2 Years Later…

Nathan bounced in his bed impatiently staring at the ceiling. "Come on, come on." He chanted while squirming. Finally and alarm sounded in his bedroom. "Yes!" He exclaimed hoping out of his bed, and racing into the hall. Opening his mother's bed room door he slowly walked in. Reaching the foot of the bed he could see she was still asleep. Pushing himself up he crawled over to her.

"Mommy, Mommy, first day of school!" He exclaimed shaking her. Gabriella groaned rubbing her eyes.

"Nathan what in the world." She said while sitting herself up. Looking to her night stand she saw that it was 6:00 am.

" We have to get ready or the bus will leave me." Nathan said with wide eyes.

" Sweetie it's only 6:00 and the bus doest come until 8:00, besides I would never let the bus leave you."

"Promise?" Nathan asked holding out a pinkie.

"Promise." Gabriella smiled linking their pinkies and kissing her thumb, thinking it cute how he picked that up from Sharpay and Ryan.

"Ok I'll go wake up Chelsea just to make sure." He said quickly hopping off the bed.

"Wait Nathan.." Gabriella sighed as he disappeared out the door. "You can stop pretending to be asleep I know you had something to do with this."

" Do I radiated guilt or something." Nicked smiled turning around.

"No, I just know you're a push over when it comes to the kids."

"I can't help it, last night he begged me to the set the alarm, that kid does a mean puppy dog face."

"Troy." Gabriella said shaking her head. "Well I hope you learn to be a little tougher when this one makes its debut." She smiled rubbing her swollen belly.

" I'll try, but knowing it will have your good looks , will make it hard for me to promise." He said leaning up to kiss her.

"Nathan get out of my room !"

"Looks like we have a rough morning ahead of us."

"Yea I'll go break it up, you try to get some more sleep, I'll give Nathan a shower, and stop Chelsea from delivering any bodily harm." Nick said kissing her forehead and getting out of the bed.

"What would I do without you?" She asked smiling sheepishly.

"Most likely drink a lot of coffee." He said leaving the room. Walking down the hall he could hear the sound of objects being thrown. "Okay you two what's going on here?" Chelsea was sitting up in bed with a pillow in her hands and Nathan was ducked down at the foot of the bed.

"Dad he's ruining my sleep." Chelsea said lowering the pillow.

"I was just trying to help." Nathan said standing up dejectedly. Nick looked to Chelsea giving her a pleading look, she sighed and rolled her eye.

"I'm sorry for being cranky Nathan, it's just a girl needs her beauty sleep, you know I'm going to first grade no more naps for me."

"You're lucky I hate naps, I wish I could go to first grade with you." He said playing with his fingers. Chelsea pushed back her comforter, stepping out of bed.

"Nathan you're going to love kindergarten, you'll get to make new friends, learn all kinds of cool stuff, and you even get to take a trip to a farm."

"A farm?!"

"Yup, and you get to feed the animals and everything, come on let's go brush our teeth and I'll tell you all about the pigs."" Chelsea smiled taking his hand.

"I love pigs." Nathan exclaimed. On their way out the room, Chelsea looked back at her father who mouthed a thank you to her.

"Okay Nathan blue or red?" Gabriella asked holding out two pools.

" Hmmm I think red…no wait blue, but red is the color on the fire trucks." Gabriella stepped forward with the red shirt. "But Sharpay says, blue brings out my eyes." He said with a hand on his chin.


"Okay blue." Gabriella handed him the shirt, going to his draw she grabbed him a pair or khaki shorts, which she picked out to shorten the process and a pair of white socks.

"So you excited about today?"

"Yea." Nathan said pulling his shirt down over his head. " But I kinda wish you could come with me for a little while…cuz I don't want you to miss me so much." Gabriella smiled laying his clothes on the bed.

"That's so thoughtful of you Nate, because you have no idea how much I'm going to miss you. In fact I already asked Ms. Lopez if I could sit in with your class for a little while, to ease my stress…if that's ok with you."

" Sure mommy I don't want you to be stressed." Nathan smiled while putting his pants on, but you can only stay a little while cuz I don't want the other kids to think I'm a baby."

"I'll stay as long as you say it's ok."

"Deal." Nathan smiled hopping down from his bed. " Race you to breakfast, today it's my turn to cook!" He said while racing out of the room.

