Elements Of Truth

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Chapter 1: Cold

Casey McDonald sat there angrily tapping her finger nails on the smooth, hard science lab counter; it seemed to be a bad habit of hers lately. The clicking sound could only be heard by her and her lab partner, for the laughter, giggles and talking of the other partners drowned out the tapping. Casey sighed continuing to tap at an inconsistent rate. Her morning had not bee the most pleasant, now with the added aggravation of her new lab partner, she was about to burst with anger. Yet again she glanced at her lab partner and eyed him furiously.

"Derek." Casey spoke coldly, the tension between them deepened as her tapping seized causing his attention to focus on her.

Derek arched an eyebrow at Casey, as if to ask a question, but when she frowned, turned away, and continued tapping; Derek smirked in victory and went back to daydreaming. He never wanted to be her lab partner, also he had not had the smoothest morning and this awkward sitting with Casey wasn't helping. Derek again looked at Casey; she seemed caught up in her thoughts. Perhaps she was replaying this morning in her head? Derek decided to do the same.

Derek woke with the shrill beeping of his alarm clock, he blindly fondled around till he managed to yank the clock out of the socket and threw it against the opposing wall. He had yet another dream about a girl, this one had been reoccurring. She was perfect, they kissed, talked, and well…other things, but the name and the face always was erased from his mind when he woke. He groaned realizing what the dream had done to him and decided to take a nice long shower before everyone else woke up.

Casey woke to the sound of the chucking alarm clock at the wall in Derek's room. She frowned, now awake, at the ability Derek seemed to posses to annoy Casey at every possible point in the day. Then Casey heard some water begin to run. Her eyes widened knowing Derek was up and was most likely going to take a shower and he took forever, causing her to be late, so she flung the covers off and rushed out of her room and into the bathroom, no one was in there.

"Casey?" Derek squeaked freaked out and listening to the sound of her panting.

"Oh you're in the shower!" Casey said, ever though the curtain Derek could tell she was blushing. "Damn it, you better not use all the hot water! I bet it's steaming in there, and I will not be left again with the luke warm showers." Casey said in her whiny tone. Casey looked around, she found it off that there was now steam and as she turned to face the shower she felt a cold chill.

Why the hell isn't she leaving? Derek thought to himself frantically, not being able to move, her being in this room half naked wasn't helping the reason why he was in here in the first place.

Casey's jaw dropped, she was surprised it didn't hit the floor. "Dedd-erk. I-Is th-hat." Casey stammered "Cold water!?" Casey squeaked putting her hand to the curtain and it felt like ice. "Oh, my god. Ew….sorry!" Casey said eyes bulging out and running out of the room and into her room faster than she could finish the sentence. Casey, still freaked out, shoved on a pair of low risers and her favorite off the shoulder sweater and pulled her hair back as she hopped down the stairs. She'd have to put make up on in Science because she wasn't going to be there when Derek got out of that shower.

Derek banged his head against the wall he had just stood there speechless as Casey walked in and just as quickly as she did she had left. Fuck, Derek though as the cold water continued to wash away his current frustration. Derek shut off the water then heard a slam of the front door. Casey had probably run to school with her tail between her legs, god what a girl. I mean if she can't handle knowing a cold shower how on earth was she going to be able to date the football quarter back? Derek walked back into his room and god dressed in his usually attire and grabbed the keys heading for school. He was only ten minutes late to Mr. Fishers Chemistry class, he really didn't want to talk to Casey, but just as he luck Mr. Fisher paired him with Casey as lab partners for their new project, counting at two test grades. Derek sat down across from Casey and neither had spoken till Casey had stated his name and then turned away.

Derek shook his head to try and relief himself of the damned morning, as he saw Mr. Fisher head his way.

"Mr. Venturi. Ms. McDonald. There is a reason I put you two as Chemistry partners, now work, or you'll fail." He said sweetly placing the beakers and elements on the table.

Casey frowned as she grabbed some Aroglacgic and poured it into a beaker full of powdered huitduex. "Derek, mix the Grethgolatisic with two parts osmosis." Casey said continuing to work.

Derek did as he was told, pouring the liquids but as he did an altoid happened to fall out of his front pocket causing the liquid to turn green, not blue. Derek shrugged it off and handed her the beaker.

