Title: When Annoying Commercials Come to Life
Author: HarleyAngel
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss owns everything except my imaginative story. All 
characters and settings are his.
Distribution: Ask me if you want it. It's only here...for now.
Summery: The title gives you a good idea. lol

 When Annoying Commercials Come To Life

	The pouting stomps of Buffy's boots could be heard through the 
cemetary. She was generally annoyed. Usually it would have been a great 
night. Slay a few vamps, check in with Giles and go home, but nooooo. 
She had to have this happen. Of all the hellmouthy things to happen,
Mayors that are giant snakes, big blue Smurf guys, even Angelus and 
Dru; those were things she could handle, things she could understand 
in her slayery way...but this. Even the vampires were
staying away!

	Huffing by a mauselium at a quick pace, stake in hand, Buffy 
rushed to Giles. Following not ten feet behind her was a walking, talking 
(chanting actually), two foot egg. Equipt with scrawny
arms, legs, cartoon 
gloved hands and boots and a generally annoying smile, the egg bounded side
to side behind the slayer all the while chanting or rather singing to 
itself, 'I'm the Incredible, Edible Egg!' Over and over and over......

	Buffy walked into the watchers house not an hour after starting 
her patrol, slamming the door behind her. Giles came running in from 
the hallway, looking slightly flushed and frustrated. He stared for 
a moment at his slayer before speaking.


	"We have a problem." she said, stating the obvious in an 
angry tone.

	"A problem?" he started before a noise caught his attention. 
A muffled voice could be heard from out side. "What in the-"

	Buffy reached out and grabbed the door handle and swung the 
door open. The animated two foot egg, who had slumped slightly jumped 
back into attention and smiled even wider, beginning to
bounce from side 
to side repeating it's line twice before the door was again slammed in 
it's face. However, the chanting continued unabated.

	The watcher sighed and turned to towards the hall, walking 
to the bathroom door with Buffy in step. "You think that's bad...." 
he began, then pulled the door open.

	Bouncing around the bathroom on all of the surfaces was a 
three foot tall piece of bacon. It hopped around and around chanting 
one word in tune with it's bounces. "Ba-con, Ba-con, Ba-con." before Giles 
slammed the door on it.

	From outside the window, a small white round head and two 
comical eyes could be seen looking through the window, before the 'egg 
chant' continued.

	"What in the hell is going on?" Buffy screeched.

	Suddenly a scream from the back door caught the attention of 
the two standing in Giles', hallway. A shock of red hair came screeching 
through the room to hide behind Buffy. Not two
seconds later, 
before they could ask their questions, a man dressed in a giant milk 
carton suit came walking through the back door. His voice was arrogant 
and he was waving his arms around.

	"Come on! You know you want to drink it! Calcium man! Milk! 
Milk! Come on, one glass, that's all it takes, one glass a day! 
Where'd she go?" he started to search the room before Giles grabbed 
him by the carton and dragged him out the front door, throwing him 
onto the egg in the process.

	"Well, never knew all the parts of my balanced breakfast would 
be coming after me." Willow mumbled under her breath, causing Buffy to 

	Twenty minutes later, Xander and Anya came running through 
the front door, pushing back the heard of breakfast quantities and 
batting off a Honeycomb crazed fur ball. It screeched out it's need 
for Honeycomb through the door along with the chanting egg and the 
protesting milk carton. From in the bathroom, 'ba-con' could still be 
heard along with variations between bangs and crashes.

	"What in the heck is going on?" Xander yelled plopping down.

	"We were in the middle of having sex when this 
thing just popped 
off of his cereal box and started coming after us. It was very enfuriating. 
Is this the kind of stuff you humans deal with?
Cause I can't 
remember seeing anything like this before." Anya huffed before sitting 
beside her boyfriend.

	"Now all we need is Spike and the problem gang is complete." 
Willow moaned then gasped as the door flung open and a very pissed off 
Spike stood in the doorway. "It wasn't me, I swear! I
just said it, 
never thought it!" Willow said as the rest of them looked at her in 

	"Would someone care to explain what the bloody hell is going on 
around here?" Spike growled.

	"Hi, Spike, I'm fine, how are you? Lovely weather." Buffy 

	"Yeah junior, what's your problem?" Xander asked, grinning 
at his own very old joke.

	"What's my problem? What's my problem? THIS, " he stepped aside 
and waved out into the night," is my problem!!! " he growled before 
moving inside the door.

	Apon closer inspection, the group could see two very large 
hairy and not to mention GREEN legs standing outside the door. Then, 
in a thundering voice came the reply to Spike's
annoyance. "HO HO 
HO, GREEN GIANT!" the deep voice boomed.

	"OH, god...." Buffy moaned, turning to walk into the kitchen.

	As Spike walked in and sat down in the lazychair he 
turned to Giles. "By the way, did you know there is a giant egg pissing 
in your bush out front?" he grinned as Giles face turned white and
he rushed out to save his precious rose bushes.