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"Why am I doing this again?" grumbled Neji as he crept after Tenten as they sneaked towards the training ground.

"We're working on our stealth," snapped Tenten testily as she quickly ran up a tree and leapt on to a closer branch that offered her a better viewpoint.

Neji landed silently beside her and crossed his arms. "You just want to skip training with me and spy on your idol instead. My training methods are not THAT torturous."

Tenten sniffed disdainfully, "I bet Tsunade-sama's training methods are a lot better than yours."

Suddenly there was an explosion and Sakura ran screaming into the clearing. The blonde Godaime followed closely behind her, riding on the giant slug she summoned, Katsuyu. The slug queen began shooting multiple balls of acid at Sakura who dodged them desperately, many of them missed her by a hair and some even managed to singe her clothes.

Neji and Tenten silently watched the training session and sweat dropped as Sakura frantically tried to evade the acid raining down at her with frightening accuracy whilst Tsunade threw kunai at her and shouted at her to stop closing her eyes and to watch her opponent's movements. Sakura, somehow managing to avoid death ran into the forest screaming hysterically, taking the training session further away as Katsuyu and Tsunade followed her swiftly in pursuit.

The Hyuuga prodigy turned to the Weapons mistress with a raised eyebrow, "Her training methods are better than mine?"

Tenten didn't answer and continued to stare after the trail of destruction Katsuyu had left behind with a mixture of awe and horror. Trees were decimated, the ground was pockmarked with acid burns and smoke was still rising from where acid had hit the ground and trees.

Neji placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her gently, breaking her out of her trance. "Let's go."

She nodded blankly and followed her team mate as they leapt through the trees back towards the village.



"Are you still jealous that you aren't training under Tsunade-sama?"

Tenten thought about Sakura's terrified screams and the acid...


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