Chapter 13

The first snowfall came and still there was no word from Judy. Hiro began to feel a little hopeless on the matter now. Maybe he couldn't bring Michael to K, or K to Michael, maybe this task wasn't up to him at all. But as downhearted as he felt over the matter, he couldn't dwell on it. He also didn't dwell on the lie he'd told K when he'd met Marcus again either. Although, he felt guilty about lying to K…it was something he'd fess up to in the future. It was history; K was the only thing that mattered to him anyways.

He just wanted peace, he was sick of the drama.

There was so much to do on the ranch anyways to keep his mind of it, like putting winter bedding down in the feeding lots. K explained to him that the cattle could endure winter well, with the proper steps taken. And he'd also come up with an idea about selling the manure to local farms. There would be plenty enough for their own needs and they could earn a few more bucks getting rid of the stuff.

Hiro thought it was a viable plan.

It was also the first time in Hiro's young life that he had to wear long johns. But it sure kept the chill off as he worked bundled in his wool-lined jean jacket and gloves. Under his cowboy hat he wore a red-knitted ear warmer that Margaret had made for him. It sure helped too, his ears no longer stung in the windy cold. He looked over at K who was wearing his white ear warmer. Good ol' Aunt Margaret. "It's colder here than it is in Vancouver," Hiro claimed as they fed the animals for the day under a grey sky.

Breath crystallizing in the air with every puff, K replied, "Well, we're not as close to the Pacific Ocean. We're in the Rockies; we get Alberta like winters in this corner of BC. I hear Vancouver has rain most of the winter."

"Not always, but yeah sometimes its slushy snow," Hiro informed.

"Don't worry, winter here is pretty good…gets a little boring though," the blonde explained.


K stood up breathing heavily as he poured feed into a feeder, "There's not as much work in the winter, just taking care of the cattle and the horses mostly. Not much grazing, no fields to harvest…not much gardening for you."

"I bet I can think of a few things to do," Hiro offered rascally.

K guffawed and wandered off towards the barn.

Actually, feeling kind of frisky right now, Hiro followed him. Who said winters had to be boring? They were pretty much done for the day, so K couldn't complain too loudly. He opened the barn door and immediately felt the difference in temperature. It was always warmer in here, protected from the wind and equipped with heating. He couldn't see K but he could hear him grabbing a bale of hay from the stable area for the horses.

Wandering past the horse equipment, Hiro did a double take on a riding crop. He smirked and picked it up. They never used riding crops with the horses but perhaps back in the day when Judy lived here, she used one. He wondered if she'd ever used it in the way he wanted to use it now.

Leaning, with his shoulder against the outside frame, Hiro clapped the crop into his gloved hand to get K's attention.

K looked up as he held a second bale of hay from a stack lined up against the wall. "Hiro?" he quizzed oddly, eyeing the crop.

"I want you right now," Hiro insisted, sticking the crop between his teeth so he could remove his jacket, underneath he wore the long-sleeved white thermal shirt. He placed the jacket over the railing and held the crop again. "Why do we always have to wait until after work, when there were so many juicy places on this ranch to fuck?" he questioned wickedly.

Surprised, K gawked at him with his mouth hung open. Hiro rarely talked so lewdly. He put the straw bale back down and found his voice. "You want me now, huh? But, we still have work to do," K told Hiro even though his penis was telling him otherwise.

"I dunno K. We've been working nonstop for the last few months…things have finally quieted down. You have no excuses," Hiro assured, walking closer so he could guide the crop up K's inner thigh right up to his crotch. Sensually, he brushed the small leather tip over the knowing excitement in K's pants, looking up at the blonde victoriously.

Actually, K was beginning to like this game and the man had a point. Hiro was definitely in the mood and who was he to argue? Ok, he'd let Hiro exercise his domination since he topped most of the time anyways. It was kind of exciting and that crop tickled as Hiro used it.

"Right here in the barn?" he wondered, sighing a little as Hiro teased him.

"Yup, right here with you bent over that stack of hay," Hiro insisted, pointing to the one K just put down.

"I'm already hard," K assured.

"Mmm, I can tell," murmured Hiro as he watched K peel out of his navy blue parka. The blonde handed it to him and he hung it over the same rail as his own. K stood there in his tan hat, a blue button up shirt, his jeans and boots. Hiro pointed to K's belt with the crop, "Undo it."

