Summary: The Portman and Banks kids find stumbling into adulthood more difficult than they expected. Theresa tries to get over the only boy who ever touched her heart. Deena fears the loss of the love of her life. Kitty and Julian try to plan a wedding. Danny fights for the love he's always wanted. The twins begin to understand the consequences of their actions and Marie tires of being the baby.

Author's Note: So, I'm going out on a limb here, posting it, the thing is, I have huge chunks of it written already, so its not like I'm really going to be doing a lot of actual writing on it. I called this chapter a Prologue for a reason, that's what it is. The story won't really start until the next chapter, which will be up by the end of the day. This might be the end for these guys (It hurts to say good bye I know!) But I haven't decided. Anyway, I hope you like the story and what I'm trying to do with them!

Prologue: December Dreams

Four teenagers sat comfortably on a bare wood floor in a large California mansion, late one night. The two girls and two boys, they were smiling, talking and laughing. The girls, distinctly different and yet strikingly similar, one with her sandy blonde hair cut short into a pixie cut, a new look that she had been trying, it suited her tomboy personality, her sharp ice blue eyes and angular features were highlighted by the hair around her eyes. The other, her light blonde hair falling straight around her shoulders, with grey almost hazy eyes that lit up when she was happy, she was soft spoken, beautiful and felt intensely. The boys couldn't be more different, one tall, skinny with light brown hair that fell over into his eyes, he had his arm draped around the petite one with the short hair. The other had the other girl positioned between his legs, her head leaned back against his chest. He had black hair, slicked back since he had just climbed out of the ocean, his skin was slightly darker, and his intense brown eyes always softened when the girl looked into them.

"You have to go?" Theresa whispered kissing Dominic softly, thinking against every thing she knew to be true that if she kissed him hard enough, held him tight enough it would keep him there. He pulled away and saw the tears in her eyes. "Please don't leave me."

"I love you," He said, "But I have to do this. Come with me, it'll be amazing, just like we said."

"You know I can't," she sighed, "I can't just take off, there's too much at stake, college, and my family." He nodded they kissed again, this time more intensely. "At least stay the night," she whispered softly and kissed him suggestively.

"That's tempting babe," he whispered and took her hands, "but I can't ask you to do that."

"I've asked you not to call me that," she said raising an eyebrow. "And I want to."

"I'm sorry," he said and kissed her, then walked over to his bike, "I love you princess, but I want to remember you how I knew you, my pure little princess." She ran over to him and kissed him again, he put his hand to her cheek. "Goodbye Theresa." As he rode off she chased him as far as she could until the tears became too much to handle and she had to stop.

Theresa Portman woke up with salty warm tears on her cheeks. The dreams kept coming, reliving her least favorite moment in her life, when Dominic left her, standing in front of Kitty's house in Malibu. She hadn't heard from him since. She closed her eyes tightly and swallowed the tears, not wanting to wake up Marie.

A thousand miles away Dominic Mariano woke up sweating and put his hand to his forehead. He reached for the phone and then realized that he couldn't do what he wanted to. He couldn't call Theresa and tell her he had been dreaming about her.

"Deena wait for me!" A seven year old boy chased after her in the snow, she kept going. "Deena!"

"Catch me Ryan," she giggled, when he finally did, he tackled her to the ground.

"Stop running away like that!" He said. "You're faster than me and I can't keep up."

"I can't slow down for you forever!" She grumbled, "You've got to learn to keep up!"

Ryan Wells woke with a start he looked down and Deena was still in his arms. His lingering fear was there that he would wake up and she would be gone. The scene from their childhood had haunted his dreams. She was always ahead of him their whole lives Deena lead the charge.

"Ryan," she mumbled, stirring and waking up, "Ryan, why are you awake?"

"Just a bad dream, baby," he whispered and kissed her, "Go back to sleep."

"Tell me about it," she lowered her head onto his chest, he kissed her head, "That always helps me fall back to sleep."

