DarkShadow At Midnight

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Variables Divided Chapter 1"A Year Later"

9 Months Later

Crying filled the room. Kagome panted. Sango cleaned the half demon child.

"You did a great job,Kagome"whispered Inuyasha kissing her forehead.

Sango squealed"She's so beautiful!"

Sango placed her in Kagome arm's.She had long silver hair with strands of raven. Two white,cute dog ears were on her head. Just like Inuyasha. Her eyes were hazel but had a amber speck to them. She smiled down at her. Inuyasha leaned over Kagome,and kissed his daughters forehead.

"She's so kawaii!"squealed Sango squeezing Miroku's arm.

For an odd reason he'd been unusally queit. Inuyasha seemed to be the only one who noticed this. He'd expected some perverted words but nothing. He glanced qat the slightly pale Miroku then down at Kagome. Her eyes were the most beautiful thing anyone has seen before. They shined like a full moon would. A blooming a a 'little lily' flower.

Kagome looked up at him"Let's name her Sayuri,Inuyasha"

"I like that.Sayuri"whispered Inuyasha looked down at his dozing daughter.

Sleep finally hit her and her eyes closed. Inuyasha offered to hold his half demon daughter. Kagome placed Sayuri in Inuyasha's arms. She looked over at Miroku. He wasn't looking so well.

Kagome asked"are you alright,Miroku?"

"Uh?Oh...yeah.I think I'm sick.I should head back.Sango... maybe you should stay with Inuyasha,and Kagome for a bit.I need to be alone"he muttered walking out the room without saying 'goodbye'

Sango asked"What's wrong with him?"

"He's been acting weird for the past week.Somethings up"whispered Inuyasha not wanting to wake Sayuri.

Kagome had a bad feeling in her gut. She shoved it off,and laid back wanting to sleep.

A Weeks Later

Kagome leaned against the wall waiting for someone to answer. She tapped her foot on the concrete. Darkness clouding the sky as night rolled in. Inuyasha was going to be pissed.

"Hello?"came Sango's voice.

Kagome asked"I'm really getting worried.Where's Miroku?"

"I don't know!I haven't gotten a call,text,or anything from him.I went to his parents house.They were nowhere around.Well his father was.He looked no better than Miroku!Do you think something happened to his mom?"asked Sango talking in a rush.

Kagome began to walk to her car"I don't know.I'll call you back in a hour so don't go to sleep,okay?"

"Alright"she sighed.

Kagome hung up,and got into her car. She dialed her,and Inuyasha's place,and waited for an answer.

Inuyasha finally answered"You're late,Kagome.Where are you"

"I'm going to go to see Mr.Tsuyu.Have you seen or heard from Miroku?"asked Kagome pulling up to his house.

Inuyasha sighed"No.How long will it take you to get back?"

"Not long,Inuyasha.Relax.I'll be home in a bit,okay?"she said getting out the car.

Inuyasha sighed"Alright.Be careful"

"Love you"she said skipping the other line.

Inuyasha smirked which she knew by heart"Love you too"

She hung up,and put the phone in her pocket. Kagome took a breath then knocked on the door. There was a tump.

"I got it!"came a girl's voice. She sounded about 7 or 8 years old.

The door opened. The girl had long raven hair with deep violent eyes. She looked a lot like Miroku. Kagome smil.ed

"Is Mr.Tsuyu here?"asked Kagome.

She nodded"My Daddy?"

"Uh...yes...I suppose"thought Kagome. Miroku never had a sister.So... this was awkward.

Kagome walked in,and followed the girl into the living room. Mr.Tsuyu was standing up. He must've fell off the couch when she knocked. She held back her laugh.

He cleared his thorat"How are you,Kagome?"

"Fine,but... I'm worried about Miroku"explained Kagome.

The girl looked at the floor sadly. Mr.Tsuyu's face went slightly pale. Like Miroku had acted a week ago at the hospital.

He muttered"Go upstairs,Kimi" She nodded then left the room. He offered her a seat,and she took it.