" I know so it's either frosted flakes or captain crunch." Gabriella called after him.


" Eric and Tyler put a move on it." Troy called up the stairs striating his tie. "Honey how's this?" He asked walking into the kitchen with open arms. Sharpay turned from the counter where she was preparing lunches and looked in his direction.

" Good color choice, but your tie needs some help." She said beckoning him over. Troy walked over and stood in front of his wife allowing her to fix his tie. "There." She said giving it one last tug. "Now your perfect." Troy kissed her softly, before turning to the counter.

"What do you say how does daddy look?" Alex nodded his head and clapped his hands, causing Troy to smile. " What are you making here chef Alex ?" He asking placing his hands on both sides of his son, looking at the spread before him.

" I make unch." He smiled

"Unch, huh that sounds tasty, can Daddy try?" Alex nodded his head picking up one of the sandwiches, he held it to Troy's mouth letting him have a bite. " Mmmmmh." Troy said rolling his eyes into the back of his head. " That is amazing, what do you call this creation?"

"It's PB & J, Troy, and that was for Tyler's lunch."

" Chef Alex you tricked me, now I'll just have to eat you instead." Troy said grabbing Alex off the counter, and eating his tummy. Sharpay smiled as Alex laughed.

" Troy tell the boys if there're not down here in 2 minutes there're going to miss the first day of school, and they still need to eat breakfast." Sharpay said while already putting the finishing touches on Tyler's replacement sandwich.

"Boys downstairs right.."

"Chill Dad we're right here." Eric said walking into the kitchen, with Tyler close in tow.

"Ok guys what will it be, eggs, bacon, toast, maybe some.. Oh my God." Sharpay gasped dropping her spatula. " Eric what have you done to your hair?" She questioned looking at Eric's attempt to spike his hair, it looked like he stuck his whole head in to a jar of gel and then tried to striating it with his fingers.

"Mom everybody wears their hair like this it's cool." He smiled.

"Troy talk to your son." Sharpay said with a hand over her heart.

" Eric I don't think this look is you, besides do you want to blend in with everyone else or, stand out being yourself." Eric thought for a moment.

"I'd like to stand out being myself, besides moms hair stuff is starting to itch."

" Eric please don't tell me you used my…"

"Ok then I won't tell you" He said with a smile, while running back up the stairs.

"What about me Mommy how do I look?" Sharpay smiled at Tyler in his Bolton jersey and Crib Rock jeans.

"You look amazing sweetie, do you feel ready for your big day?"

" Yea I can't wait to go to school, Eric said we get to color, write our names, and lots of other cool stuff, and I'll be just like him."

"That's right little man, you're stepping up to the big leagues now." Troy said hold out a hand to give him a high five.

" I go too?" Alex asked.

" You my friend get to go play with Nana."

" Alex go with Ty."

"Don't worry Alex well be back soon, and Jordan will go and play with you at Coach and Nana's." At the mention of Jordan's name Sharpay's eyes shot to the floor, where there was nothing but a few abandon toys.

"Jordan's gone again, every time I look away for two seconds." She mumbled walking towards the play room.

"Is this better dad?" Eric asked coming down the steps his hair damp from washing out the gel.

"Yea now you look more like my son, and not a biker boy, but I'm sure mom's going to want to blow dry, so be prepared."

" Already on it." Eric said placing a baseball cap on his head.

" Your genius startles me." Troy said with a smile. " Ok everyone in your chairs, we have ten minutes to eat and leave if we want to be on time." Eric and Tyler both took a seat while Troy grabbed Alex and Jordan's booster chairs.

"Jordan slowdown." Sharpay called after her fleeting child " You have to keep your clothes on". Jordan only laughed continuing running towards the kitchen.

"Hey there ladybug, lets not give mommy a heart attack so early in the morning." Troy said laughing scooping his pamper clad daughter up into his arms. Sharpay entered the kitchen holding the discarded pink dress, looking at her laughing daughter, son, and husband as he spun around in circles. Thinking back to their birthday she couldn't help but smile.


February 6, 2022

Sharpay smiled holding out a hand to catch a snowflake.

" Ryan I absolutely love the city in the winter."

" Looks like you're not the only one." Ryan smiled looking over to where Eric Troy and Tyler were all playing in the snow.

