Okay guys, this is one lovely, large author's note made specially to update you. Because you all deserve it, and I don't deserve such wonderful reviewers.

Now I know you're all probably thinking "she promised to update soon" and suchlike. And yes, I did. And yes, I do intend to update soon. But and however, that leads me to a problem. In the January of two thousand and hate (and you thought it was 2008) my computer DIED. DIED a tragic death.

And it will not be returning. Ever. Coincidently, that includes any and every single document on that computer. Two years worth of everything. Wanna know what's more ironic than that? The day it died was the day I got a 2 gigabyte memory stick, and prepared to back up anything important.

Now as you may well guess at this point, that leaves us in a pickle, doesn't it? Because I no longer have the LoZ: Destiny's Child notes, chapters, edits, nothing. Nope, nada, zilch. Add this together with the fact I barely have a working pc at the moment, and it just becomes an utter disaster zone.

Note the following:

This story WILL be updated. There is no way that I'm letting all the effort I put into this go to waste. And besides, you all keep asking for more updates, and I always was a sap when it came to people requesting stuff.

The update will come sometime this year too, there's another promise. But I'm now juggling quite a lot outside of anything internets, including my GCSEs and the fatal question "College, or no college" depending on my results.

Excuses, excuses, I have so many I could keep you all damn day. And in that sense, maybe Rhian is somewhat of a self-insertion, who knows?

I'm now going to end this on one big huge gigantic I-can't-stress-enough-nor-put-into-words thanks to everyone who is still following this story. So, that would be: ZombieDragon,Spiritual Stone,Shinningkit and I would also like to add Meggy here for the heart lifting review. You all rock at life.

That, and hopefully, we can all look forward to another (better than some of the more recent ones. XD) chapter of LoZ: Destiny's Child.

Sorry again for the wait! Please, don't eat me for it.