"No." he said simply, turning to them.

The man on the left was about his height and spoke again.
"Then I'm afraid if you are not registered here, we are going to have
to ask you to leave. Security reasons."

Riddick gave a smirk. "Actually, I am looking for an old
friend, perhaps you could help me. Her name is Jacklyn?"

The men looked at him with an expected glance assuming it was
another fan or stalker trying to get into her presence." I'm sorry
sir, but we are going to have to escort you if you don't leave now
on your own."

Riddick was getting pissed. Just as he was about to tell
them off, he heard a very familiar voice coming toward them from behind.
"Gentlemen! Leave this man alone, I know him. He is alright to be
let in. " Though in the man's mind he voiced doubts to himself.

"Imam." Riddick said turning around to face the Arabic holy
man whom he had left with Jack. "Your still with her I see. Is she alright?"

Imam smiled. He had been right, the two still felt it. "Yes, she
is fine, Richard." Riddick almost growled, but realized it was for
the best to call him that instead of Riddick unless they wanted a
scene and a serious problem.

"I am aware sir, of your clearance according to miss Carol
herself, but he would have to have direct clearance from her as well."
the man said.

"Then I will go and-" Imam started.

"Sir, it would be best if I went. You have some...influence
on her, and I do not. Is there anything I should tell her so that she
will know it is you, sir?" he asked turing to Riddick.

"Yeah." he smiled again, "Tell her Richard is back from Hell
and looking for Jack. She'll know." he grinned as Imam rolled his eyes.
Again with the cryptical sayings.

The man headed off up the stairs to the performers room as
the second man stayed to watch Imam and Riddick.

Cause I always saw in you
my light, my strength
and I want to thank you now
for all the ways
you were right there for me
you were right there for me

A knock on her door jolted Jack softly from her spot on the
couch. Going to the door and looking through the peep hole, she saw one
of her bodyguards and opened the door. "Yes?" she
asked keeping her
hand on the door handle.

"Miss Carol, there is a guy downstairs that says he knows you-"

"Andy, we've had people that have said that before-" she
started slightly annoyed, but understanding.

"But this time Imam said he knew him as well." This caught her

"Imam said he knew him? What's his name? What did he say? What's
he look like?" Jack quickly rushed through the questions, hoping.
But it couldn't be...could it? He had abandoned
them...hadn't he??

"He said to tell you that 'Richard is back from hell and
looking for Jack' and that you would know what.... miss??" Andy rushed
after Jack as her eyes widened and she rushed down the stairs of the
hotel toward the lobby, all the while, her mind running.

' It can't be him, can it??? Oh my god, could it be? Please
please let it be! Maybe he just came back to say hi before running
off...or maybe he's staying...but that would mean.....oh please,
let it be him!

She heard Andy's frantic footsteps and voice as he tried to
follow her, but she was younger and quicker as she made it to the
steps that lead into the lobby. Coming to a hault she spotted Imam
and the other body guard before her view fell on the neatly shaved
head and broad body of the other man there. She could tell just by his
body language that he was tense and annoyed. His back
was to her.
Finally finding her voice Jack almost squeaked out her words the
first time, before they came out as a full blown sentence. Three
little words that spoke volumes.

"You came back!"

Hearing his Jack's voice, Riddick turned to see her standing
on the steps of the lobby not fourty feet away. She looked absolutly
beautiful. Her hair back in a braid and mussed from rushing. Her
face flushed and her chest heaving. She wore a simple outfit, but it
fit her so well. Without even realizing it, Riddick opened his arms
the slightist, but enough for her to see the invitation. On the
verge of crying, Jack ran toward him, jumping up into his arms and
nearly wrapping her legs all the way around his waist. He held her tight
from the moment she entered his arms and pulled her even closer when
her legs rose.

"Jack..." he whispered and she pulled her head back to smile
with tears in her eyes which he reached up to wipe.

"You came back." she whispered. "I didn't think you would. I
didn't think....." she trailed off as fresh tears started to well up.

Andy stopped on the stairs to catch his breath and looked up,
seeing the loving embrace, then sighed and plopped down in a chair.
So much for his job.