"Yea it's Tyler's first snow experience, when we first left the airport he refused to let Troy put him down, now he can't stay out of the stuff."

"The crazy thing is we weren't even expecting it, it was like a special little after holidays present for you guys." He said while leaning off the balcony rail.

" Ryan the hot chocolates all done, if there're ready to come in." Rebecca said walking into the living room with a tray.

" Hot chocolate and cookies inside guys, get it while it's warm." Ryan called down to Troy and the boys. Troy stopped and looked up to the balcony.

"You hear that soldiers, we're being called in for grub and a mug."

"But dad we didn't finish our mission."

" Stay and Play." Tyler said picking up more snow. Troy looked up to his wife and gave her a wink. Sharpay smiled and walked to the house grabbing a couple of cookies and a cup hot chocolate She made her way back to the balcony.

"Ryan these cookies are the best cookies in the world." Sharpay said loudly, taking a bite of one of the cookies while holding one out to him.

" Shar I think these are store brought." Ryan said while sniffing one causing her to roll her eyes.

"No Ryan there're not." She said through greeted teeth. "I think they are special, didn't you mention something about Santa thinking they were the best in the world." She said with wide eyes, gesturing to her on looking children below.

"O yes." Ryan said with sudden enlightenment. "Santa loves these I think they might even have some magic that makes you fly after you eat them." He said taking another big bite, giving Sharpay a secret thumbs up.

"Wow come on Ty we have to get some of those cookies." Eric said grabbing his brothers hand and heading towards the house with their father in tow. Seeing that the boys were heading in, Sharpay sighed and looked to her brother.

'Fly?...really Ry."

"I took it too far didn't I?"

" Just a smidge." Sharpay said turning to walk into the house.

" I was trying to reel them in Shar , it's because of me their coming up those stairs." He said following her.

"Well you'll be the one watching Eric tonight making sure he doesn't try to take you up on this flying offer, you might want to close those doors."

" Real funny Sharpay, I get your point."

"Ryan do you hear humor in my voice?" She questioned with raise eyebrows. Ryan quickly turned shutting the balcony door making sure to lock them. Troy opened the door, and Eric and Tyler quickly ran in.

"Ok Uncle Ryan point me towards those cookies, I'm ready to fly." Eric said while quickly striping off his coat and gloves. Sharpay gave Ryan a I told you so look, as he timidly pointed to the table.

"Mommy snow." Tyler said bouncing over holding out his snow filled glove.

"Wow thanks sweetie." She smiled taking the clump of snow, while looking at Troy, who shrugged his shoulders. " I'm going to save it in the kitchen, Uncle Ryan." Sharpay said holding out the clump to Ryan who still was nervously watching Eric as he gobbled down cookies.


"Oh sorry." He said shaking his head while taking the snow clump and heading into the kitchen.

" Ty look Aunt Becky made hot chocolate!"

" Hot Chocolate!"

"Yea right over there." Sharpay said pointing to the coffee table. Tyler ran over to the coffee table and kneeled down next to his brother, he quickly reached for a cup, only to be stopped by his brother.

"Careful Ty it's hot." Eric said reaching for the cup, and placing it in front of him. " You have to blow first see." Eric demonstrated blowing in his cup before, watching Tyler copy his actions.

"Pretty amazing huh?" Ryan jumped surprised as Troy appeared behind him in the door way.

" Yea there're great kids, and I'm an awful Uncle." He said watching Eric reach for another cookie. " Why did I have to say fly." He said shaking his head causing Troy to laugh.

" Ryan it's no big deal."

" No big deal, Eric's going to hate me when he finds out." Rebecca took a seat next to Sharpay on the couch and the two began talking and rubbing their bellies sharing pregnancy stories. " I'm going to suck as a dad."

" Ryan those little boys adore you, Eric is always asking for you when you're away on tour, and last year when we went to a show, you show have seen how his eyes lit up while you were on stage, he even asked to take a dance class." Troy said shuttering at the last part."

" He did?.. Because you know Shar can teach him the moves easily, I think I even have some old videos of us at…"

"Ryan you're missing the point here." Troy said placing a hand on his shoulders stopping him in his place. " Take some words of advice from someone with experience, they're not going to love everything you say or do, and there will be mistakes here and there, but it won't ever stop them from loving you. I'll handle Eric, and if he gets upset believe me he'll forget in no time."

