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One day, Sam and Dean come across a Hell's gate and they go through it. They find Hell to be pretty much the way how all the myths and stories describe it- Fires everywhere and the screams of agony piercing the hot air. Now, Sam being Sam tries to make friends with some of the demons. When all the demons refuse to be friends with Sam, Sam throws this massive fit and by doing so actually freezes Hell over.

Dean looks around at the frozen landscape and turns to Sam exclaiming, "Dude! You have frozen Hell over!"

Sam looks around at all the ice, turns really pale, "OMG! What did I just do? Did I get a new ability?"

Dean grins and laughs, "Yup. It is called the Sam Brooding Temper Tantrum ability."

Sam in full brooding mode frowns and glares at Dean, "haha, Dean. Hilarious."

Dean replys, "Well, dude, look at the bright side, now that you have so graciously frozen hell over, we are basically out of a job besides hunting the stray ghost here and there, what do you want to do now?"

Sam frowns and thinks before he answers Dean's question, "I don't know! Maybe go back to Stanford and get my law degree."

Groaning, Dean says, "Man! You are such a dork! How on earth am I even remotely related to you!

Sam laughs at his brother, "What can I say? It was God's idea of a practical joke!"