With a cocky smirk, K went for his belt and loosened it, letting it hang apart.

Hiro loved it when K was willing to play along with him and he'd never used something like the riding crop before. Suddenly it felt like he was role playing. He was itching to touch K but he was enjoying having this control first. Using the crop, he brought the tiny leather tip up to K's cheek and ran the leather down his face, along his neck. "Pull your shirt out of your pants and then undo them," he commanded nicely.

K chuckled, but then he questioned a bit nervously, "You're not going to smack me with that thing right?"

Hiro eyed the crop, "Of course not, I'm just pissing around. Want me to get rid of it?"

Tugging his shirt out of his pants, K replied, "No way…it's kinky. Touch me more." With that he unbuttoned and unzipped.

With a salacious grin Hiro obeyed his lover's request. This time the crop roved over the crotch of K's own long johns, over his obvious erection.

"What's next Master?" K spoke with a hint of amusement and arousal.

Hiro smiled widely at the nickname, boy, did K ever come a long way. "Hmm, pull down your underwear and lean over the haystacks. Oh, but first let me help you out," Hiro said and covered the corner of the hay with K's jacket. "It's scratchy."

Now, K blushed, "What? And put my rump on display?"

Hiro nodded.

Sighing, K pulled down his thermal and regular underwear just under the crease of his bottom. This was a bit more submissive than he was used to. But the promise of good things to come and the fact he really loved this goofy redhead—he leaned over the haystacks baring his naked rear. "It's a bit chilly now, come warm me up," K murmured sweetly, resting on his elbows.

Oh, Hiro planned on warming him up alright. His grey eyes wandered over the blonde as he rest, bent at the waist over the haystacks. K's shirt partially hid the swell of his cute butt, his knees slightly bent. Hiro thought it was the perfect height for him to reach when he banged into the man. Thinking about doing K, Hiro rubbed a hand over the throb in his pants.

"Gawd K, you have no idea how sexy you are that way," Hiro ardently pointed out.

K looked back spryly and watched as Hiro touched himself, he smirked. "Well, from where I'm looking the view isn't so bad either." Hiro awarded him a smile and came closer. Straw crunched under his boots and K watched him tugging off his gloves, letting them fall to the ground. Then, he felt Hiro's warm bare hand sweep over his exposed skin, squeezing gently. Mmm, Hiro was such a fine lover, he was so lucky.

Facing the golden wall of hay again, K listened as Hiro shifted and realized he'd gotten to his knees. Those warm hands spread his rear; K licked his lips with anticipation. A breath later Hiro was laving his hot tongue over his entrance, licking and sucking unabashedly, groaning with pleasure. K groaned too, letting his head hang between his elbows, his cock growing harder.

K released a pleasant rumble as Hiro aimed lower, dug his face between his legs and sucked on his sac and his length. He thrust his hips out more, giving Hiro all the access he required. There was no room for shyness when he was feeling this damn good. K wanted more. "Ah yeah…" K sighed, "…feels so good."

Hiro pulled away and stood back up. He wandered back to his jacket and retrieved the lube. Ok, so, he'd been thinking about this all afternoon and had come prepared. With a clever smile on his face he returned to K, patting the riding crop over his ass.

K twitched.

Hiro giggled, "I'm not smacking you, relax."

K, too, chortled, "Reflex action, sorry."

Just for that Hiro spanked him playfully with his hand. He tossed the crop aside and unbuckled his own belt, undid his pants, and dug out a hard-on that ached so much, he moaned as he took out.

Glancing back, K took in Hiro fully clothed except his hard length exposed. His body shuddered; this was like some kind of fantasy fuck, or, like one of Hiro's dirty internet porn movies. K wondered if that was where Hiro might've gotten the idea for this. It was like having secret pleasures and having to do it with as much clothes on as possible in case the boss walked in.

But wait! He WAS the boss.

Har har. "I'm really beginning to like this Hiro, we should do this more often," K expressed genuinely.

Lubricating himself, Hiro sidled up behind K, grinding against him. "I know it's hot," he breathed, lying himself over K's back. Hiro swept K's hair aside, pulled down the white ear muff and kissed along his ear, nipping on it—he was careful not to knock K's hat off.

