heard him grunt as he hit the soft clean carpet, completely surprised. Her body felt cold from the loss of him but she knew it was only momentary.

She pulled herself over and let herself fall from the sofa down to his stunned form. Jack really didn't know that this could happen so fast. One moment he was on top of her, in complete control and the next, his ass was on the floor and a beautiful naked delicious Samantha Carter was glowing on top of him. "I want you…inside me…" she repeated, voice firm and rich with arousal. Her chest breathing deep as she straddled his hips and stared down at his powerful chest now under her.

He reached out and took her hips firmly in his warm wide hands. He always knew that this was going to be the most intense mind blowing experience, but here, now, with his thick, throbbing cock just barely touching her wet folds, he knew that this was going to be more than he'd ever imagined. A rush of pleasure shot up his spine, and his toes curled as her body began to lower on top of him. She arched with sensation, gripping his chest with little movements. Her palms lay flat on his strong tone chest as her arms nearly met just in front of her. He watched the swell of her breasts pressed together as she leaned over him, her mouth open in a sweet moan. He looked into her deep eyes that seemed to glow from her insides out. Ice and bright little blue patterns appearing with white ones on her pale skin, connecting her freckles in delicate little swirls as her hands twisted slightly in his graying hair.

What Jack couldn't see caused a slight frown of worry to cross the woman's face. Her eyes focusing down on his chest where her hands touched him. Her long elegant fingers splayed against his flesh. His glowing flesh. He suddenly saw the same whitish glow flowing through his skin, and he realized that the intense heat he was feeling was not just coming from her. He took a deep breath and pulled his eyes away from the patterns appearing on his skin. Instead he used the hands on her hips to pull her down hard. He thrust himself up at the same time, eyes closing as he felt a sudden heat burst in his body. It came from his chest and from where he was buried deep in her wet, tight, hot flesh.

He held his breath and arched under her, forcing his eyes open when he heard a delicious moan. The pleasure of it was incredibly intense. Bursting through her like little sun fires behind her eyes. He felt huge inside her, stretching her and probing deep inside her. The blood-swollen tissues of her insides were so sensitive they burned with sensation, and sent heat through her entire body. She shivered over him, thighs shaking.

He felt her palms turn to fists on his chest as she struggled for control. The sounds from her made it obvious she was lost. Her blue eyes closed and he watched every scar on her body glow with heat as she rocked and rocked against him. "Holy fuck…Sam!"

He didn't even recognize his own voice when he said it. He was so losing himself in the sensation of her. Hot and wet and burning, rocking beautiful above him as her hair began to glow and burn with heat. Her cheeks were flushed with white light, her chest shivering with the ragged breath from her moans. They were sounds but they seemed to just shiver and pour deep inside him, floating through him like molten lava and bubbling in the back of his brain. They caressed his skin and heated him; her touch leaving trails over him that he never even knew could be hotter.

Sam wondered for just a moment if that was what she looked like. His skin burned hot under her touch, little white tendrils curling up his neck and the temples of his face, looking almost like stray bits of his silvery hair. He gasped as she lifted and dropped her hips. She pushed him in and out and loved the stretch of him. His legs came up behind her, thighs trembling with need as his hands explored her and his hips bucked into hers.

His skin shimmered with a sheen of sweat and his deep strong brown eyes focused hard on her. She was so beautiful as he lay watching her ride him hard, fucking herself on him and working hard toward her own end. He felt himself building and tried hard not to let himself go, not to let the sight of the woman of his dreams on top of him make him lose it. The pleasure was so intense, so strong that he wasn't sure he could hold back. He gripped her moving hips and attempted to coax her to still.

There was no convincing her, the feel of him hard and throbbing inside her only making her want more. The feel of him plunging into her tight body resonated up her spine. She loved the way every ridge and hard swollen vein pulsed against her swollen flesh. She loved the way his swollen flesh hit her front wall rough and sensitive, just right. She loved the way his long thick cock touched her deeper then she knew. Loved the way she could swear she could taste him in the back of his throat. She felt it then, all of a sudden, ripping her apart and burning across her every nerve.