"Thanks Troy, but it was my mistake, and I guess a little practice wouldn't hurt." Ryan said standing tall and striating his hat while making a move towards Eric. Pausing he quickly took a few steps back standing next to Troy." "But if I do need you, do you think we should come up with a signal?"

"Ryan just go." Troy said pushing him forward. Ryan tensely walked to Eric who was currently bending his arms and repeatedly flapping them.

"Uncle Ryan how many do you think I have to eat before I start to fly?"

" Eric can I talk to you for a sec, I think we had a miscommunication earlier." Ryan said sitting on one of the love seats and motioning for Eric to join him. " I didn't mean to mislead you into thinking that by eating the cookies you could fly."

"What?" Ryan sighed.

" Eric these cookies do not bring flight to those who eat them."

"They don't?" he ask dropping his head. Ryan quickly looked to Troy, who only motioned for him to continue, biting his lip he got an idea. " Well they do make reindeer fly, but not people."


"Yea well, you know sometimes Santa likes to take a vacation once and a while, and New York is one of the biggest tourist attractions there are. He even came to see my show."

"Wow he did?"

"Yea and afterward he came back stage, and he talked to me about you and Ty?"

"Santa knows me!" Eric said with his face lighting up.

"Of course he said you're always on the nice list, and that this year you would be getting wonderful presents."

"I did get wonderful presents, all kinds of cool stuff."

" Well he wanted you to have something extra special, he asked me when I thought you would be visiting again and when he found out it would be so soon, he gave me the cookies as a present for you."

"For me?"

"Yea he said when the reindeer ate them it gave them flight, so he said you could use your imagination to fly, because he knows how creative you are."

"I am creative, Mommy says it's because I'm an Evans underneath." Ryan smiled at this. " Uncle Ryan did Santa say it was ok to share the cookies?"

"Oh yea." Ryan said nodding his head.

"Well good because I want you to have some that way we can fly together." Ryan's eyes lit up, as he looked back to Troy who gave him a thumbs up.

" I would really like that Eric, in fact I'll have one right now." Ryan stood up and grabbed a cookie taking a bite. "I think I feel something happening." he said wiggling his body causing, both Eric and Tyler to laugh. Grabbing Eric he instructed him to hold out his arms as he flew him around the room.

"Me next!" Tyler said jumping up.

"You have to eat a cookie Ty." Eric said while still being flown around the room. Tyler grabbed a cookie and took a bite, and Troy quickly picked him up, in all the fun Tyler didn't fully chew his cookie and began to coughing. Troy stopped turning him around.

"Open up buddy." He said quickly trying to fish out the piece of cookie, with his finger while patting his back.

"Ryan get him some water." Ryan nodded quickly placing Eric down and racing out of the room. " Troy.."

"I got it Shar. Come on Ty." Tyler coughed hard one last time, as Troy pulled the soggy cookie out his mouth.

"Here" Ryan said handing him a small glass of water.

"Drink it down little man." Troy said holding the glass of water to his lips. Tyler gratefully drank the water, and then pulled back taking a breath.

"You ok baby? Sharpay asked standing up with some assistant from her brother. Walking over she cupped his face, wiping away the tears from his eyes. " I think it's time for bed, that's enough excitement for one night." She said kissing his cheek.

"But mom the fun just started." Eric pouted.

"No bed." Tyler said hiding his face in his father's neck.

"Come on Shar it's their last day in New York let them have a little more fun….please" Ryan added with a wide smile.

"Yea please mommy?" Looking back and forth between her husband, brother, and children's puppy dog faces, Sharpay felt her resolve crumbling.

"Okay I guess another hour wouldn't hurt."

"How about we play a game." Rebecca suggested."

"Yea!" Eric cheered.

" I'll be right back, Troy no more cookies." Troy nodded his head kissing the top of Tyler's head before heading over to a couch. Sharpay quicken her pace walking to the bathroom. "Ok you two take it easy." She said placing a hand on her stomach, feeling pressure building. When the pressure didn't stop, but instead intensified she grabbed on to the sink for support. " Troy!" Troy's head shot up and he rushed down the hall.

" What is it what's wrong?" He asked placing a hand on her back.

"I don't know but, there're pushing really hard."

