Power: I was angered when the RT gave away Daleks in Manhattan's Big Reveal. On the other hand the caption "Dalek Sec and his hybrid offspring" has finally given me an interesting alternate plot to the two-parter. Would anyone be interested in reading it?
Now let's see if I can write a "What if Sec survived" scenario without totally ripping off the excellent "Team Who". Wish me luck. :D


Whir. Whir.
Dalek Sec looked left and right, checking the laboratory for any unscheduled activity. Daleks Caan, Jast and Thay were out, assisting their pig slaves in the round up more humans for the Final Experiment, or conversion into more pig slaves. Inside his casing, Dalek Sec disconnected the video feed of his eyestalk so he could concentrate on the task at hand. His tentacles wound and curled a small sliver of dalekanium that had been scraped carefully and painfully from his own casing when his comrades had been absent. The travel suits were an extension of their being. Sensory equipment monitored the condition of the travel suit's exterior. The Dalek receive the messages directly into the brain. In the case of damage, this would be translated into pain.

He wondered briefly, as his thoughts once again turned to the Final Experiment, if hands and fingers would be more dexterous. He would be gambling with his own life, he knew this, despite the success of the preliminary experiments; the pig slaves (Sec understood that, while humans were fairly easy to come by, acquiring the pigs had caused their contact, Mr Diagoras, no end of trouble, but did not have the capacity to appreciate the human's efforts).
To create them they had used the stored energy from lightning storms to force the pig DNA to bond with the human. It had been relatively easy, since the two had evolved on the same planet, thus sharing similar DNA. The Final Experiment would use the power from his own casing, already severely depleted from the emergency temporal shift. He had no idea if it would enough to force together the radically different DNA of Dalek and human. There was a human phrase that fitted his thoughts on the subject; "You won't know until you try."

Whir. Whir.
Good, they had not yet returned. He needed to fuse the ends together before he could finish it. A hissing sound filled the room as he opened his casing. Dalek Sec dropped the bracelet-like device on the floor and resealed his casing. He reactivated his eyestalk, took aim and fired. A perfect shot! The two ends fused together from the heat. Sec gingerly picked it up with his tentacles and dropped it onto the base of his unit. Now he would have to wait for it to cool before he could work on it again.
Many would say that this displayed a lack of trust in the other Cult members. Sec would have replied that he was a Dalek and Daleks did not trust anyone, not even each other. Daleks obeyed the orders of superior Daleks. That was all.
He was taking steps to ensure his survival. One worst-case scenario saw him succumbing to his human emotions in which case the Cult would rebel against him. In the other he did not, but they rebelled against him anyway. Both scenarios ended with him dead, so he was building a device that would hopefully prevent that. It absorbed Dalek weapon fire, but because it was so small, only enough to reduce the shot so it would cause unconsciousness as opposed to death. Davros' own invention, dreamed up after he had survived the Dalek civil war. This had been installed into subsequent Imperial Dalek travel units but had been discarded when force fields were invented.

"Dalek Sec. We have more humans for the Final Experiment."
That was Dalek Jast, flanking their left, Dalek Thay, their right. Dalek Caan remained at the back, blocking the humans' escape.
Thankfully, all the disbelieving "What are you?"s had been asked in the sewers, sparing him. Dalek Sec silently glided forward and raised his plunger to the face of the first individual of the line. The man flinched back as the plunger spun and whined, analysing his brainwaves. No, this one would not do; too. . . compassionate. The Dalek moved on to the next. A female. Promising. . . But not good enough. The next man; hopeless. Intelligent, yes, but a coward. And the last one was no good either. He swivelled to face Dalek Jast. "None of these humans are the one. Prepare them for the Final Experiment."
"Pig slaves, secure the humans." Jast ordered. The humans struggled and shouted to be released as the pig slaves manhandled them.
Dalek Sec turned away, ignoring their screams and stared up at the ceiling, at the numerous humans they had secured and prepared already. They still needed more and one of them, he was certain, would be his perfect match.

Power: And thar be the prologue. I hope it doesn't sound too contrived, I made most of it up. . .