He watched a sudden rush of blue spike across her skin and heard her scream…but not the way she had screamed so many times before. She screamed his name in a primal little growl. Her body erupting in a burst of sweetness that was so intense, so hard and so fiery, that it bordered on pain. Sensation knifed up her spine and made her scream, little whimpers escaping at the same time. She didn't really know what was happening, all she knew was she was coming and somehow…going at the same time.

Her body exploded in a ball of light and fire, her thighs trembling and her interior muscles clenching the man inside her, below her. Her world spun and her entire brain saw lights. She felt like her brain was fuzzy and trapped somewhere deep inside her. She never felt so good as in that moment, the blissful sensations pushing up her and through her and out. Out. Going out.

Jack had lost it when she clenched him inside, his entire body felt like it burned. He watched her explode, lighting up the room with, not red, but blue white ethereal fire that surged from every pour in her skin. Her face contorted in pleasure so intense it was difficult to handle, he felt himself falling apart there under the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He felt the way she convulsed and then something odd. Some kind of intense pleasure that shivered down his right side and seared with heat across his pelvis to his swollen flesh. Then he felt the sudden delicious crash of ecstasy spread through him on a wave of heated heaven. He felt like he was burning alive and he loved every single minute of it as he claimed her as his own, emptied himself deep inside her.

Then she came crashing back down, collapsing onto the man below her. His hair tousled and his body stiff. He was coming too. Shooting inside her and she loved the feel of it, loved the feel of him there with her. She was warm and sizzling, blood rushing to places she couldn't identify. She collapsed there, her body completely and totally drained as her brain was overwhelmed, swimming with delight and heat. She heard his heat pounding…his breath rushing against her soft hair before everything was gone.

Jack didn't have time to do more then wrap his arms around her still glowing flesh. Looking at his own arms, the burned little trails were glowing with soft white light but were dimming, the same trails that covered the woman's skin in his arms. He didn't have time to think about it. Didn't have time to let it sink in or feel fear or wonder exactly why his skin now mirrored hers. Mostly because he didn't give a damn. He had was completely drained, but even if he turned into her, lost his career, he would still have her and that was all that mattered.

The next thing Jack felt, after the overwhelming blackness, was cold. Despite the gentle warmth of the blonde on top of him he felt the chill of the winter air seeping across their naked bodies and felt a smile creep over his face. He brushed the back of his fingers tenderly across the side of her face, allowing the woman's hair to catch and slowly slip behind her ear.

He watched her slack, peaceful face as she slept, gentle and so very perfect. He could feel her even breathing and steady smooth heartbeat against his own. For just a moment he felt his heart swell. After eight years, he finally had her. She was really there and she loved him. He didn't know what god he had to thank for this but he would thank them all for now. He could still smell her scent, delicious and intoxicating as he very slowly and very gently lowered the woman to the soft carpet next to him. He pulled a thick blanket off the couch behind them and pulled it over them both.

He smiled softly as her legs twined with his, her toes cold against his calves as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Cold. Her toes were cold. It took his brain a moment to settle it out before he found himself moving his own chilly feet to feel her. Her toes were icy and the winter air chilled her feet. Her legs were Lukewarm and her body was the same. Slightly cooled by the evaporation of sweat.

He let his fingers brush over her scars, the little jagged pale marks, something off from her normal military-earned scars. There were knife wounds, scrapes and former bullet holes, but the ones from her explosion were similar to burns deep into her flesh. He moved then, from her body back to her face, touching the soft skin and feeling her cheek. Then it hit his stomach, like a hard rock in the pit in his stomach. Maybe she wasn't cold. Maybe he was hot. He felt his heart rush into a pounding and he touched his face. He didn't feel hot….

Curiosity begged at the man's mind as he grabbed his pants and pulled them on quickly. He went to the bathroom where he knew a thermometer would be in the cabinet. His heart raced as he held the little thing under his tongue. He wasn't hot…was he? Why is she cold … He had to clear his head. Push it all away before he burst. He heard the rustle of fabric as the pale woman appeared next to him in the doorway, blanket still tightly wrapped around her.