"How do I start this... um... Mrs.Tsuyu... was... killed last sunday.A day before your child was born."he explained clenching his fist.

Kagome gasped with tears"What happened?!"

"It's a cold case.No one knows who did it.All I know is that when Miroku came to watch Kimi.Kimi was on the floor uncouniess,and Sara was covered in her own blood."he whispered.

Kagome swallowed a sob. this couldn't be happening. Sara Tsuyu was like another mother to her. Just like hime,and Mrs.Yamata. Sango's mother. Tears ran down her cheek as she tried to calm down to speak.

Kagome asked"S...so where's Miroku?Why didn't me or Sango ever know about Kimi?"

"Kimi's real father died so she grew up knowing me as her father but she lived with her grandparents who were put in a home.They got sick.Miroku... didn't take the the sight well.Seeing his mother dead was the last thing on earth he wanted to see.I suppose he's in Kyoto with Sara's sister.I doubt he'd be answering any calls"he explained obviously in pain. Tears dropped onto his hand.

Kagome hugged him,and whispered"I know how you're feeling right now.For I had to go threw the same thing.I hope your heart mends."

"It will.I have to take care of Kimi,and... support Miroku.He's not letting anyone do so.Not even Sango."he whispered pulling away.

Kagome stood"I just can't believe this happened.Who would want to kill her!She was so nice!Even to me that first time I saw her"

"This has beem a very awful week for me."he said wiping his tears.

Kagome held back tears"I hope you get better.I have to go."

"Goodbye,Kagome"he said with sad/dark eyes.

Something flashed,and she felt as though she'd seen her father shot her mother once again. She turned and left. Something nagged at her,but she couldn't put her finger on it. She got into her car,and drove home.

Inuyasha/Kagome's Place

Kagome walked into the house queitly. She tried to stop her tears but. Trying to stop thoughts of her past,and how Miroku must feel right now just hurt so much. Sara... who would kill her. She walked into the kitchen to see Inuyasha drinking the rest of a juice.

He sat it down at looked into Kagome's puffy eyes in concern.

"Kagome...what's wrong!?"he asked in concern.

Kagome hugged Inuyasha,and sobbed in his arms. She was afraid to tell him,because Inuyash had known Miroku,Tetsuya,and Sara since he was a baby in diapers. Even Kimi since she was born she'd beted.

Inuyasha ran his hand threw her hair to calm her down"What's wrong?Tell me"

"I'm not sure you can take it,Inuyasha"she whispered calming down.

Inuyasha whispered"Tell me,Kagome"

Kagome closed her eyes,and told him everything. is hands dropped to his side. She looked up at him. His eyes were wide in pain,anger,and confusion. Just like Tetsuya,and Miroku had looked when she'd seen them. He was slightly pale. He eyes burned with tears but he blinked them back,and looked away.

"Inu... Inuyasha?"she said as he stepped back,and walked toward the door.

Kagome called"Inuyasha where are you going!?"

"I'll be back"he said in a hushed tone closing the door behind him.

The phone began to ring. Kagome grabbed the phone,and sat on the stairs. Wiping her tears she answered it to hear Sango talking in hysterics. She must've found out. She'd known Sara for almost a year more then Kagome did.

Sango's mother abandoened her after having Kohaku. So... Sara was like her mother... it must've really hurt her. Her father died not to long afterwords. She had to move in with her aunt,Reina. Who wasn't home most of the time.

Sango sobbed"This can't be happening!"

"I'm know,Sango..."whispered Kagome feeling her eyes blurrying up.

She began to hear crying upstairs. Kagome jumped to her feet.

Kagome sniffed"I... hello?"

Sango hung up. She couldn't even speak anymore. Kagome jogged upstairs and into the room on the left. Kagome walked over to Sayuri's crib,and picked her up. She began to cease her crying in Kagome's arms.

"It's okay,Sayuri."whispered Kagome sitting down in a chair.

She rocked Sayuri in her arms. Sayuri looked up at Kagome confused. She reached out her hand. Kagome leaned closer so Sayuri could touch her face. Her soft hands brushed againsts her eyes. Kagome relaxed then smiled.

