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'What can I say, it is already a year after carnival. That damn carnival! No, wait… It wasn't so bad. Yes, I have to admit… I'm glad that the carnival happened. Maybe someone will think that I'm crazy, because during carnival we Hime had to kill each other. But I'm grateful. If it wasn't carnival… I wouldn't know about her feelings… about my feelings. I would never find out who is my most precious person. But now I know it… and I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart. Yes, at first I didn't accept her feelings. I was scared of them… I didn't know what to do, because till that day no one cared about me… no one loved me… And now I have you by my side.

Sometimes I still wonder why? Why did she chose me? Why does she love me? If to be correct, why did she fell in love with me in the first place? I was cold person… Everyone at school called me Ice Princess and they were right. My heart really was made from ice back then, but you melted it… Shizuru. You melt the ice in my heart and broke the walls around me. Walls which were protecting me from this cruel world, from this pain… But I still was in pain, the horrible pain of lose and betraying was inside of me. Even when I built all these walls around me, around my heart. I promised myself that I won't believe anyone and I failed… Suddenly you appeared in my life and everything changed. I wasn't alone anymore. Yes, at first I tried to scare you away, to make you leave. But you didn't give up. You always moved forward, I didn't notice when you became a part of my life, a part of me. You were always teasing me and you still do it now (smiles to herself). I couldn't and I still can't imagine my life without your teasing… without you, my dear Shizuru. You were my best and only friend, but now you are something more for me…

Yes, it took me some time before I accepted and admitted my feelings to you. At first I was scared. I didn't know what kind of feelings do I have towards you. But after some time and talks with my friend and you, I discovered the real meaning of my feelings… I wanted to make you happy, to see your charming smile at your beautiful face. I wanted to protect you, to be always by your side when you needed me, to be part of you. Yes, Shizuru… I love you… You cried back then when I admitted my feelings towards you. You thought that it was another dream, but I took you in to embrace and quietly whispered into your ear "It isn't a dream, Shizuru… But if it is a dream, then I don't want to wake up…"

Finally we were happy… You are obviously wondering why I said "were". Yes, we are still together, but it won't last for a long time… I should graduate this year, but I won't… Not because I will have to repeat the year all over again, no… The problem is, that I won't be able to survive till this day, till my graduation… Yes, you heard me right. I'm dying… How dramatic, isn't it? I survived the car accident, escaped from First District and even survived the carnival where I and others Hime should die. But I survived it and now I'm dying… Dying when all problems were solved and when I finally found my happiness. I hate this world, but most of all I hate my illness which is slowly killing me from inside. Yes, I'm sick. I have a cancer which can't be healed…

Now I'm lying in hospitals bed and you are here, sitting next to me, smiling at me with that innocent smile. Your beautiful red eyes full of tears and love are staring at me, your hand is gently caressing mine. So soft and warm…

When everybody found out about my illness, they were shocked. No wonder, because I was shocked more than they. Everybody told me that I have to go to the hospital, but I resist until that unfaithful day… I came back home after school and sat at the couch watching TV and then my illness gave sign of it existence… My heart was aching and I began to cough. The blood ran out of my mouth and I fell… I was found on the floor by Shizuru who came back from university. We were living together. She was frightened till death. No wonder, if it was me who found Shizuru in the state like this I think I would have an infarct. It seems that she is braver than me. I always knew that she is better than I (smiles again). Shizru called to the hospital and ambulance was send after me. While we were waiting it arrival, Shizuru was kneeling next to me with my head on her leaps. She was crying…

Two days have passed and everyday I was feeling worse. Yes, the end was near… But I wasn't frightened, because all these time you were near me. You were here day and night. You were scared to leave, even to the bathroom… You were scared, that I will pass away if you leave. Forgive me, but it seems that I really will leave this world… soon, very soon…'

"Shizuru…" I tried to speak.

"Natsuki, please don't say anything. You don't have to loose your strength" tears began to run down your face and it ached my heart. I don't want to see you sad face, your tears especially if they are because of me. I hated myself for that.'

"Forgive me, but I have to say it before I pass to another life…"

"Don't say it, I won't allow you to leave me. Not now, when we are happy together"

"I won't leave you. I will always be by your side. I will protect you no matter what"

"Natsuki, please…"

"Forgive me if I hurt you, during this time…"

"You didn't hurt me… You made me happy and if you will stop speaking and begin recover the strength, then you will make me happier"

"I love you, Shizuru…"

"Don't say it like you are saying goodbye to me…"

I smiled and then I heard the words which meant whole world to me "I love you too, Natsuki" and she kissed me gently on my lips.

The day was over and the moon was shining in the dark sky. Shizuru was sitting in her chair next to me and laying her head on my bed. She was sleeping and I adored her. And then I saw the light… The bright light which appeared in the sky. The window slowly opened and an angel entered my room. Angel was dressed in white clothes and large wings were seen on its back. The bright light was coming out of its body. Angel turned to me and smiled.

"It's time, Kuga Natsuki." The angel said calmly.

"I don't want to leave her, to make her suffer."

"But you don't have another choice, you have to leave her."

"But maybe I could stay here as a ghost?" I asked a little bit nervous.

"Only people with unfinished work can stay in this world."

"And I have it… I have to protect Shizuru, I promised her."

Angel smiled "Yes, you are right. You can stay here, but before that you have to go with me"


"There is something that we should do before you stay."

"I see…"

"Is there something else that you would like to do before we leave?"

"Well, yes…" I wasn't sure if it was right to ask. Who knows, maybe they don't have such a power.

"And what will it be?"

"Could you make them to forget me?"

At first angel was surprised, but then I think it understood me and smiled to me again.

"Do you want them to forget you? Do you want them to believe that it was someone else who died today?"

"Yes, I want them to imagine that it wasn't me, but someone else. Someone who wasn't so close to them… to her" I looked at Shizuru.

"But if they will forget you, how will you be able to protect someone who doesn't even remember you…"

"I could be her angel… her guardian angel… Is it possible for me to become her guardian angel?" I asked and my heart began to bit harder. Well I'm not sure if it was a heart, because I'm already dead. But something was biting for sure.

"I think it is possible, but you will have to ask it to Him.

"Do you mean God?"


"Can I meet him?"

"If you will come with me then yes"

"Then I'm coming with you, but before that…" I bent down and kissed Shizuru on the cheek for the last time(you can't call it a kiss, because I'm already a ghost), well I hoped that it wasn't the last one and that God will allow me to stay here with her. I stood up from my bed and looked back. There I saw my dead body and her… my dear Shizuru. I smiled and turned around.

"Are you ready?" asked angel and give me its hand which I accepted.

"Yes." And we left…

For my happiness, God fulfilled my wish. I could stay with Shizuru and protect her. I could become her guardian angel. He also fulfilled my second. From now on, no one will remember me. My body was changed as my friends memories. All pictures which we had where changed. The person named Kuga Natsuki was deleted from this world. But it is the place where my journey begins. It is the place where our forgotten love will sparkle again….

So what do you think now?