Title: You'll Want My Kiss
Author: HarleyAngel
Couple: W/S
Rating: R
Distribution: Here...for now.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination. It's Joss'.
Summery: Willow has a little problem. Or does she?
"Kiss, Kiss" (can't remember artists name, but I'll find it)
 You'll Want My Kiss

	She wasn't sure how she got here, but she certainly knew 
where here was. She remembered, but somehow she didnt think that the 
girl had brought her here. Hell, it was a hellmouth, anything could 
have brought here here. What mattered was that she was here now and
she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her time. Cause chaos 
and have fun. And that's exactly what she planned to do.

	Sniffing the air, the vampire followed the night to what she 
remembered was the Bronze. The entire place was pumping and music could 
be heard from outside. She could practically hear
the blood pumping 
through the bodies writhing inside the building and licked her red lips 
in anticipation of it pouring like fine wine down her throat. Smiling 
to herself, the Vampire Willow started toward the door, knowing that 
tonight would be so much fun.

	Willow sat back staring at her image in the mirror. She was 
supposed to meet the gang at the Bronze at 7. It was 6:15. Tonight was 
'Come as you aren't' night at the Bronze. Buffy had
already picked 
out her outfit, a button up white t-shirt and kakhi pants with her 
hair up in two buns on the side of her head toward the back. Xander was 
dressing in Armani type clothing, though the name brand was far from 
Armani. Anya had decided not to worry about clothes being different,
instead, just pulling her hair up into four pigtails. Spike, who had 
just tagged along incase he got lucky and got in a fight, wore his 
same outfit to which the others rolled their eyes at. Willow had no
idea what she would wear. Getting up and quickly going through her 
closet she found the outfit that she had worn at halloween. Looking 
at it skepically before taking just the skirt and a green tank top.
Pulling them on, she took a quick look in the mirror before heading 
out the door to get a quick meal before meeting the group.

When you look at me
tell me what do you see
this is what you get
it's the way I am
When I look at you
I wanna be, I wanna be
somewhere close to heaven
with Neanderthol man

	The Vampire Willow walked into the Bronze and watched as the 
mortals swayed around the nearly dark room, which would have been pitch 
black had it not been for the lighting effects flashing
around the room. 
She humans moved in a blur as their bodies rubbed against each other. 
Some sort of pop song with a heavy beat began and the dancing commenced 
once again. Working her way through the crowd, she found a suitable partner 
who happily accepted her offer to dance. Turning around, VampWill ran her 
hands up through her hair before tracing her neck and on down to curve 
around her breasts, swaying back against the man struggling to keep 
up with her. She grinned madly and closed her eyes as she felt him 
finally catch up with her. His hands were on her
hips as she swayed 
back and forth, leaning back against him. Throwing her hands up in the 
air like many of the other dancers, she let herself go. Her world was 
never this fun.

	Spike sat up suddenly as he caught a flash of red out on the 
dance floor. His eyes went wide as he realized just who it was out there 
rubbing up against some hormonal teenage human. 	

	"Willow..." he murmered, staring. Buffy caught his words and 
followed his gaze gasping and grabbing Xanders arm before pointing.

	"Oh, my god!" Xander yelped.

	The group watched as the redhead swayed her hips and slowly made 
her way down her dancing partners body before standing and turning. She 
placed her hand on the mans shoulders and pulled him closer, smiling as 
she felt a hard bulge against her leg. So she still had the touch.
Throwing her head back, she laughed as the beat flew away with her.

	Spike had no idea the witch was so sexy. And where the hell 
did she get that outfit!! She was in a VERY right pair of leather hot 
pants and a top with no straps which pushed her small
breasts up and 
out a bit. It tied up in the back like a corset and two strips of material 
hung down from the back to just above her knees. She had a black choker on 
her neck with emerald studs. The black tie up leather stiletto heeled 
boots finished out the set. Her lips were painted red; her eyes lined 
darkly with black eyeliner. She had a truely evil smile on her face. 
There were some differences also that he noticed. Her hair was longer 
and if it was possible, her skin was just a shade paler than normal. A 
glamor maybe? But there was something else different about her that he
could put his finger on.