K felt Hiro's moist cock gliding between his rear and his hands pawing around his chest. He pushed himself up on his hands, so he could angle his face back searching for Hiro's mouth. Their tongues licked out at the same time, hungrily and impassioned. But Hiro drew away and used his hand to guide himself inside.

K moaned out, feeling the heat of Hiro's body deeply, fully.

Leaning over again, Hiro flexed his hips up into K with short strokes, pressing in as deep as possible. He held K against him, listening as the man produced low groans and sighs of his pleasure.

So good…

Hiro pushed K down a little so he could gain better leverage to lengthen his strokes. His hands came down to K's hips and he thrust harder.


Hiro humped, his hips working like a well oiled piston, his jeans and long john's sagging loosely around his ass. He watched down below as his length slid in and out of K's body. His eyes rolled back in bliss.

K pushed himself up again so his boots would stop sliding back over the straw covered floor. He panted his legs numb, his ass glorious. Once more Hiro had to hold onto him so he could press into him, thrust upwards, and slow his pace down. How eagerly the redhead did, grunting deeply with effort. But those lips found his ear again, K sighed.

"I love when you're this close to me," K said sultry like.

There was no space between them, Hiro was flush up against K. "Mmm, I love being this close to you."

"Don't stop," K sighed.

"I'll try not to," Hiro said with a lusty laugh.

Slowly and sweetly, holding onto K adoringly, Hiro rocked into him. He pressed kisses to his shirted back, smoothing his hands over K's clothed body. In no rush, he gently fucked his man. Hiro relished in the tiny mewls he made K create, the way he felt so warm inside.

Right now it was only them in the world…just them.

"I love you so much, Claude," Hiro whispered softly.

Reaching behind him, K grasped for Hiro's hand. When the redhead took it he murmured, "I love you so much too."

Exalted by this, Hiro increased his pace again. K had to let Hiro's hand go so he could brace himself over the haystack. Using his hips once more, Hiro rode K swift. Harder, faster, he moaned out from the exertion and extreme pleasure of it. K whimpered, sounding nothing like the hardened rancher he was…now he was just a man

"Come with me," Hiro pleaded, giving his final thrusts.

In one supreme moment, both men reached the ultimate bliss. Hiro clung on tight, body jerking with climatic pulses and K spilling his seed against his coat, gripping into the straw wildly.

Hiro pulled out and did up his pants, sighing and panting. He wet his dry lips, listening to K groaning contently, still catching his breath.

"Come on, we still have work to finish," Hiro interjected.

K simpered. "Oh, now you're ready to work?"

"Sure, I just needed a pick-me-up," Hiro said impishly, retrieving his jacket. "Hmm, I'll get something to clean your coat with."

Shaking his head, K raised himself from the haystacks. He fixed his clothes by the time Hiro returned with a rag. "Thanks," K said and cleaned his coat, "Next time we use your coat."

Hiro tipped his hat at the blonde. "You know, later on promise me you'll shave? It's getting kinda scratchy."

"Only if you join me in the shower," K bargained.


Somehow, Hiro managed to talk K into letting him shave his face. K sat on the closed seat of the toilet, a soft blue towel wrapped around his waist as Hiro lathered shaving cream over his chin, throat and cheeks. His hands were gentle as they spread the scentless white foam. They'd just finished a shower and the bathroom was all steamy and warm, mirror fogged up. It was charming when Hiro asked if he could shave his face—told him he was getting too scruffy again.

"I'm beginning to feel spoiled, Hiro," K murmured oddly when Hiro finished and watched him turn on the hot water to wash the shaving cream off his hands. He let his eyes roam over the redhead who was only wearing a pair of plaid boxers, his hair wet and uncombed.

Hiro smiled sweetly at him, shutting off the water and drying his hands on a nearby towel. "I'm just happy you're letting me do it," he replied and ran the hot water again, this time filling the sink.

"No one's ever asked to before," K said. "I've never known anyone like you Hiroshi. You're so giving and adventurous—even if I feel like a girl right now—somehow I just don't mind."