"Shar are you okayyyy…oh God did you just do what I think you just did?" Ryan asked looking at the puddle now around her feet."

"Ryan stop being such an idiot!" She said with her eyes closed through clenched teeth.

"Oh shit!" Troy said looking at the puddle, putting his hands on his head. Watching as Sharpay took in a deep breath and Troy increased sense of panic, Ryan finally caught on.

"Oh Shit!" He exclaimed placing a hand on his sister's arm.

"No shit!" Sharpay said opening her eyes looking at them both.

"Come on Shar we have to get you to a hospital."

"But it's too soon, I don't have my bag here and the doctor…" Sharpay stopped and again doubled over feeling more pressure.

"Ryan where's the nearest hospital." Troy said taking her by the elbow.

"It's like 6 blocks away, I'll pull the car around, you guys just stay here, and Shar please try not to drip on the carpets."


"I'm going," He said rushing out of the room. "Rebecca Shar's gone into labor, Troy and I are going to take her to the hospital, you ok here with the kids ?"

"Of course."

"Uncle Ryan what's labor?"

"It means your brothers are coming today."

"Yes, you here that Ty you get to be a big brother too!" Eric said taking his hands and spinning him in a circle.

" I'm a big brother!"

" Yes Tyler you're going to be a big brother, but first we have to get mommy to the hospital." Ryan said turning to leave.



" Shar I thought you wanted to do a natural birth, please remember your breathing, in out, in out, in.."

"Ryan if you don't shut the hell up I'll want you out!" Ryan stepped back a little dejected.

"Don't take it personal, I've been threaten with divorce the first two times."

" This is my first delivery experience I'm used to showing up with gifts after a month or two, but I don't think I can handle this Is there anything we can do?"

" Did you not here my request for medication, Troy get the damn doctor."

" I see I'm just in time." Dr. Spelling said walking into the room.

"Oh thank god you're here please help us, help her!" Ryan said gripping the doctor's coat in a panic.

" First timer?" Troy nodded his head in response as Ryan loosened his grip on the man.

" Well Ms .Bolton let's check you out."

" Please I need an epidural."

"Ms. Bolton I thought we discussed this on your way in, your labor is moving far to rapidly for an epidural, in fact your just about ready to push." The doctor said leaning back removing his hand.

"Oh thank god." Ryan said taking a sip of Sharpay's water."

" I'm going to suit up and you'll be moved into a delivery room."

" Troy I can't believe this is really happing it's."

"It's happing, and I know you're going to do great." Troy said pressing his forehead to hers. " Now lets bring those little guys into the world." Sharpay nodded with a smile as Troy kissed her head.

"Ready Ms. Bolton?"

" I'm ready." She smiled looking to her husband.


"Okay Sharpay here comes the first one, I can see his hair, give me one big push, and hold it for ten."

" Come on Shar your doing great." Troy said holding her hand.

"Yea Great Shar." Ryan called from the doorway.


'Ok good take a breath, Troy would you like to see your son?" Troy peeked down excitedly seeing his son's head.

"Oh Shar he's beautiful."

" And he's almost here, one more nice push and the shoulders will be out."

"Come on baby, you can do it."

" Troy.. never…again!" Sharpay said in between breaths while pushing one more time.

" He here is." Dr. spelling said laying Baby A on Sharpay's belly, as Doctor Spelling suctioned his nose and mouth and nurses quickly began rubbing him down. Soon his loud cries filled the room

"Oh God Shar there he is, a baby."

"Honey he's amazing."

" Here Dad want to cut the cord." Troy nodded his head excitedly, while taking the scissors and clipping the cord. A nurse then stepped up wrapping the baby in a blanket and picking him up."

"Wait where are you taking him?" Sharpay asked quickly pushing herself up.

"We just want to clean him off a bit more, and check his weight, and make sure he's ok, we'll be right over there."

"Shar it's ok." Troy said placing a hand on her shoulder.

":Troy don't let him out of your sight, don't let them take my baby."

"I won't, I promise."

"I'm here Sharpay." Ryan said walking into the room, taking a deep breath. "I'll watch him, nothing's going to happen to him." Sharpay nodded her head seeming to visually relax a little, as the doctor looked questioningly at the group.

"He's perfect Shar eight pounds six ounces."