Dont go, I think you wanna touch me
here, there and everywhere
sparks fly when we are togather
you can't deny the fact tonight

	Willow was running late. She had stopped by a local burger joint 
and had gotten caught up talking with a fellow Wiccan that she had met 
when she had been in the Wicca group. The girl had
kept her for at 
least twenty minutes from when they were supposed to meet at the Bronze. 
She hoped the others weren't too mad or worried. Looking at her watch again, 
Willow sped up her running. She was only two blocks away. She knew 
she shouldn't be out this late with vampires out
already. The sun had 
set almost ten minutes ago and it was becoming darker and darker by the

	Catching her breathe outside the Bronze, Willow walked up and got 
in line. She sighed as she looked over the person's shoulder in front 
of her. It was bad enough to be dressed up in this
outfit, but to 
have to wait outside to get in in it was torture.

	The group watched as song after song, VampWillow seduced partner 
after partner into dancing with her. She hadn't even looked their way. 
Buffy was slightly miffed and confused. Xander
was trying not 
to think about it but becoming more and more anxious by the minute. Anya 
just kept watching Xander trying to keep his attention on her and not 
on the girl on the dance floor. Spike, however stared with open 
obviousness. He didn't care who saw him, even her. He had his chin
resting against his knuckles as he watched the girl. This couldn't 
be the same Willow he knew. The shy girl who blushed if he even insinuated 
anything sexual or obseen. How could she suddenly
change so much. 
He was also aware that the others hadn't noticed the differences in 
her. Somehow, he knew this wasn't his Willow. (Don't even go there, 
Spike, my boy.), he told himself. (she's not yours so just get off it) 
Rolling his eyes, he stood walking to the bar and ordered a beer
and getting a better veiw of the girl at the same time. She wasn't in 
the slightest tired. She wasn't sweating or even slowing down. She had an 
endless energy source of some sort. Not even flushed
with excitment. 
She just kept going. She had been dancing for nearly thirty minutes 
and still not a sign of exhaustion. He narrowed his eyes. Something 
was definatly off.

You don't have to act like a star
trying moves in the back of the car
cause you know that we can go far
cause tonight your gonna get my *kiss* *kiss*
Dont play the games that you play
you know that I won't run away
so why aren't you askin me to stay
cause tonight your gonna get my *kiss* *kiss*

	VampWillow smiled again as she felt his eyes on her staring right 
into her. They were burning into her mind and her body. She knew he had 
been watching all night. As had the others. The slayer, the wimpy Xander 
and that girl that was hanging off of his arm all night, glaring at her
occasionally. Ooh, resentment between her fluffy self and this girl. 
Obviously, Xander was with her and Willow was somehow interfering. Good, 
she needed to get some bad into her. Opening her
eyes she looked 
directly over at Spike sitting at the bar. She ran her hands up her 
sides and back to the back of the neck of the man she was dancing with. 
This one was a groper. Ah, well, she had nothing against that. A good feel 
could cure alot of things. She rubbed back against the man and heard 
him groan, knowing that Spike had somehow heard it, the entire time, 
keeping her eyes locked with Spike's.
	Standing up, she turned and pushed her partner away slightly 
before turning and stalking towards Spike. He stayed where he was, as 
relaxed as ever. Her steps were slow an even and her
hips moved each 
time her feet hit the floor. They swayed seductivly as she glided her 
way through the crowd of dancers. Stepping up next to him, she gracefully 
jumped up onto a stood next to his and rested her elbows against the bar.

	"Hey." she said.

	Oh, yes, there was something VERY wrong with this." 'lo" Spike 
said staring at her, the question in his eyes.