Hiro chuckled. "I'm sorry. Maybe you think I'm babying you. I didn't mean—"

"—no," K cut in and picked the razor up off the countertop. "It's the most intimate thing anyone has ever offered. I'm still getting used to letting another man do all these nice things for me. Here." He put the razor into Hiro's hand. "Just don't hurt me."

Taking the shaver, Hiro smiled softly. "I could never hurt you," he said with promise, twisting K's words around.

The blonde's eyes seemed to sparkle.

Quietly, Hiro heated the blades in the hot water. He stood in front of K and urged him to tip his head back. Blue eyes studied him carefully as he drew the razor up along K's throat, just under his jaw, clearing a patch of lather and hair. He reached over and tapped the razor in the sink, rinsing it.

K closed his eyes. This new experience felt so pleasant, he was lulled by Hiro's concentrated breathing as he shaved him. His new lover was so gentle, he never felt more relaxed, tranquil.

"Christmas is next week," K whispered calmly.

"Yes it is," Hiro murmured, drawing the razor over the ridge of K's jaw.

"I haven't celebrated it for some time…I want to get you a present."

Hiro paused. "Oh no, you don't have to do that."

K opened his eyes. "But I want to. I want to give you everything Hiroshi…"

The redhead tilt his head and blushed, "Well, you got me Nami and Satu—who I think are terrorizing your bed covers at the moment—you share this ranch with me, you share yourself. I really have everything I want."

"Tsk, you're not making this easy for me are you? How can I find the perfect gift after hearing something like that?" K teased, and then hollered at the dogs to get off his bed.

There was momentary silence as they listened to Nami and Satu scamper downstairs.

Hiro shook with quiet laughter.

"Anyways, I think I have something in mind," K said, his lips curving into a smile on his foamy face.

Hiro paused shaving once more, his eyes lit up. "Really? Can I get a hint?"

K pretended to ignore that. "Would you like a Christmas tree? We could go chop one down."

Smirking, Hiro continued to shave. "Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed. "Do you have decorations?"

"Of course, a box full in the basement," K told him.

"I've never had a tree before." Hiro couldn't wait. "I'm half done," he explained, swishing the shaver in the water.

K patted his lap.

With a sly grin, Hiro straddled over K's towel-covered lap. He was so close-up that he could hear the razor scraping over K's skin when he ran it along his cheek. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" Hiro breathed out with focus again, he didn't want to cut K.

Closing his eyes again, K murmured a soft, "No." His hands rested on Hiro's thighs and he slid them into the redhead's boxers, squeezing his upper thighs gently.

"K…" Hiro warned, "Stay still now."

It was so hard not to smirk. "Wanna hear something strange?" K asked with eyes still closed.


"I think my aunt knows about us…she said something to me at the fair, but I forgot about it until now," K revealed.

Getting the spot under K's bottom lip Hiro said, "Yeah, I know. I wasn't going to say anything, thought you might feel weird about it. I didn't know she said anything to you though. What did she say?"

"She said something to you too? You tell me first."

"K, you started it, so you go first," Hiro pointed out, "Ahh! No touching my butt until I'm finished!"

Snickering, K removed his hands from Hiro's boxers. "Fine…anyways, she told me, as you were leaving from the pie-eating contest, to go give you a hug and kiss for her." He palmed over Hiro's butt above the boxers instead.

Hiro gave an incorrigible sigh. "Stop that!" He waited until K's hands stopped and shook his head. Then, he told K what Margaret said to him at the shooting contest.

"She did?" he asked completely floored. "Do you think anyone else knows?"

"Keep your mouth closed for a sec," Hiro insisted as he shaved K's upper lip. When he started to shave he answered, "Meh, I doubt it. It's none of their business anyways. Don't get me wrong I don't want to advertise myself to the town either. What they don't know doesn't hurt them."

K made an affirmative sound in his throat.

"I still love that night at the bar though. Maybe you should ride the bull next time, you could land in front of me," Hiro suggested.

They laughed.

"And what, make competition for Lisa?" K kidded when Hiro finished his face and physically removed his hands from his rear. Sitting there like a good boy, he watched Hiro get up and wet a facecloth to clean him up.

"Haha, yeah…but people might start catching on," Hiro mused.

"Let them gossip, I'm used to it," K declared, puffing out his chest.

