Elements of Truth

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Chapter 15: Don't Dream Over It.

Casey walked home. Her point shoes swinging over her shoulder, and her jacket wrapped warmly around her body. It was already dark, probably close to eleven. She had gotten a call from her mom asking her to come home. She willingly agreed, saying goodbye to Max and walking down the streets. The streetlamps were the only thing giving light, since the moon was hidden by the clouds. She shuffled her feet in a light manner, as if dancing as she walked. The streets were bare, she would occasionally see a car pass not making a sound, but non the less still there.

Casey slowed down her walking pace. Feeling no pleasure what so ever in coming home, and facing him. She didn't know how she was going to explain to him that she was dating Max, not that she owed him an explaination or anything. She was just reaching the park when she heard a noise. She swung herself around, hands ready to attack but she saw no one. She sighed and continued to walk through the park, where there was more light. She saw the lake in the distance, how beautiful it looked when it was dark. Only a piece of the moon was peaking out behind a cloud now, but it shined enough to create such an amzing sight. In the distance, Casey saw someone on the bench, laying down, maybe they were asleep? Casey assumed it was a homeless man, but her opinion changed with the person sat up to make the shadowy figure of a woman. Casey decided to come closer to see if she was okay.

"Uhm, are you okay?" Casey said cautiously.

"Yeah, I am just watching the moon and waiting for it to come out." Tracy said smiling.

"Oh god, Tracy." Casey said putting a hand to her heart. "You scared me."

"Sorry." She said scooting down, motioing for Casey to sit with her. "So how are the lovebirds?"

"Dead." Casey replied grimly.

"Dear god, i leave you for like...four hours and you already destroy true love?!" Tracy said frustraited.

"First off, i didn't destroy it, Derek did. And second it isn't True love, or even love for that matter." Casey said crossing her arms.

"Stop it." Tracy Growled.

"What?" Casey snapped crossing her legs.

"Thinking you're always right, its annoying." Tracy said rudly.

"I don't think I am right all the time." Casey argued, she wasn't arrogant.

"I know true love when I see it, it is my job!" Tracy said getting red in the face, she stood up and placed her hands on her hips.

"It isn't your job!" Casey said getting angry as well, standing up.

"You are a foolish little spoiled girl! Just because something doesn't fit in your perfect would you destroy it!" Tracy yelled.

"I do not!" Casey said not believing how stupid Tracy was.

"Then tell me Casey, who have you been with in the last hour." Tracy said pursing her lips, knowing the answer.

"Max." Casey whispered.

"Who?" Tracy said. "I am sorry I couldn't hear you."

"Max." Casey choked out.

"Awww how wonderful." Tracey laughed with bitter sarcasm. "Do you love him Casey? Do you love him like you love Derek? Remember you can't lie!" Tracy was beginning to get a bit scary and hysterical.

"No!" Casey cried out. "What do you want me to do!?" She collapsed onto the bench wanted nothing more then to die.

Tracy breathed in a deep breath and walked around to face Casey. "This is your mess Casey. You clean it up." She spoke clearly and with pity. "Atleast the moon is out."

Casey sobbed. "Tracy?" No answer.

"Tracyy." Casey whined and she looked up to see no one.

Casey stood up and made her way back to the street. Continuing her way down the long sidewalk to her house. She passed Smelly Nelly's and the Playground. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts. Some how all of this just didn't seem real to her. Like everything was already planned out and she was in a book. A Drama of course, but she was so lost and confused about her life. She shook her head, hard trying not to think. Tracy's voice wouldn't stop filling her heads with questions. 'Love him like Derek?' 'True Love?' Casey grolwed at she banged her head on her pointe shoes. She saw her house not far from where she was. She looked both ways as she crossed the road and walked a little more untill she saw headlights.

Casey rushed into a bush, behind the Oak tree that seperated the Davis's house and hers. She watched as Derek's car pulled into the driveway and the lights turn off.

"Where has he been..." Casey asked herself sadly.

She watched as Derek slowly got out of his car. She also watched him slam it shut, then kick the door a couple times before slamming his fist down on the roof of the car. He then swiftly turned around and let his back slide down his car still he was hunched over sitting down leaning against his car.

He looked so sad. Like all hope in the world had been dragged out and crushed. Casey couldn't take this anymore. She knew she loved him, but something like an outside force wouldn't let her have him. Casey sighed a stood up straight as she watched Derek breath deeply. He turn on his side then layed down looking up at the stars on the driveway.

Casey took a deep breath and walked down the side walk towards the driveway. Derek must have has his eyes closed because he didn't react as Casey got closer. She stood two feet from him and took a couple steps closer and layed down beside him.