"Ms. Bolton I know that was a lot of work, but I feel the other baby moving downward." He said lightly pushing on her stomach. " You think you ready to give it another go?" Sharpay closed her eyes feeling another contraction.

" Come on baby, you're almost there, I'm here, last one."

"I'm ready."

"Okay, legs up, Dad hold her foot here, Sharpay on your next contraction I want you to push and hold for ten." Sharpay nodded her head. "Okay here we go push." Sharpay pushed with all her might. " Ok the baby's crowning, take a breath, and then were going to go one more time.

"What's crowning…oh god." Ryan said making the mistake of looking over. "I don't feel so well." He said leaning back into the wall.

" Shar don't pay him any mind, he's beautiful, one more push and it's all over."

" How's the other baby?"

" He's great." Ryan said smiling while holding the baby. " He has the Bolton blue eyes."

" Ok Sharpay here comes the next contraction, I'm going to need you to bear down."

" He's coming." Troy smiled

" Beautiful almost there" Dr. Spelling said guiding the baby out, as the nurse quickly came over. " He's here."

" How is he Troy." Sharpay asked laying back exhausted. Troy watched as the doctors cleaned the baby off in shock. " What's wrong?. why isn't he crying?" Sharpay asked sitting up in a panic.

" She's just fine Mom, Dad would you like to cut your daughter's cord?" Troy wordlessly nodded his head and cut the cord still in shock.

"She?" Sharpay said in a whisper.

" She." Dr. Barnes smiled holding the little girl up, which promptly made her cry. " There she goes, I think her lungs are stronger than her brothers." He smiled handing the baby over to the nurses.

"I have a daughter. " Sharpay said laying back in disbelief, tears in the brim of her eyes

" We have a daughter." Troy smiled looking to where they were weighing the baby. " You were amazing, Shar." He smiled kissing her forehead.

" She's six pounds, six ounces." Want to hold her mom?" Ryan asked walking over with a smile holding the twins. First handing Troy their son, and then Sharpay their daughter.

" There're perfect." Troy smile kissing his son's forehead. Sharpay stared into her daughter's chocolate brown eyes and smiled.

" I can't believe there're really here." She said looking up to Troy and her son.

" Ms. Bolton the nurses are going to bring the babies to the nursery and after we get you all cleaned and settled they'll be back for their first feeding."

"Troy." Sharpay said looking up worriedly."

" I won't let them out my sight." He said kissing her head. Sharpay nodded and reluctantly handed her daughter over to Troy.

"I can assure you, your children will be safe in their care."

"No offense but where're not making the same mistake twice, now which way is the nursery?" Troy asked holding both children tight to his chest.


"Look whose here." Troy smiled pushing his children into the room. Sharpay sat up a little adjusting the phone to her ear.

"I know tell Maddie we'll have an extra member for our spy parties, no we haven't decided yet, I call and let you know, Troy just got here and there're ready to eat. Okay…. oh Tay don't be so dramatic, bye."

"Now these are my children, correct?"

"Positive." Troy smiled " I didn't let them out of my sight, and believe me I was getting some very strange looks."

"So what's their names?" Ryan asked standing up.

" Well I believe Sharpay named this little guy Jaden." Troy said handing her their son. " And this little lady was a surprise so I'm not to sure yet."

"So Jaden? That has a nice ring to it Shar." Sharpay stared into her son's bright blue eyes.

" Yea it does have a nice ring, but I think I want to give him a name that means something." She said while creasing his cheek.

" Like what?"

"I was thinking of naming him Alexander Ryan Bolton, after two of the most amazing men in my life." She said looking up to her brother and husband.

" Really Shar?" Ryan asked with a big smile.

"It feels right." Troy smile picking up his daughter.

" Shar I know how long you waited for this moment. A moment that we thought would never come, so I want you to have the honor of naming her." Tory said handing her the pink bundle.

" A deals a deal Troy, this bun is yours besides, I think the name Jordan grew on me. What do you say sweetie, do you like the name Jordan?" Jordan opened her eyes, letting out a big yawn. " I'll take that as an yes."

" Then it's settled." Troy said picking up Jordan. " From this day forward you will be known as, Jordan Elizabeth Taylor Bolton."

"Elizabeth Taylor? Really Troy?" Ryan asked cocking an eyebrow.

"What I can't have my wife and the god mother of my child in her name?"