"You were running away from me," he whispered. She exhaled. "You told me I just had to keep up."

"I'm not going anywhere," she looked up, "I'm yours remember." They kissed, he rolled her over and began. They didn't make a sound as they made love. Deena's mind was restless, because for all of her assurance otherwise, she was afraid that the day her mother had told her about may come. They might just outgrow each other, and there was nothing wrong with it. "Ryan," she whispered after. "Promise me I'll never lose you."

"What?" he said, holding her tight.

"No matter what happens," she said, "I can't lose you."

"I'm yours remember," he smiled, tugging lightly on a short lock of her blonde hair. She smiled, her blue eyes twinkling, "And I'm yours forever."

"Julian I love it!" Kitty said, "I swear, it's perfect."

"It's too small," Julian grumbled, taking her hand, "You deserve better. The best."

"I have the best," she kissed him. "I have you."

"You're so cheesy," he teased her as they Eskimo kissed. "But still, when I can afford it, I'm buying you a new one."

"When you're a big shot in the NHL," she teased him, "And I'm, whatever I end up doing with my life."

"Shining on Broadway," he laughed. She whacked him.

"People loved me in that play," she said, they kissed deeply. "I love you Julian."

Kitty woke up to a clear smell of bacon. She stretched as Julian walked, she smiled.

"You made breakfast," she said, as he lowered the tray onto the bed. "You're so cute." He kissed her. "Happy Anniversary."

"Happy Anniversary," He smiled. "Six years since I proposed."

"Four months until we get married," she whispered. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he kissed her, and picked up the bacon, "Bacon?" She giggled, took a bite and then he kissed her again.

"Hello?" They heard a voice echo out in the hallway. Kitty fell back.

"Lexi," they said at the same time.

"We're in the bedroom Lex," Kitty called out. Lexi walked in.

"I knew I smelled bacon." She smiled. "What's the occasion?"

"Our anniversary," Kitty smiled, kissing her fiancé again.

"Oh my God!" Lexi rolled her eyes, "You people have like seven anniversaries, which one is this?"

"Our engagement," Julian said. "Now, Lexi, if you don't mind I would like to make love to my fiancé."

"Fine," Lexi sighed, she stood up and walked out.

"Be nice," Kitty said, "She's coming off a bad breakup."

"She's always coming off a bad breakup," Julian shook his head. "When are she and Danny going to pull their heads out of their asses?"

"I love you Danny." She kissed him, he ran his fingers through her red curls. "I've always loved you."

"I love you too." He whispered.

"I'm glad you came," Lexi's voice was soft.

Danny's alarm woke him up. He knew it had to be a dream, because Lexi was never glad he came, also she would never say the words "I love you," in such a sweet way, after a kiss. The one time they had kissed, it had ended with her asking him to leave. He stood up and walked from his bedroom, to the small kitchen. He was happy to be out of his parent's house, living on his own, even if it was still in Chicago, he was still working in the bar, and a few weeks ago when right before they had sex he had let Lexi's name slip out to his girlfriend he was single, at the very least he was away from the Portmans some of the time.

"Baby Marie!" The voices were echoing all around her. That stupid name, she wanted to kill some one.

"I'M NOT A BABY ANYMORE!" She shouted at the top of her lungs but no one seemed to hear. What was the worst was looking back, looking straight into her was him, and he was laughing. Why did he laugh at her? "Please stop!" She cried. "Can't you see me?"

"All I see's the baby," He shrugged and walked away.

Marie sat up and gasped for breath. Her phone was ringing.

"Baby," Theresa groaned, "Answer the phone please." Marie grumbled and picked it up.

"I was thinking about you," she heard a male voice on the other end.

"I was dreaming about you," she mumbled out.

"That makes a guy happy," Deanie Reed smiled on the other end. "Are you alone?" Theresa had rolled over and was snoring.

"Might as well be." She smiled. "What's up?"

"When are you coming to pick up the twins?" He asked. "I can't wait to see you."

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