"Hey Casey." He said tilting his head to the right to see her face. Casey turned her head to the left to see Derek.

"Hey Derek." She said, finding it strangly calming to be around him considering she loved him and he didn't love her back.

"I feel, different." Derek said his eyebrows scrunching in confusion.

"Me too." Casey sighed. "I agreed to start dating Max..."


"Yeah..." Casey said turning back to look at the stars, Dereks eyes lingered on her before he looked back up at them.

"I slept with Claire." Derek confessed, breathing in.

"Oh?" Casey said feeling a wave of heat and anger hit her. Her eyes felt pricked with tears. "Was she good?" Casey said pouting.

"Yeah, but I was thinking of you the entire time." Derek said rolling over.

"Really?" Casey sniffled.


"I don't like Max." Casey smiled. She didn't know why, but she felt really tired.

"I don't either." Derek said scooting closer to Casey. Casey smiled as tears came down her face. She scooted closer to Derek, she put her head ontop of his chest as his hand wraped around her shoulder.

"I wish I could lie." Casey said frowning.

"Why?" Derek asked looking up at the sky.

"Becuase at much as I hate you right now, I love you with all my heart." Casey said closing her eyes.

"Casey, you could have lied the entire time." Derek said rubbing her arm.

"No I couldn't have." Casey argued, eyes still closed.

"Wake up." Derek asked again, sounding farther away.

"No, I can't lie." Casey argued feeling like she was falling into a black whole.

"Wake up, please." Casey heard a voice, and felt her hand being rubbed. Casey rolled her head and opened her eyes. She saw a blurry figure next to her, looking releaved.

"D-derek?" Casey asked horstly.

"Thank god. I thought I killed you." Derek laughed as Casey rubbed her eyes.

"Where am I?" Casey asked sitting up frightened. She looked around, she saw Derek had a bandage on his head. "What happened to you?"

"You're in the nurses office, and when the altoid dropped into the chemicals it created this kick ass explotion. I fell off and hit my head on a table and you hit your head and passed out." Derek said nervously. "Sorry about that. You were only out for like ten minutes though, the nurse wants us to go to the hospital."

"Wait, what?!" Casey yelled frustrainted. Derek sat next to her. "It was all a dream?!" Casey said frustraited.

"What?" Derek asked shocked.

"That entire thing was a Dream...Oh my god." Casey said laying back down. "I'm crazy."

"Casey, you had a dream?" Derek said perching over her.

"Yes." Casey moaned closeing her eyes tight, not believeing it was all in her head.

"Uhm, what was it about?" Derek asked quickly.

"Why does it matter?" Casey sighed.

"Nothing, I just had a strange one. I only woke up a couple minutes ago too." Derek shrugged.

Casey sat up, scared. "Tracy." Casey whispered. Derek's eyes buldged. "You have never been to a party before grade 10, did you?" Derek asked freaked out.

"No." Casey said shaking her head.

"Good. Me either." Derek said freaked out.

"Did we...did we have the same dream?" Casey asked what Derek was thinking.



"Yes. Casey I believe we had the same dream." Derek said utterly speechless.

"In the dream did I say that I..." Casey stopped.

"Yes and I said that I..." Derek stopped.

Casey sighed. "It felt so real."

"This is unbelieveable." Derek stuttered.

"I love you." Casey said shrugging.

"What?" Derek said turning to her.

"And I know you love me too." Casey said pointing a finger.


"Our dreams are our subconsious." Casey clarified.

"So I technically really do love you?"



"Seriously." Derek nodded.

"So what now?" Derek asked.

"You should probably kiss me." Casey offered.

"Really?" Derek said interested.

"Yes." She said tilting her head.

Derek smiled as he leaned in a brushed his lips softly across hers, then he pressed down harder. Wanting her to remember this kiss. Casey smiled against his lips and she snaked a hand through his hair deepening the kiss.

They broke apart when they heard the throat clearing of someone. They both looked to see Tracy in the doorway. Derek's mouth opened, and Casey's eyes opened wide.

"Now lets take those tempertures." She said walking in with an annoyed glare.

"Tracy?" Casey gulped.

"What? My name's Elda. I'm the schools nurse. Now no co-ed cot sharing." She barked.

Derek sighed relief as he hunched over a bit. Casey smiled brightly as she bumped heads with Derek flirting.

"Now who started the explosion?" Elda asked angered by the two semi love birds.

"All Casey's fault." Derek smirked.

"Derek!" Casey laughed playfully shoving him with her shoulders.

"Man, it feels good to lie again."

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