	She simply smiled and looked back out into the crowd of dancers.
	Outside, Willow sighed as she heard a whistle as a group of guys 
walked out of the Bronze. Only three more people and she would be in. Thank 
Goddess, she thought with another sign. The girls in front of her were 
smoking rather heavily and all of it was migrating back to her. She
turned to the side and got a smile from the dork behind her. Rolling her 
eyes, she turned back and simply closed her eyes, wishing she could 
just get in. But from the look of things, it would still be a little 
while before that would be happening.

	He was staring at her again. She knew it. Turning her head 
she looked at him. He kept his gaze steadily on her. Raising an eyebrow, 
she stood and grabbed his hand, almost draggin the
vampire out of his 
chair. Once he got his footing he followed her not protesting. If 
she wanted to dance, they would dance and he had absolutly no 
problems with that. The slayer had obviously
stopped caring that 
her friend was acting weird and was talking vigorously with Xander and 
Anya, he noticed looking over briefly before turning his attention back 
to the girl pulling him along. She walked with the beat of the music and 
keeping his hand, turned around to watch him with seductive eyes as
she made her way to the center of the crowd before pulling Spike up 
against her by grabbing the sides of his duster and yanking him forward. 
His body contacted with hers and she wrapped her
arms around his back, 
moving. Spike stood still, just watching her with no emotions. He was
waiting for a sign. He didn't know what kind of sign, but any sign that 
would signal he was right. That this Willow was definatly different 
from his Willow. She wasn't her, no matter what she looked and 
sounded like.

Kiss kiss
You could be mine
baby what's your sell sign
wont you take a step
into the lions den
I can hear my concious
calling me calling me
say I'm gonna be
a bad girl again

	VampWillow grabbed Spikes hands and forced them to hold her by 
the waist then ran her hands up his arms to his shoulders and clenched 
]them in his duster. She kept clenching and
clenching. She 
turned her head and looked up as if listening to the music's lyrics 
for the first time that night. Smiling she looked back at Spike and put 
one of her fingers in her mouth before pulling it
out and mouthing 
'bad girl' whilst tipping the wet finger from side to side as in a 
'no no' gesture. She laughed and moved her body so that he was forced to 
move with her. She leaned up and whispered the words of the song in his 
ear, letting her cool breathe run across his lobe. She laughed again, a
soft sensual, yet rough sound that echoed through.
	As the beat of the song picked up and the music interlude took 
over for a few moments, the vampire leaned back, forcing Spike to hold onto 
her waist tighter to keep her from falling. She swung
her hair around 
as she came back up, pumping her hips from side to side with the beat. Her head
lashed back and forth as well; her hair swishing in her face, caressing 
the features that had curved into a look that said she was letting go. No 
inhibitions. Spike watched her carefully as she grinned
back up at him 
and made kissing faces with the music kisses, then stuck her tounge out 
of her mouth through her teeth before giggling and going back to swaying. 
The song was almost over, but she hadn't had enough of him yet. She winked 
before turning around and leaning into him as she

	Willow sighed, 'finally' she thought as the bouncer let her 
in. A bouncer at the Bronze. Wow. Must be really full. Looking around she 
quickly spotted Buffy and the others and smiled
making her way 
over. They wouldn't believe the kind of night she had had. Some guy 
outside had tried to touch her ass, which just made her even angrier. She 
had simply chosen to ignore his lewd comments about her outfit and focus 
on getting inside. Thankfully she had made it without turning him into 
a newt.

	"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. You wouldn't believe the night I've 
had. The bouncer even asked me for my id!" she huffed sitting down 
opposite of Buffy where Spike had been just before her.

	Buffy looked at her in confusion. "Will, we just saw you on the 
dance floor."

	"Rubbing on every man out there." Anya put in.

	"Yeah, Wills. They didn't really mean come as you aren't. 
They meant come DRESSED as you aren't. Not act it." Xander said giving 
her a sad look before noticing the blank look on her face.

