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¨Come on, sweetie, ¨Chloe hastened the girl who had her mother´s long blonde hair and her dad´s intense blue-grey eyes. She was a dynamo of energy and a curious little elf- two character traits she had inherited from both her parents.

¨Can we go treasure-hunting, mum? I´ve found a map in an old book at the library. ¨

¨Have you been climbing up the ladder again, Laurel? ¨asked Chloe with a frown, holding her daughter´s unwavering gaze.

¨It was stashed on a lower shelf, ¨she answered without flinching.

´Oh, missy, you´ve got your dad´s poker face, but I can read him like an open book. ´

¨So, can we go treasure-hunting?¨

¨Here´s your dad, ¨responded Chloe, taking her by the hand as the Luthorcorp helicopter landed on the lawn behind the mansion.

¨Daddy! Daddy! ¨shouted Laurel, rushing to Lex´s side with a luminous smile.

Chloe sighed. Six years had gone by since the fire, and Smallville was now her home. She had married Lex two months after Nell was committed to Belle Reve, and Laurel arrived exactly nine months later.

She had kept writing freelance for some of New York and Gotham´s largest newspapers, and now she had her own column at the Daily Planet. Her new job allowed her to do what she liked best- write investigative reports- and also devote time to her young family.

¨What have you been up to? ¨asked Lex, picking Laurel up. ¨You look flushed. ¨

¨She´s been digging holes in the garden, ¨said Chloe with a smirk.

¨Have you asked for Harris´ permission? ¨he asked gravely, locking his eyes with Laurel´s.

¨He´s helped me with the wheelbarrow, ¨she answered seriously.

¨He has, has he? ¨he responded, schooling his features and looking at Chloe with mirthful eyes. ¨It seems the Luthor girls have men at their feet. And, prey, tell me whatever were you digging up my garden for? ¨

¨It´s not your garden, daddy. It´s our garden. Right, mum? ¨she answered, turning her head towards Chloe.

¨Our daughter´s very good at semantics, and at avoiding the hot seat, ¨ smirked Lex.

¨We should ask for a DNA test to check whose blood runs through her veins, Lex. ¨

¨I´ve been treasure-hunting, ¨interrupted Laurel, tilting up her chin.

¨There´s no doubt she shares my genes, ¨smiled Lex.

¨What would you say if I told you she won´t be the only one to share your genetic map, Lex? ¨asked Chloe stepping forward.

¨Are we talking hypothetically? Or is this a ´fait accomplit´? ¨

¨You and your grand words, Mister Luthor. You must have noticed I´ve been cranky of late. ¨

¨I thought we were running out of coffee. That´s why I asked Bernard to order a new batch of Brazilian beans. ¨

¨And I´ve sent it back. I won´t be drinking caffeine for the next seven months, ¨she smiled sweetly.

¨I guess I can keep your mind off caffeine, Mrs Luthor, ¨he responded, putting his briefcase down and wrapping his right arm around his wife´s waist.

¨You trust a lot in your charms, Mr Luthor, ¨she murmured close to his mouth.

¨We´ve done it once. I´m sure we can do it a second time around, ¨he whispered in her ear, feeling her shiver. ¨What do you think, Laurel? Would you like to have a little brother or sister? ¨he queried their child.

The girl looked pensive for a while and then answered.

¨It´d be OK, I guess. If we´re going treasure-hunting, we´ll need an assistant, right? ¨she said, cocking an eyebrow.

¨ A Luthor answer, wouldn´t you say, Lex? ¨

¨She´s a practical girl. Have I told you how much I love you., Chloe? ¨

¨Every day for the past six years. But I´ll never grow tired of hearing it. I´m a lucky woman, Lex. I wish you could have met my father; he would have loved you. You´ve given me everything he had dreamt for me: a husband who loves me and a beautiful family. ¨

¨And you´ve given me the world, Chloe Sullivan, ¨he answered passionately, sealing her lips with a soft kiss.

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