Casey set them on the on the burner and began to mix the chemicals. Immediately it began to bubble causing some kind of smoke to form just around their table, causing them both to breathe it in a choke. "Shut it off!" Casey choked to Derek, but Derek not responding she turned it off and the smoke disappeared.

"What happened?!" Mr. Fisher said running to their table.

"I dropped an altoid in the chemical." Derek said his eyebrows knitting together at what he just admitted.

"You're so cute when you confused." Casey blurted out, quickly gasping and covering her mouth in horror.

"Why don't you both go see the nurse, maybe she can make some since of this?" Mr. Fisher said looking at them strangely.

As they both walked down the silent hallway Casey turned to Derek, "This is all your fault."

"Yeah, it is." Derek said again admitting it, he looked down and his eyes shifted back and forward trying to make some since of this thing that was happening to him. They rounded a corner and into a small room which was currently the nurses office.

"We were sent by Mr. Fisher, we had a chemical smoke problem." Casey drawled.

"Chemical smoke?" The nurse said quietly. "How did that happen?"

"Well, it's because Derek dropped an altoid in the beaker, but I really think I was neglecting it because I was still thing about walking in on his cold shower this morning." Casey's eyes sprung open and she covered in mouth still in shock.

"Casey!" Derek hissed.

"Uhm, maybe this is something you need to take up with a mental physician?" The nurse said. "Let me go find my big book on illnesses!" She said her face lighting up with happiness and she wandered off into the door to the left.

"So you were thinking about me, eh?" Derek said cockily.

"N—yess." Casey said struggling with her mouth. Her eyes consumed with anger and confusions.

"Uhm…" Derek said awkwardly. "I mean you weren't helping the situation when you where in there…." Whoa, why the hell did I just say that?! What is wrong with me?! Derek thought as he looked as Casey whose mouth was opened…he just wanted to... "Your lips look really pretty today."

Casey moved her head back freaked out as she lightly touched her lips. What the hell was happening? "I love you hair when it is all untidy!" Casey blurted out.

"Whats happened to us?" Derek said trying to brush off her last statement.

"I don't know…I can't lie..." Casey said freaked out.

"My hair is blonddd----brown." Derek tried.

"You are such a lose----hottie." Casey gasped yet again covering her mouth and refusing to left go.

"Don't worry, your hot too…Whoa! What the hell!" Derek said standing up and backing away from Casey.

After several minutes of silence, Casey lowered her hands and as if that was a sign her mouth opened and released some more truth. "I've seen you naked!" She froze; she had never admitted that to anyone, not even herself really.

Derek spun around, "What?!"

"One time, you where changing really fast in the bathroom for school and I happened to walk by and I accidentally caught a glimpse." By this time Casey was struggling with her mouth throwing a hand over it, but somehow the words got out.

"I'm not a virgin!" Derek basically yelled, not able to control himself. "What the hell?!" He looked really scared.

"Are you serious?!" Casey said mouth open.

"Yeah, freshman end of the year party with some Senior I don't even remember her name." Derek kept blurting out.

"My god, why can't I shut up!?" Casey and Derek yelled in unison, they both decided to not speak and if they had no choice to cover their ears.

"Here we go." The nurse said hobbling back in with a giant book.

"You smell weird." Derek blurted out.

"You look like cafeteria worker not a nurse." Casey yelled.

"You're over weight."

"You hair is too short!"

"My lord, I have never heard such talk!" The nurse said sadly.

"We're sorry; we can't stop blurting the truth." Casey said holding back tears.

"And we can't lie!" Derek said shaking his head crazy like.

"What?" The nurse said sitting down.

"You have really nice boobs Casey." Derek blurted out again staring at them.

"Derek! I love yelling you name just so you can hear me." Casey yelled.

"I fight with you, because I love to touch you." Derek said really freaking out, to the point of shaking.

"Me too!" Casey blurted, blinking back tears.

"I need to leave!" Derek said grabbing his back pack and bolting out of there, before he could blurt some more truth out he have never heard before.

"Whoa…" The nurse nodded.

Yay, Dasey. They both are freaking out, I couldn't describe it, but they aren't calm they are really upset and they are just screaming the truth and they can't lie. In the back of their minds they like each other…they don't realize it yet…but they're blurting out what they really feel…Review my loves.