"Do you even know who Elizabeth Taylor is?"

" No is she somebody important?"

" Amateur." Ryan said shaking his head.

"It's perfect Troy, she will be an up and coming star after all. Now Ryan you bring the car around and Troy you help me with the kids."

"Shar you can't leave yet you haven't even been discharged."

"I want out of here now, and I want a blood test before leaving.."

"But Shar.."

" You two are either with me or against me, and I would chose wisely if I were you." She said while cocking an eyebrow at both of them.

" I'll go get the car." Ryan said leaving the room.


" Troy I swear she's worst than Eric ever was." She said while fixing one of her pig tails, and trying to slip the dress back over her head. " God finally gives me a girl, but it had to be your child." She said with a teasing smile.

" Aww you know you love us." He said smiling.

"Yes I do now, come everyone eat and then shoes on!"

"Ok guys you heard the boss eat up" Troy said placing the toddlers in their chairs.

"Eric why are you wearing that hat at the table?"

"I uhhh..I" Eric looked to his father for help, but Troy could only shrug.

"Take it off."

"But mom.."

"Now Eric." Eric pulled off the hat.

"Eric your hair is soaking wet! You could get sick going out like that."

"Shar we live in New Mexico , it'll be dry in like ten minutes." Troy said with a laugh sitting down to his breakfast.

" Blow dryer."

"But mom, we have to leave soon, you don't want Ty to be late on his first day, do you?"

"Mommy please, I don't want to be late!" Tyler exclaimed with wide eyes.

"You won't be late sweetie, Eric put the hat back on and finish up. She said with a sigh
Eric smiled placing the hat back on his head, giving his Dad a thumbs up.


"Okay guys bowls in the sink, shoes and book bags by the front door." Chelsea and Nathan both shot up from the table racing to the sink.

"Take it easy guys." Nick laughed standing next to his wife.

"Oh Mom what about lunch?" Gabriella turned reaching in to the fridge she pulled out Nathan and Chelsea's lunch bags.

" Turkey and cheese without the crust, fruit punch and an apple, green of course." Chelsea smiled taking the bags.

"Thanks mom."

"No problem sweetie." Gabriella said kissing her cheek.

" Nathan you forgot your lunch." Chelsea called taking off down the hall.

"I love watching you with her." Nick smiled wrapping his arms around her. "You're an amazing mother."

"She's an amazing Daughter."

" It's hard to keep up with you." He smiled kissing her cheeks.

"Well maybe you should just give up then."

"Oh really?"

"Really." She smiled.

"Well maybe I will." He said leaning in to kiss her.

"Mom, Nick come on" Nathan called impatiently by the front door.

"Duty calls." Nick sad giving her lips a quick peck.

"Okay soldiers move out." Troy said opening his front door, where Tyler and Eric quickly took off for the side walk.

"Wait for you brother!" Sharpay called.

"Come on Nathan." Tyler said looking to the house next door, where Nathan was hurrying out of the door.

"Boys." Chelsea said rolling her eyes. " Hey Sharpay.

"Hey Chelsea, you already for the first grade? "


"Hey Jordan, hi Alex." Jordan reached to get out to give Chelsea a hug, while Alex hung back by his moms legs.

"It's here it's here!" Eric's voice said ringing from the curb.

"Oh God."

"Not having second thoughts already are you Sharpay." Gabriella said walking over with a smile.

"No no, but really I could have a limo here in no time if the kids don't want me to drive them."


" Fine, but I want to have a word with the driver."

"Honey please." Troy said placing a hand on her arm.

"Fine." She said rolling her eyes.

"Go on big bus." Jordan said making a break for it.

" Oh hold on Lady bug you're a few years early." Troy laughed flipping her in his arms. A chorus of by mom and dad began, while the boys and Chelsea prepared to get on the bus.

"Wait is that all we get, no hugs?" Eric put a hand over his face clearly embarrassed, go head Nathan and Tyler, their talking about you guys." He said pushing them along while running up the steps of the bus. Nathan and Tyler both ran back up to the house, both throwing their arms around their mothers, before switching.

"What am I chopped liver?"

"Sorry Dad." Nathan said running into his father's arms, quickly flowed by Tyler.

"Dad do you think I could stay with you tonight?"

"You have to ask your Mom little man."

