Well it took me long enough, but it looks like we made it through my first fanfic ever. I just want to thank all the reviewers that encouraged and inspired me to keep going, heaven knows there were several times where I could barely keep writing. I'd try to leave messages for all of my wonderful viewers but theres just too many for me to do justice, and for that, I apologize.

Now I had an idea for another fic rolling around in my head, but I did hear mention of a sequel to this fic from myself and a few others. In other words, if theres enough support for a equal to this fic, I'll probably end up writing it. Just comment if you're interested, I'll update this chapter if I decide to do the sequel and post a link to it as well. But yea, I'm just rambling on at this point, so I'll just stop before my head explodes. Nonetheless, I thank you again for the support in reading my fic, I really do appreciate it.

Many thanks,
Leowen Dravon