When I look back on these times
and the dreams we left behind
I'll be glad cause I was blessed to get
to have you in my life
When I look back on these days
I'll look and see your face
you were right there for me

It had taken him a while to track her down, four years to
be exact. Four years, three months and sixteen days. After Imam had
taken her with him, Riddick had left off on his own to lay low for
a while. It had been nearly four weeks of being trapped togather
in that small ship, all three of them, but with enough rations and
water, they had survived...and grow closer. That was something that
Richard B. Riddick had never counted on. Growing so close to her.
She had even cried her eyes out the day he left her and Imam on that
remotely colonized planet, Meridial 4. And he
himself, though
he would never tell a soul had come very close to letting his
silent tears fall when he had to turn his back on her, hearing her pleas
for him to stay. But they both knew it was too
dangerous. So he
had left.

That was six years ago. About a year and a half after lying
low on a desolate planet filled with mostly miners and few free settlers,
he had figured the mercs had bought the story of his death and forgotten
about him. His name would be forgotten by now as well as his face and
so he set out again, in that small ship that was once a liferaft, to
find the girl, now woman, he left behind. She
would be 21 by now
and he planned never to let her go. Once he found her.

in my dreams I'll always see
you soar above the sky
in my heart will always be a place
for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
and everywhere I am
there you'll be
and everywhere I am
there you'll be

It had shocked him quite well to discover that she had changed
her name and become quite popular. When he had first heard the news
of her name he chuckled, then looked astounded to find
she had become a
world renound singer with a second album coming out called 'Criminal
on the run'. That, too had made him laugh. He had immediatly gone
out and bought the first album, ironically, yet appropriatly
entitled 'Danger in the Dark'. Her new alias had been a combination on
her own name along with his and Carolyn's. Jacklyn B. Carol. He had
chuckled looking the album over. The cover of the case was her standing
with her back to the camera and a strand of lights on
her back that was
shockingly similar to the ones he himself had worn when stranded on
the planet he liked to call 'Hell'. She was wearing tight black leather
pants and a black leather tank top that zipped up in the back. Her
black stiletto heels reached up under her pants up her legs. Her brown
hair was up in a ponytail that swung down to her neck. He couldn't see
her face, but could tell simply by her body that she had grown up
quite well. In her right hand was a torch and on the sides of the
album cover were shadows that looked creepily similar to the creatures
that had been on that planet that they had almost died on. Turning the
case over, he looked down the list of tracks on the
album, laughing
at some of them that truely resembled the Jack he knew and furrowing
his eyebrows at some of the others he couldn't relate to anything.

Stranger in the dark
Baby (Now or Never)
Blue Sunset
There You'll Be

"You wanna see the music videos to it? It comes free on
the album and we can show you it in the digital screen center if you
like." A pimpley faced boy grinned up at Riddick pointing to the
album the man held in his hand. Oh well, his boss had said to be
nice to everyone. This guy certainly looked like the creme of the
crop. He wore loose black jeans with combat boots and a
black tank
top with a grey jacket over it. And goggles. Those really topped
it off. Though he had taken them off when he picked up the album, it
still freaked the kid out, goggles sitting atop his bare head.

The man turned to him and the kid almost backed away
seeing his silver eyes. "Whoh, just like in the song, man."

"What?" Riddick nearly growled.

The kid pointed to a song on the album he was holding. "There's
a song on there that talks about a muscly guy with silver eyes.
You sound just like that."

Riddick simply stared at the boy until he remembered his
offer and began to lead him over to the video center. The kid directed
him into a alcove and unwrapped the album, then stuck it into the
slot. Smiling nervously and walking away the kid moved thankfully over
to another customer. Turning his attention back to the screen, Riddick
looked at his selection of videos for the songs.

Stranger in the dark- No Video Available --

Irrisistable- Video Available

Eclipse- No Video Available

Baby (Now or Never)- No Video Available

Tight- No Video Available

Crashdown- Video Available

How Much (for your love)- Video Available

Blue Sunset- No Video Available

There You'll Be- Video Availble (Full)

Skimming his finger down with the cursor that followed it, Riddick
selected the first video available. Irrisistable. He'd been wondering what
this one was about. Closing the face-only covering
curtain and
slipping in the earphone peices, he waited as the screen read 'One
Moment Please'. He heard clicking before the black screen faded into
a large dancefloor with mostly silver and glitter
falling from the
ceiling. The music in the background was intoxicating as was the visual
when she finally walked into the room and began singing. She had
certainly become beautiful. He felt jealousy rise as she ran her fingers
through one guys hair and the next across anothers chin. Growling softly
he shifted, trying not to reach up and break the screen. That would
only get him kicked out of the store. She shimmied up to the screen and
the video faded out with the music. Riddick looked on in confusion as
he realized this was one of those machines that only gives you a
sample until bought, then you get the whole thing. Quickly reinserting
the album, he chose his next song, 'There You'll
Be', deciding
to skip over 'Crashdown' and 'How Much' for now.