"Please mom."

" Please Gabriella"

" Yea Mom please let him go, we can have a girls night tonight, Jordan you can come if you want."

" I don't know if Jordan would make the experience relaxing." Sharpay said with a laugh.

" It's ok with me, I'll just have to check in with Nick."

" Nick will say yes." Nathan said confidently. The bus driver honked his horn impatiently.

"Ok guys put a move on it."

" Kay Dad can't wait to show you my moves on the court."

" Kay buddy, I'll see you guys later." Just then Nick came running out the house, and Chelsea ran over.

"Bye Daddy."

"Bye sweetheart." He said bending down to give her a hug, before letting her go

"Nathan go say goodbye to Nick."

"Would you guys come on already." Eric called from off the bus.

"Go on guys." Troy said waving a hand.

"Bye Nick." Nathan said with a quick wave taking off with Tyler to the bus.


"It's ok Gabi." Nick said with a small smile. " I have to get going anyway."

"Morning Sharpay, Troy." He said with a small nod of the head.

"Hey Nick." Sharpay said with a smile.

" Nick!" Alex said coming forward to hug the man's legs.

" Hey Al pal." He said picking the little boy up and tickling him."

"Al pal." Troy said snickering under his breath, which earned him a quick slap to the chest and glare from his wife.

"There're taking off." Gabriella said getting everyone's attention back to the bus. All the parents waved to the four sets of hands pressed against the window as the bus drove from sight.

"Do you think I should follow them, you know since it's their first time?"

"They'll be fine Shar." Troy said kissing her cheek. " Ok ladybug Chef Alex, Daddy has to go now." Troy said giving each on a hug and a kiss. " Maria due in a five right?"

" Yea." Gabriella said nodding her head.

"I'll swing by the airport on my way home." Nick said giving his wife a kiss. " See you later kids." He said giving each a high five. " Bye Sharpay, Troy."

"See ya Nick." Both Dads went to their cars and drove off.

" Shar you due back on set today?"

" Yay but not until 12.00, in the meantime you have to come over and see this Drawing Tyler did it's so sweet."

"I have a better Idea, you know they let the mother's sit in on the kindergarten classes, I spoke with the boys teacher and she said we are welcome to drop in."

"Gabriella I like the way you think, I'll grab the keys. Okay guys we are going on a trip to school!:

"School!" The twins exclaimed excitedly.

"Yes school but don't you two get any Ideas, you are still stuck with Mommy for a few more years. Come on Gabi I'll grab the keys and the picture and we are off." Gabriella took Alex's hand, while Sharpay picked Jordan up leading them into the house.


Somewhere Unknown

"Hey man you've been sitting there for like an hour, If you're not going to order anything I'm going to have to ask you to give up the seat for a paying customer."

" I'll take a beer." He said continuing to stare at a copy of US Weekly. The bartender nodded going off to get the drink. The Bolton's and Montez's stared smiling at the camera. Gabriella holing Tyler kissing his cheek while Sharpay held onto a laughing Nathan , Troy stood in the middle smiling with his hands on Eric's shoulders. The cover read In another Mothers hands: A hospitals life changing mistake, the millions they will share, and how they are moving on and making it work.

" Oh I heard about that story that's some crazy stuff man." The bartender said setting down the drink. " I'd swap one of my kids for that kind of money anyday." He said with a laugh. " Did you read the part about that jackass named Mike something, what an idiot, now he's out of money, his kid, and that fine piece of ass , what a douche."

" The names Mark." He said looking up to the Bartender.

" Oh yea that's right, but who cares either way he's still a douche, right my man." He said holding his and up for an high five. Mark looked to his hand and then back down to the Magazine. The bartender shrugged his shoulders walking off. Opening the magazine Mark turned to the section with the interview.

Q: Mr. Bolton what are your thoughts after legally adopting Nathan as your son?

A: I'm ecstatic!, I've loved Nathan from the moment I laid eyes on him, I am so thankful to Gabriella for letting him as well as herself become a part of our family. I know it's confusing now but we will work it out. I'll always be here for all my children no matter what, Nathan has always been and will always be my son."

Mark closed the magazine, taking a long swig of his beer. " We'll see about that Bolton, we'll see." He said once again staring at the cover and Troy's smiling face.


THE END!!! For real this time.

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