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The ride passed in silence, both pondering upon events passed until Booth slammed the car into reverse suddenly, my head jolting forward and hitting the dashboard violently. I cursed and turned to look at Booth, rubbing the sore spot gently.

"Booth? What the hell are you doing?" I growled, leaning back into my chair and gently massaging my forehead, feeling a headache making its first moves into my cranium. A sharp pain shot up my spine and I cussed again, my vision blurring as I attempted to reach out for his hand. "Booth?" I whispered desperately, "Booth, where are you? I can't see. Booth?"

"Bones?" His hand immediately latches under my shin and brings me around to face him, 'causing my head to feel heavy as unconsciousness calls out to me.

"Booth?" I ask weakly, "help me Booth. Please."

"Stay with my Temperance, come on. Listen to my voice." I closed my eyes and concentrated on his voice, his touch, his smell, feeling my body fight against unconsciousness. "Talk to me Bones." He brushed his thumb lightly over my face, leaving tingles in its wake.

"My head hurts," I moaned. Realising that he most likely injured too I asked; "are you hurt Booth?"

"No. I'm sorry, I should have warned you." I cringe as his voice seems to stab into my temple.

"Too loud," I whimper, scrunching my eyelids tightly together. "I want to go home now."

"Okay Bones." He whispers, tenderly placing my head on the head-rest, "home it is. Well...my home."


"What? You heard what the good Doctor said; you have to stay with me." I could practically hear him grinning and I opened my eyes slightly to glare at him, grinning as well when I noted that I could see again.

"I can see," I inform his happily.

"Good, Bones. That's good."

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