Why dont you come on over
we can keep this all under
like the devil on my shoulder
there's no place for you to run

	Willow looked at her friends. "Guys, I just got here, I haven't 
been here at all. I got caught up at Burger King talking to Tammy, this girl 
that I had met in Wicca group. I got out about thirty
minutes ago, but 
when I got here, the line was so long. I waited that long and finally 
I got in, but that was just now. And what do you mean rubbing up on 

	"You were. But you were wearing something different. It 
was very slutty. And your hair was different. Longer. I thought your hair 
was always this long." Anya said.

	"What?" Willow was completely confused.

	"You mean, you really haven't been here?" Buffy asked.

	"No! I told you, I just got in!"
	"Well then who..." Xander started. The group turned out to 
look at the crowd before gasping.

	"Oh, no. Not her. " Willow whispered. She knew her double 
anywhere. And worse, she was rubbing all over Spike. He didn't seem to 
mind though. In fact he was having himself a grand ole
time seeing as 
how he was holding her pretty close. The vampire Willow was smiling and 
laughing as she danced with Spike.
	Just as she was looking, almost as if the vampire could 
sense her, she found herself staring into her own green eyes as her double 
turned her head to look at her. She watched as the
vampire winked 
at her and looked back at Spike before letting go and starting to walk 

	Spike couldn't believe it. She was just walking away. She started 
a fire and now she was going to let it burn down? He didn't think so. 
He followed swiftly behind her before stopping in his
tracks as he 
looked over her shoulder and saw the other Willow. This was his Willow. 
She was flushed and looked scared as her double made her way over to 
the witch. What the hell was going on here and how come it looked like the 
slayer and her groupies knew about it??

	Quickly following, but staying far enough behind the girl, he 
watched as the girl he had been dancing with made her way to Willow.

	Willow stood up and swallowed down the lump in her throat as her 
double smiled evily and stopped only two feet in front of her.
	"Hello again, sweets." her evil twin whispered, then as the 
others stood frozen reached out and snachted the back of her good selfs neck 
and crushed the girls lips to her own hard enough to
draw blood. It 
was very breif, lasting only a few seconds, but to the world around her, 
it was forever in slow motion. Then she had pulled away and licked her 
lips laughing. "I always wondered what you tasted like."
	Willow blushed and VampWillow laughed again. "Ooh, bad 
girl. Naughty thoughts, little Will?" she laughed again as Willow studdered. 
"Oh, dont worry about it!" she chuckled as the girl
immediatly shut up.
	Spike stood in shock watching as the Willow he had danced with 
kissed his Willow, becoming strangly aroused. He shook his head. Those 
weren't thoughts for now.

Wont you forget I'll remind you
you paranoid I'm behind you
search in your head, I'll find you
tell me my dear
Wont you forget I'll remind you
you paranoid I'm behind you
search in your head, I'll find you
kiss kiss

	"What the bloody hell is going on here!" Spike growled, hating 
not knowing what was going on.
	Buffy stood up ignoring his outburst and keeping her eyes locked 
on the vampire version of their Willow. Her hand reached back to go for 
a stake.
	"I wouldn't do that, Slayer!" The vampire Willow growled at her, 
turning to let Buffy see her eyes flash yellow in warning.

	"What do you want?" The slayer ground out getting impatient 
waiting for the girl to come up with an explaination. She just knew 
that the last time the girl was here, havoc and chaos were had in 
many a great numbers. That was so not what she needed right now.