Well you showed me how it feels
to feel the sky within my reach
and I always will remember all
the strength you gave to me
your love made me make it through
oh, i owe so much to you
you were right there for me

It suprised him to hear the soft tunes of a piano with some
string instruments flow in and the screen open on Jack's eyes. She
had a truely far away look in her eyes as they softly closed with the
music and the screen faded again to a new scene with Jack sitting on
a wooden stool in an empty space, and she began to sing. Her voice
truely astounded him in this song. It was so full of
wisdom and emotion
as she sang the song. Quickly he realized that she must have written
the song, listening to the words of vow and how she missed the
person who was her hero. She looked like she was about to cry.

As the chorus began the screen faded into a scene in the
middle of a brightly lit desert and he realized she was trying to
tell others about how she felt when they were trapped on the planet of
hell. She felt safe though those things could have killed her, she
trusted them. She trusted Carolyn, Iman and most importantly, she
trusted him with her life. Somehow she had known she would be able
to live to look back on that day, and now she sang about it. As
she sang, he could feel himself remembering that day that he had left
and how she had cried. She was also singing of then, he
realized as well.
Smiling, he ran his fingers over her face on the screen, smiling
when she happened to close her eyes and seem to lean into his touch
before she stood to sing some more as the screen has switched back to
the stool. Her hair was placed up in an easy ponytail, very loose and
light. Hair haloed her face as she sang and moved her head to the music.

As the song ended, Riddick sat back with a soft smile,
something he rarely did. She had remembered him. All of them, but him
as well, after all this time.

He stood and walked out of the visual center, quickly buying
the album and hurrying back to his new place to watch more of the videos
and to memorize her face. Soon, he thought, soon, I
will be with you
again, Jack.

in my dreams I'll always see you
soar above the sky
in my heart will always be a place
for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
and everywhere I am
there you'll be
and everywhere I am
there you'll be

Jack sighed from her hotel room at the Elexurous Inn,
one of the countries most luxurious hotels. She was finishing up
her second album tour, exhausted as her last concert was tomorrow
night. She looked out the window, her braided hair falling lightly
over her shoulder as she smiled softly. How she missed him. She had
written nearly all of her song about him, for him. Suprisingly, her
most dedicated one to him, was her most popular. And she loved to
sing it, to let people know about his amazing man that had been her
friend....her love.

Smiling again, she stood and walked over to the refridgerator
in her black jean shorts and white tank top with 'Surviving'
written on it. She had decided just to go barefoot and take it easy that
day. She needed rest for tomorrow. The turnout was nearly over two
thousand. It still amazed her at the sheer numbers she had aquired that
liked her music. She had never expected that many to take to her
lyrics, but she had written them from the heart and that's what had
amazed most. That she not only sang her songs, but wrote them as well.
It was something she was extremely proud of.


Getting information from the locals and the web, Riddick had
finally figured out where and when she was next to perform. Tomorrow
night at the June Myriad Performance Center in Lyscon,
the capital of
Central Providence on Meridial 4. It was only two hours away and
he knew where she was staying. It would be pretty easy to find. There
were sure to be plenty of fans outside roaming
and hoping to get a
glimpse of the starlett.

Sure enough, four hours later, after securing a hotel room and
doing a thorough look of the town, Riddick had found the hotel at
which she was staying. Craftily sneaking in the backdoor past
the guards, he made his way through the lobby like one of the regulars,
his goggles substituted for thick, dark sunglasses that encircled
his entire eyeveiw. He had had them especially made for
these occasions,
but still prefered his goggles, so familiar with them.

So deep in thought was he that he didn't notice the men
behind him until they had him by his arms. Almost attacking them on
instinct, Riddick quickly calmed himself and let them take hold. "Excuse
me sir, but can we see your registration key?" Uh oh. He hadn't planned
on this.