Hiro chortled at K and came back to clean his face with a warm cloth. The man sighed and stared at him lovingly, there was no better reward. "There, now you won't give me rug burn anymore," Hiro said at patted K's cheek. The man pulled him close, but Hiro pulled away, "One second man…aftershave, don't want razor burn and all that do you?"

K groaned at Hiro's persistence.

Chuckling, Hiro splashed on his favorite smelling aftershave onto K's face. "Mmm, now I'm yours," Hiro confirmed, letting K pull him close again. He nuzzled into K's ear, feeling his soft cheek next to his, "You smell good."

Holding him firmly, K asked Hiro, "How do you say thank you in Japanese?"

Hiro whispered in K's ear.

"Arigato," K said.

"Try this." Hiro whispered his native tongue into his ear again, K felt his loins stir.

"Domo arigato Hiroshi-san," repeated K softly and the redhead kissed his nose.

"You're welcome very much, K-san," Hiro said affectionately.

It was two days day's before Christmas when K and Hiro went out to get their tree. They brought the horses and had the animals haul it back over the snow on a sled. It was great doing this the old fashioned way, like a storybook. Once they got back to the house Hiro got off to remove the harness and brought his horse back to the barn.

K was right behind him, the dogs running around them playing.

"I hope that tree isn't too big or I'll have to saw it down, gotta clean up the branches anyways," the blonde explained as he led Abacus into barn.

Hiro tended to the horses with water and fresh hay. "It should be fine, let's go trim it, I can't wait to decorate it," he offered happily.

With a smile, K nodded.

When they were done with the horses, Hiro went to inspect their tree and K went to grab his handsaw. He waited patiently, while catching his breath, huddled in his jacket. It was pretty cold today. It looked as if it could snow again, just like the weatherman promised for Christmas. In high spirits, Hiro thought he'd better take out the turkey from freezer to thaw in the fridge.

"Let me guess, you're thinking about Christmas dinner?" K said when he returned, startling Hiro out of his thoughts.

"How'd you know that?"

K shrugged, "Dunno, I just did. Here, hold the stump of the tree for me could you?"

Hiro held the tree steady as K began to trim off the sparse branches around the bottom. Somewhere in the field Nami and Satu were chasing each other. "Margaret said she was coming to help me out, she promised to show me how to make stuffing," Hiro said a little excitedly.

K chuckled. "Mmm, I love stuffing!"

Hiro wasn't sure if he did or not, he'd never had it.

"Jared invited us out tonight for one last 'who-ha' as he put it, before the holidays officially start. Says a few people are asking for me to sing again," Hiro mentioned unsure.

Looking up, K said, "I'd love to hear you sing again."

Huh? "But I sing and play guitar for you all the time," Hiro explained bemused.

"Yeah," K said and added, "But, I love watching you show off. You look good up there Hiro."

Hiro wore a boasted 'oh really' look. "Hmm, maybe I'm not so bad on stage," he said more to himself.

Trimming off the last branch, K said, "Maybe we'll go later. First let's do…" he trailed off and gazed down the driveway.

Hearing a motor, Hiro followed where K was looking.

A long black limo came up the way. The dogs came running into the yard barking.

Hiro's heart began to thump wildly in his chest, could it be? He looked over at K who'd suddenly turned white. Flashing his eyes back towards the car, Hiro watched it come to a stop. He called the dogs over so they wouldn't maul their visitors and held them by the collar. A chauffer got out and opened the back door; he heard a small 'thank you' as a pair of lady's legs in stockings emerged.

Out of the car, came a woman wearing a long black coat with fur trim on the collar and cuffs. Her blond hair gleaming and styled, she stared their way in her large black rimmed sunglasses. She walked over carefully in her stylish high-heeled boots trying not to slip on an ice patch. She placed the glasses up on her hair and blue eyes darted at Hiro, she nodded slightly in recognition.

K blinked and looked over at Hiro for a second before looking back at his ex-wife. "Judy…" he muttered over clenched teeth, his jaw flexing tensely.

"Claude," she said pleasantly, "I…I thought I'd come for a visit, hope you don't mind. I brought someone with me you might want to see." She gave the chauffer a signal with her hand and the tall man went to open the other back door.