	"Nothing from you, slayer. Now you stay back from me, you 
hear or you'll regret it! I have absolutly no problems with doing off 
with a slayer." the vampire Willow glared at Buffy as the blond sat 
back down. "I don't know why I'm here, but I am. And I wanted to check 
and see how my fluffy was doing. " she grinned, running her hand down her 
doubles face, feeling the girl shudder. She leaned in and licked at 
the witch's neck. "Mmm, your tasty." she whispered for the girls ears,
though Spike caught the words too.
	Xander stood up. "Stop that. That's just....beyond grossing 
out. Will! She's you, make her stop!" Xander whined, before sitting back 
down at the vampire's glare.
	"How would you like to be my puppy, boy?" The vampire Willow 
growled, leaning forward, almost vamping out.

	Anya stood up and pointed at her. "He's mine! You can't have 
him. I knew you wanted him. But he's mine. He loves me. If you want to 
have sex with yourself go somewhere else, but my
Xander isn't joining 
in. I'm the only one that can give him orgasms. Isn't that right?" she 
said turning to Xander who had turned red at both the sex with self 
statement and the orgasm comments.

	"Anya." he admonished. But he also gave her a look that said 
she was right.

	Willow was beat red from Anya's triad and the Vampire Willow 
chuckled. "Yeah, sweet, what do you say?" she laughed as Willow's eyes 
went wide and she started to studder. "Your always so cute. I'm so glad 
I'm not like that." her eyes went dark. "Seriously, I just want to know
how to go home. I hate it here. It's so boring. Well...mostly, " she 
said, smiling as she looked back at Spike, who stood up taller at her gaze. 
"But I dont' fancy staying. I know you know how to send
me back, Witchy me, 
so do it." she growled.
	Willow nodded and the Vampire Willow grabbed her and started out 
of the Bronze and back to the girl's house. Buffy stood up to follow her, 
but the girl was pulling Willow through the crowd of
dancers and was 
soon swallowed up into the dark.

	"Spike! Follow them! Make sure Willow is safe!" Buffy turned to 
him, but he was already gone. Turning back to the door, she whispered, 
"Be safe, Wills."

You don't have to act like a star
trying moves in the back of the car
cause you know that we can go far
cause tonight your gonna get my *kiss* *kiss*
Dont play the games that you play
you know that I won't run away
so why aren't you askin me to stay
cause tonight your gonna get my *kiss* *kiss*

	Spike kept within five feet of the two. The vampire was 
dragging his Willow quickly to her house. He watched in facination as the 
witch caught up with the vampire and was soon walking at
her pace. It was 
weird to see two of them there side by side. But there they were.

	The three soon made it too the house and Willow hurried to dig 
her keys out of her purse while the vampire double smirked and winked 
at Spike, who looked out into the night to avoid any
eye contact with her.

	As soon as they got upstairs in Willow's parent's house, 
the witch gathered up her materials and formed a circle readying the spell 
to send the vampire back. As she was lighting the
candles, she glanced 
up at Spike who raised an eyebrow before she quickly looked back down.

	The vampire Willow stood beside the circle. "Hey, fluffy." 
she said catching her twin's attention. "Try not to let this happen to me 
again. It's getting real annoying comin back here all the time." she said, 
but her tone spoke different. She may be a vampire and she may be a bitch, 
but she knew when to be grateful. She could have been stuck there if 
she didn't know that her other self was into magick. And oh was she glad 
of that. She glanced over at Spike before walking over to him and 
leaning down to kiss him deeply. She pulled away before he could react.
	"Thanks for the dance. It was fun." she grinned before walking 
back to the circle and stepping inside. "Alright, let's get this over with
....oh and Red?" she said with an evil smile forming.
	Willow looked up at her double. "Your both a good kiss. 
You should try it with each other sometime." her double laughed as Willow 
turned a beat red and began chanting. Just before the
vampire dissapeared, 
Willow could have sworn she heard the soft words 'thanks'.

	Sighing, Willow stood and looked at Spike who had a smirk on 
his face.

	"Well, Red. You certainly do lead an interesting life." Spike 

	Slowly a smile crept up on both of their faces before laughter 
bubbled up from their throats and out their lips. Outside the sound 
of laughter could be heard through the night.

END....sequal? yes? no?