Kagome asked"You wat mommy to be happy not sad,huh?"

Sayuri's fang showed like Inuyasha's would when ever he smirked. Kagome giggled.

"Awww... thanks sweety"smiled Kagome kissing her daughters forehead.

What was the deal? Was it... was it Naraku?Kikyo? This made Kagome's whole ody freeze in fear. She hugged Sayuri to her chest. Praying Inuyasha came back soon.

The Next Day

Kagome had fell asleep on the floor beside Sayuri's crib. Sayuri also asleep. Inuyasha walked threw the backdoor rubbing his forehead. He looked in his room to see if Kagome was there but she wasn't. His heart skipped a beat.

He walked into Sayuri's room,and relaxed. She was on the floor asleep. He walked in,and looked at Sayuri then knelt down at Kagome,and shook her lightly. She grunted then looked up at him tiredly.

"What is it,Inuyasha?"asked Kagome tiredly laying on her back then rubbing the sleep out her eyes.

Inuyasha asked"Why are ou sleeping on the floor?"

"I had a bad feeling.So I slept in here with Sayuri"whispered Kagome queitly.

Inuyasha asked confused"A bad feeling about what?"

"Naraku,and Kikyo.Like Sango said.Strange stuff starts happening soon as I have Sayuri.What-

"Shhh... nothings going happen,Kagome"he said removing his fingers from her lips.

Kagome asked"Why are you acting all weird today?Last night you were... nevermind"

"I went to Kyoto to Miroku's aunt's house.He's doing well so far.He's back,and went to his house."he sighed.

Kagome asked"Did he bother to see or call,Sango?"

"He said he didn't want to explain himself to her at the moment."sighed Inuyasha once again seeing Kagome's pissed off face.

Before she could argue her cell buzzed singaling she had a message or messages. Kagome took her cell out. She had only 1-message. She presed 'ok' and listened to the message.

"Oh my gosh.Kagome... I really need you to call me back.Please"her voice was treambling.

Her phone beeped then she stood up. Kagome dialed Sango's number,and pulled herself off the ground,and walked out the room,and into the next. Inuyasha stood up,and looked down at his daughter. Her eyes looking happily into his.

Inuyasha smirked"Oh so you're nosy,eh?"

She giggled reaching for her father. He smirked and picked her up.

Next Room

"Hey,Say... what was it you needed to tell me?Are you alright?"asked Sango.

Sango sniffed"I left him a message.I'm worried about him.I took a pregency test,then went to the doctor.I'm about 2 months,Kagome.I told him,and he didn't even bother to call back.I know he got the message!"

"Oh my gosh,Sango!"gasped Kagome sitting down.

Sango whispered"I feel so horrible!"

"That's so wrong!What can I do other than kill him"whispered Kagome clenching her fist in anger.

Sango yelled"No!Don't do anything... just forget it.I'm going out of town for about a month,anyway.I need to get away from all the chaos"

"Where are you going?"asked Kagome concerned.

Sango sighed"I'm going to America.To see my mom's sister,and my aunt,Risa."

"You can't just leave!Where are you,Say!?"gasped Kagome jumping to her feet.

Sango sighed"I'm already in the plane,and taking off.I gotta go,Kags.I'll talk to you when I land,bye"

"No!Sango!Wait!Damn it all to hell!"spat Kagome frustrated.

Inuyasha walked into the room. She slumped back onto the bed,and sighed taking a deep breath,and cloing her eyes. Inuyasha laid beside her.

Inuyasha asked"What happened?"

"Say's pregnant.She left a message for Miroku,and he didn't bother to call her back.I understand he's going threw rough times but... he has a responsibility."she sighed heavily.

Inuyasha was shovked but then whispered"I think you should call Miroku,Kagome"

"I am... after I give him a very very frightening text"she said sitting up,and began texting her long letter.

Inuyasha thought"You're lucky,Miroku.If she were still pregnant she'd come over there and kill you without hesitation"

He shivered,and began to doze off.