A young boy around ten got out, his shocking blonde hair a tousled mess on his head. He wore a sporty coat and jeans; he came around the car and walked over.

K stood like a stone statue, unsure if he could believe what he was seeing. At the very same moment he felt angry and awestruck.

Michael shuffled closer, staying close to his mother; he looked at his dad hesitantly. "Hi Dad," he said quietly, his eyes landing eagerly on the two golden retrievers.

Swallowing as if to wet his sudden dry mouth, K whispered, "Michael…" Then, he smiled warmly and picked up his leaden feet and went closer. He knelt, with one knee in the snow to zip up the front of Michael's coat. "It's freezing, you'll get a cold," he fretted, staring at his son.

"You sound just like my nana," Michael complained.

K chuckled, but he blinked back hot emotional tears. "I've missed you son, decided to come by for a visit, eh?

"I decided it was long enough," Judy cut in, "Look, Claude…I'm sorry how all this ended up. You're probably angry at me, I can live with that…but, you have an angel on your shoulder," she glanced at Hiro before talking to K again, "I shouldn't have kept Michael from you for so long."

Trying to look normal, Hiro watched completely stunned. There before him was the woman that had responded to his letters, K's ex-wife, right here in the flesh. He looked down at Michael who was silently watching him back; Hiro gave the cute boy a smile.

Still on one knee, K glanced up at Judy. Her words were like a dream, she was apologizing?! What could he say to that? "Four years…I lost all that time," he offered sadly. He looked at Michael again and swept a gloved hand over his blonde head tenderly.

Hiro swallowed hard at the sound of K's voice.

"I know…I can't give you back that time, but, I can try to make up for it," the woman said. "If you'll let us, I thought you might let us stay for Christmas. I could stay at a motel and leave Michael with you for a few days."

Now K stood back up. Looking at his ex-wife brought back so much pain, yet she was trying to be kind. Then, he glanced over at Hiro who was deathly quiet and observing all this. Studying Hiro's eyes, he spoke, "No…you can stay here if you want. What's the point of Christmas if you're spending it in a motel? But, I don't intend to argue with you," K told her flatly.

She held her head up high. "That's the last thing I want, Claude. Perhaps, I'll stay then," she said and looked down at Michael, "Would you like that sweetie?"

Michael nodded happily. "Can I pet your dogs?" he asked, looking at his father.

"Of course you can," K said. "Their names are Nami and Satu, it's Japanese just like this man here…Hiroshi Nakano. He works with me on this ranch," he introduced to both Michael and Judy.

Hiro nodded and let the dogs go. "Careful, they will lick you silly, Michael," he warned, and gave a small laugh as the dogs did exactly that to Michael's face. Then he pulled off a glove and held out his hand for Judy to take, "Nice to meet you."

The pretty woman took it and clasped it warmly with both her hands. "Same to you," she said serenely and held his hand a bit longer than K was used to seeing.

Shaking his head, K wasn't used to seeing his ex-wife being so damn pleasant. Hmm, maybe people can really change after all. Change, when there is something good worth changing for. He wondered for the life of him what had changed Judy's mind. He looked at Hiro bewildered by all this and smiled, finally. Looking down at Michael as he played with the dogs, he laughed.

Hiro was smiling now too, the tension lifting. He and Judy stole a knowing look and he tipped his hat, she smiled. It would stay their secret and Hiro could live with that. He was surprised though; that K was able to look past his and Judy's ugly past and let her stay for Christmas. It couldn't be easy for him to do this.

In his element, K asked Michael, "Want to see the horses?"

Bright, young blue eyes just widened a big as silver dollars, "Can we?! Can we ride them?! Mom told me all about how you used to take me for rides."

"Sure thing!" K exclaimed and beamed even more as Michael took his hand and they wandered towards the barn together. He looked back at Hiro, "Wanna come?"

Hiro waved his hand at them, "Naw, you two have fun, catch up. I'll help Judy with her bags and put on a pot of coffee," he called over. K smiled gratefully at him and then turned back to his son.

"I feel so good knowing I've done the right thing," Judy muttered and looked over at Hiro.

Leading the woman back to the car, Hiro replied thoughtfully, "Better late then never. Did you have a good trip here?"

