The sun slowly came up over the horizon a good ten minutes early in Beast Boy's opinion. No, make that three hours. Stupid Robin and his early morning training regime. The sun shouldn't rise until 10 AM at the earliest on those days. Come on Dude! What's the point!?! The Brotherhood of Evil has been defeated, almost every villain they've ever faced has been frozen as...frozen ice cube statues or something like that...and worse of all, Raven and Cyborg knew his first name! His poor but at the same time, glorious name. Beast Boy ever so slowly opened his bedroom door and peeked outside. He looked a little to the left, a little to the right, and the coast was clear. He walked out at a half walk completely alert of any new surprises that could greet him today. Thirty paces to the elevator, twenty, ten, five, four, three, two, one, and safe. Beast Boy felt his fear increase tenfold as the elevator was moving down the shaft. Any second now. PING! The elevator door opened in slow motion. Please get slower, please let there be a glitch. No luck. He could feel himself trembling as he entered the common room and kitchen. There was Robin and Cyborg looking through a newspaper for clues of some kind. Robin had to go into his obsess mode when he heard that Beast Boy fought Slade's robot. But the training, dealing with Robin, Cyborg and Raven teasing him about his name. All that amounted to nothing compared to this.

It was his turn on dish duty.

Beast Boy's pale face looked up at the pile of dishes the size of a small trailer home. Some would consider this task a fate worse than death. More than once the person who cleaned the dishes were attacked by whatever Starfire had made from her home planet. The power cord to the gamestation was taken by Raven until all the dishes were done so the option of procastrating or whatever the word Raven used was gone until the dishes were done. He sighed to himself before picking up the overused wash rag and got started.

Raven looked up from her place on the couch to make sure Beast Boy was cleaning the dishes properly, and to make sure he didn't damage her favorite mug which he was washing. If so much as an atom was rubbed the wrong way she would call him his name. Garfield. Now where is the orange paint that Robin hid from Cyborg?

Thirty-five dishes done, 350 more to go. Cyborg smiled to himself. Beast Boy lost a bet they had last week. So this was his second week in a row he had to do this. And if Robin won today's video game against Beast Boy, he would forfeit his dish duty to the green teen next week as well. Life couldn't be better. Nearby he heard Robin moan sympathetically, but his evil smile told another story. There were so many dishes to do that one easily grew bored and kind of crazy. That person would do interesting things to entertain himself. It was the perfect, and most used time to gather blackmail material. Raven and Starfire never got blackmailed however due to Raven's powers doing the washing while she read and Starfire enjoyed doing the dishes.

Cyborg opened up his arm to get the camera ready while Robin was pulling out a recorder. Whatever Beast Boy did would ensure their happiness for a day or two. Happened every time. They now had an unspoken rule to destroy the evidence...or at least give it to the other so they could destroy it. It was all good fun. Cyborg watched with great intensity as Beast Boy's eyes grew fuzzy before shaking his head vigorously and trying again. Wait a second! He's reaching for the apron cabinet. Sweet! What design will he use? His arm is going in, he's gripping it and...the phone is ringing.

Dang it. Beast Boy's right there.

Sighing to himself he walks towards the big screen so they could talk. On the screen was Herald and Jericho. Hmmm wonder what they want Cyborg pondered briefly.

"I bid thee greetings friends!" Starfire exclaimed

"Sup Dudes!"

"Hey buddies!"


"Hey." The titans each gave their own greeting.

"Hello everyone. I'm sure you're aware of the Titans South being formed in Missouri." It was true. The organizing the new team was an uphill battle the entire way. It was decided that Panther, Wildebeest, Jericho, and Herald were to be on the team. Cyborg had gone out with them to find a place for their tower and helped build it. Robin designed their training room for each of their personal abilities. But they had a huge problem. None of them could decide on who should lead the team. Raven spent hours talking to them before they came up with an agreement to have another person join the team as leader. She left them two days ago so they could discuss who they wanted.

"You guys find a leader?" Robin smiled. He was always happy when a new Titan team was formed so evil would be brought down by justice more effectively. Jericho nodded at Robin.

Beast Boy jumped forward. "Come on guys, you going to leave us hanging? Who is it you have? Hot Spot! Koal and Gnarrk!?! Red Star! Who?" Herald shook his head with smile.

"He doesn't know yet. We thought we'd run it by you guys first."

"And who friends do you wish to do the evaluation with us about?" Starfire asked. The only answer she got was Jericho pointing at Beast Boy.