His eyes met hers. Sleepy delicious blue and deep brown, then they flickered down to the tiny little medical item hanging from his mouth.

Her heart began to race in her chest. Guilt washing through her in a wave of sudden pain. She should have stopped. She knew she should have stopped. She knew when the handprints were left on his chest she should have stopped. Then there was the deep horrible guilt…because she would give everything to do it again. And again.

The man peeked at his watch and grabbed the thermometer from his own mouth roughly. "98.6," he whispered. A little shocked.

"Do you feel hot?" she asked, a little scared. Eyes trailing down to the edge of his pants, where her stomach churned. "Oh god," she whispered, eyes latched to the scar that followed the line of the toned man's pelvic bone, a five-inch line on one side of the muscular 'v'. The edges were burned and the soft off color was deep and similar to her own. He had a scar, and she could remember the flash of heat after she was done exploding; she gave it to him…like a sickness. Her heart felt like it was cracking.

He shook his head and closed the gap between the two of them. He touched the end of the thermometer to her lips and insistently pushed. "You're not hot. Your feet were freezing."

Her mouth opened a little to speak but he shoved the item in and immediately one of his thick fingers closed her jaw. They waited, deep brown meeting sparkling blue for what seemed like forever. Then two minutes passed, and he pulled the little device from her mouth. He read the number. Then again, his heart pounding as he spoke, her bright eyes widening. "98.6."

"What?!" she asked, snatching at the small thing and reading it carefully. Unfortunately she didn't have the time to say anything else when the front door flew open and Daniel's voice echoed through the front hall.

"Jack!?" He sounded excited or something, certainly anxious. "Sam!" And then the bastard was in the hall, looking at his friends. One in nothing but a blanket and the other in just jeans. Sam bit her lip and tightened her hold on the blanket, her face blushing deep red. But she didn't glow. "I…" He began but…stopped.

"Daniel…" Jack said, shrugging nonchalantly as the younger man stared at them, mouth a little slack. "Can we help you?"

Daniel flushed, suddenly forgetting he did have a reason for being there. "Yeah…I….I uh…found something…" He pushed up his glasses and buried his nose in the folder in his hand. "Th…There …is a passage that referenced the…uh…fire of life…will not be needed if...true happiness is…found." He tumbled over the words slowly as he peeked up at them and let out a soft smile. He knew. They could both tell in that very moment that he knew. Also perhaps that despite Sam's red face and chest, spread over her neck and ears, there was no ethereal glow, only the left over happy smile that came with amazing mind blowing sex.

"So," he continued, a little more confident as he took a step back. "Maybe after a little vacation in the woods, she'll find…a little peace, and stop exploding…" He closed the file and smirked at them both. "It looks like she needs some more time here though…she's still glowing…wouldn't you say Jack?"

Jack smiled down at the beautiful woman, knowing now what she looked like and felt like and tasted like in every intimate way. Yet he wanted more. More more more. "Yeah…definitely glowing," he repeated with a smile. He didn't bother watching Daniel leave, he knew the man would eventually, but at the moment his attention was focused on the blonde woman in front of him.

"So, how exactly can we find your true happiness?" he asked, fingers tracing one of the elegantly curved scars across her collarbone.

Her bright blue eyes shivered at his touch. Even without being overheated, he made her body react with intensity and passion she'd been sure she could never really feel. She took a step closer to him, her arms wrapping tightly against him with a firm grip. Her lips barely reaching his neck as she leaned up, eyes tightly closed. She tried to say it. But she felt so overwhelmed with the truth in her heart. Sleeping with this man was enough to take away the pain of the last few months. True happiness? Is that what this felt like? It sure was….

"I love you too," he whispered with a small smile, holding her tight and firm as she kissed his neck tenderly and just held him. Held him close and tight and like he was the only think in the world that could save her life.

Daniel walked out of the front door into the cold winter snow. He was glad he didn't share this with anyone else. Maybe he would when they came back. Maybe he would if they came back. Either way, he felt a smile cross his face.

"About time."