Judy told the chauffeur to open the trunk and Hiro insisted he'd carry the luggage. "You're too kind…really, Hiroshi. And yes, the trip here was alright. It was hard driving through these roads in the winter though. I forgot how that used to be." She wrinkled her nose, "Ugh, and this place still smells of cow shit."

Hiro huffed amusedly.

Judy followed him up the front steps and into the house. She watched Hiro drop the luggage on the floor. "You're old rooms are still intact, eh? Claude hasn't touched them in four years, but I cleaned them up just in case you did show."

Her blonde eye brows rose. "I had no idea how hard he took it." But she looked up putting on her cool façade. "So, what room do you sleep in?"

Taken back by her question, Hiro wondered why she tried so hard to be cool, must be an actress thing. He grinned slyly; he had nothing to hide, even if this was K's ex-wife. This was also a great opportunity to set his boundaries.

"In Claude's room," he said with a wink.

She didn't think Hiro would be so blunt about it and laughed incredulously. "You really do have nerve Hiroshi. Wow…Claude can sure pick 'em I guess. Young, bold and exotic…there's something else I had NO idea about," she offered, blushing lightly.

Hiro laughed at her.

"I'm not sure if I should be jealous now," she teased and looked around the house.

It was Hiro's turn to blush now. He had no idea that Judy could be so amusing. Wandering past her he went into the kitchen to make coffee. "So, where's your own husband?" he asked, not minding his own business.

Her eyes roamed over the familiar kitchen before settling back on Hiro, "Hmm, he got on my nerves, so I stuck a gun in his face and told him to hit the road. Ha! He was a car salesman so he had plenty to hit the road with. A shame really…he did nothing for my career except put me in the National Enquirer," she sighed.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Hiro said sincerely.

It was the most bizarre and welcoming Christmas in K's life.

Around the festive dinner table, Hiro chatted with Judy, Aunt Margaret filled up a moaning Michael's plate with more glazed carrots, and he was helping himself to a second serving of stuffing. Christmas carols played in the background. There was something very surreal about this, as if he were too damn lucky to have this kind of Christmas at all. His entire family was here, even if it came with the woman that he'd felt ruined his life. But she tried so hard to redeem herself over the last forty-eight hours, and in the end he forgave her. It'd be a touchy road in the future, but it seemed alright now. She'd even bought everyone presents, which were opened this morning. Michael made the whole thing more enjoyable than K could remember. Oddly, Judy and Hiro seemed to get along well, and she also seemed to accept the fact that he was romantically involved with a man.

Maybe it was a Christmas miracle…

A hand touched his and K focused on Hiro who was speaking to him. "Sorry Hiroshi, I missed that?"

"Your plate," Hiro insisted, pointing to it, "You've taken ALL the stuffing."

K looked at his plate and realized, while deep in his thoughts, he'd scooped out all the remaining stuffing onto his plate. Opps. It was kind of a mountain but he was more than happy to eat it anyways. "Haha, does anyone want any—"

Everyone shook their heads.

Yay! More for him.

"You're not going to have any room for pie Dad!" Michael clamored and giggled.

Hiro faked a stricken look and pointed a finger at Michael. "Ack! Ten push ups for mentioning the word 'pie'!" Of course he was teasing.

Michael only laughed at him and sang, "Pie, pie, pie, pie, pie!"

K roared laughing at this. "Still can't stand pie Hiro? But, it was your favourite."

"What's this 'pie' business?" Judy wondered perplexed.

Hiro scratched his head and declared embarrassed, "You really don't want to know."

"Oh, but she does," K insisted cheekily. He told the 'pie' story. Everybody at the table was giggling and snickering now.

"Thanks dude," Hiro told K dryly.

"It's alright," Aunt Margaret said, "I made Hiroshi a nice chocolate cake."

Hiro jumped up from his seat and ran around the other side of the table to hug the older woman dramatically. "Auntie!" he cried and kissed her cheek. He was laughing over his nonsense the whole time. "I love this woman!"

The old woman waved him off, laughing.

While everyone was busy laughing, Michael was handing Nami and Satu handfuls of carrots under the table. Beaming, he looked at his empty plate. "Mom, can I spend my summer holidays with Dad?" Michael asked from across the table. "I love this place!"