Riddick brought his hand up her side to her face to wipe her
tears before running his hand through her hair. "You know I couldn't
stay away. Your my family. My only friends. Strange as that may sound,
it's the truth." he leaned in closer. It was Now or Never, as her song
had said, " And besides, I might be out of my mind, but I love ya."
he grinned as her eyes widened and a smile started on her face. He
couldn't help it. She was so damned beautiful. Leaning in, gently captured
her mouth with his, showing her how he felt. He felt her sigh before
her arms wrapped tighter around his neck. He slid his hands down her
back to lift her higher by gripping her ass, his fingers gently
playing along the rim as his tongue played with hers. He heard Imam groan
and almost smiled at that knowing that he understood Riddick was
back for good.

in my dreams I'll always see you
soar above the sky
in my heart will always be a place
for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
and everywhere I am
there you'll be
and everywhere I am
there you'll be

Looking out over the crowd from his spot off the side of the
stage to the left, Riddick was glad he wasn't out there. There were
so many of them. He could hear their cheers and felt her hand on
his arm as she passed him, walking out onto the stage. She turned to
smile at him before finishing her walk to center-stage, listening
to the cheers. Grabbing the microphone, she waited
until the crowd
calmed down some before talking.

"I have a special request tonight. I don't know how many
of you may have lighters or light with you, but if you do I ask that
as I sing my first song tonight, you please place them in the air in
memory of some dear friends of mine of whom I've lost and I wish to
remember. It is to them and surviving friends of mine that I dedicate
this song."

Riddick recognized "There You'll Be' right away as it
started up and was startled to see nearly half, if not more of the
crown placing lights of all sorts up in the air as Jack began to sing.
This was for them. For those who lost their lives. Whether they
deserved it or not, it was for them. For Zeke. For Shazza. For Johns.
For Paris. For Imam's Boy's. For Fry. For Imam who survived. And
suprisingly....for him as well. He realized it then. She had gained
strength from them all and hope. And she would never be the same
thanks to them. As the concert continued on, Riddick
leaned back
against the wall to watch her. She was so beautiful. So emotional
and so full of life when she sang and even when she didn't. And he
wasn't about to let her go. Not a chance, he smiled.

Jack ran her fingers over his arm, gaining his attention as
Riddick turned to face her. "Hey.." she said.

"Hi." he smiled back before taking her hands and kissing her

Jack smiled and pulled him closer and leaned over to whisper
in his ear. "I love you."

"I love you, too." he replied softly, kissing her ear as
he spoke, making her shiver.

As he pulled away, he looked into her uncertain eyes
as she spoke. "So....what now?"

"What do you mean?" he asked her, pulling her to sit on the
couch beside him, backstage as the others around them chattered, not
paying attention.

"Well, I mean, how long do you plan to stay?" she asked leaving
an opening for him either way.

"I'm not Jack. I'm gonna get a place somewhere remote and
settle down there I guess. Take a break for a long while." he sat
back more looking at her.


"What's 'oh' mean, Jack? What's going on in that mind of
yours?" he asked concerned.

"But for how long? I mean, how do I know one of these days
your not just gonna take off again for another four years...or even
longer!" she started to panic inside, trying to stay cool outside.

"Jack, I'm not going to-"

"But how can you be sure? How can I? I don't think I could
stand that." she whispered. "How can I know for sure 'Richard'?"
she sat back feeling her heart start to pound from fright.

Riddick sat there for a long moment before taking her hand
and pulling her up with him. "If you'll let me Jack, I know a way to
prove it." he said smiling.

Looking confused Jack followed him out of the room and into
the night.

Imam knocked on Jack's door the next morning and then opened
it when he got no answer and was taken aback by what welcomed him.
Bags. Packing bags. What in the world was going

He watched in amazment as an unusually bright Jack finished
packing her bag and Riddick came into the living room from the bedroom
with another bag in his arm, this one smaller. Both
greeted the
speechless Imam, who could only follow them as they both made their
way down the stairs and out to a hover cab that waited for them. Finally
able to find his voice Imam spoke just as Jack got in the car.

"What in the world is going on? Where do you two think
your going?" he blurted.

Sticking her head out the door and grabbing Riddick's forarm
to pull him in, Jack smiled brightly before answering the Arab. "On our
honeymoon." she said before pulling a smiling Riddick
into the backseat
of the cab as it took off leaving a stunned Imam on the corner.

"Honeymoon?!?" he yelled after the cab which was already
speeding away.


Sequal?? Yes? No? Let me know! I have a cute little erotic honeymoon
thing ready. Poor Imam. He has to explain. lol