Judy put down her glass of wine, "If that's alright with your father, then it's alright with me."

Stupefied, K replied, "Of course it's ok with me. Anytime you want to come here, you let me know buddy."

Michael cheered happily.

When the dinner was done and everyone had tired themselves out. Aunt Margaret went home and Judy and Michael went to bed. K snuck outside into the chilly night for a smoke, sighing contently and still wondering if he was dreaming all this good fortune. From behind, he heard the screen door open and felt a pair of arms wrap snugly around his midsection. Mmm, it was Hiro.

"Thanks again K, for that awesome belt buckle," Hiro said softly over his shoulder.

K smiled. He'd gotten Hiro a solid pewter buckle with a guitar on it. "For your bull riding nights," he offered sprightly.

Hiro chuckled and then said softly, "You look so happy."

Flicking his smoke away, K turned and held Hiro close. "Happier than I could ever imagine," he said. "Maybe Judy is right, maybe I do have an angel looking over my shoulder."

"I bet that angel wears a cowboy hat and I think he or she moonlights, because here you are," Hiro whispered against K's chest. "They've brought me you…I don't want more than this."

"This is perfect, eh?" K murmured and Hiro looked up at him. He gazed into his loving eyes and leaned in to capture his lips. Hiro held him tight.

They kissed on the front porch, in the cold of the winter night as snow gently began to fall from the sky. K parted and he said sweetly, "My city boy, thank you."

Hiro chuckled, "Your city boy." He kissed K again, enjoying his warm lips against his own. But, he pulled back. "Thank you for what?" he asked tenderly.

K gazed at the man that made everything is his world, just work. "For having faith in me even when I didn't have any left in myself…"

Watching his lover's eyes, he simply said, "Eventually, a wild horse can be tamed, with patience, love and trust. And trust me, I love you."

K held Hiro close to him again, "I know…" he whispered, "I know, Hiroshi…I love you too."


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Enough of this shower! He wanted to feel himself inside this man!

K tipped back, releasing Hiro from his mouth and let the water rinse the soap foam from his hair. Standing back up to Hiro's level he turned off the water and wrung out his hair.

Dotting a kiss trail up along taut legs, rear, dip of his spine, K noticed Hiro was playing with something. "What do you got there?" he questioned, placing a kiss over Hiro's wet shoulder.

The man held out a tube to him.

"I thought you could do the honors," Hiro implied with a cute smile.

Him 'do the honors'? Oh, was this Hiro's way of saying that he wished to be taken? K imagined so and stopped to wonder what Hiro would feel like inside of him. His cock twitched. K swallowed thickly and looked at the tube in his hand which clearly identified itself as 'Lubrication', he blushed. Guess there was a first for everything, he thought with a sly smirk.

"Is it crazy to say 'I love you' after our first time?" Hiro whispered, his fingers drawing little circles around K's bellybutton.

Huh? "I…I don't see why not," K murmured, "I said it before."

"I know…it's just that I don't want to lose you, ever. I want to love you; I want to stay here with you. I want to only be yours and I'm afraid you'll freak out and push me away," Hiro spoke softly, afraid that this wonderful thing growing between them could end.

It was strange listening to Hiro's fears, strange after all this time listening to his own. Now the man needed reassurance and it was so sweet to hear him this way for once. "Look at me Hiro," K insisted.

Hiro turned to face K; he looked into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Do you believe in fate?" K asked.

Hiro blinked, "Sometimes…do you think we happened by fate?"

"Yes…even though if you asked me that a month ago I would have said no," K answered, "You make me a better person Hiroshi, more than I ever thought I could be. What I said in the shower I meant. I meant every word. Trust me I'm more afraid of this than you are…but, I won't let you go. Even when at one time I believed that all love would do to me was bring me more pain. But I'm so wrong. I want you to be here with me for as long as you'll let me have you. I want…to be only yours too."

Hiro reached over to touch K's face, drawing a palm over his cheek, "Then, I love you."

When the cows go into heat," K said, "We have to keep our eye on that, because that is the time when it's most common bulls get injured."

Hiro wore a spry look.

K smirked. "Hey look it's not that amusing when they don't get the job done and bring us calves in the spring. That's my return right down the drain and all this work we're doing, for nothing.

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