"No dude, how about you log out?" A voice startled everyone. Turning stunned, Galtry saw a log hit flying at him. The log was the only thing he had time to register as it hit him in the head and sent him flying. A large green gorilla stood there, standing there holding the giant log. Putting it down, Beast Boy returned to human form. "And now, you're under arrest."

Everyone in the clearing was silent. "BEAST BOY!!"

"Ah crap." Was all he could get out before he was engulfed in some major bear hugs.

Beast Boy felt his head swimming from lack of air making it to his brain, a common result from one of Starfire's hugs. Not to mention Cyborg and his metal arms, he usually had his strength under control but not having recovered from the adrenaline rush of the fight, Cyborg's limbs were still powered up so he was dangerously close to crushing his best friend. "Dudes...choking, not breathing!" Beast Boy barely uttered. His friends stopped hugging him and smiled at him. Raven walked forward towards him; she never broke eye contact. He started to smile when SLAP- his hand rubbed his cheek where Raven slapped him, hard. "Dude, what was that for?"

Raven's glare never ceased. "Beast Boy, do you realize what happened? We thought you were dead." She said completely deadpan. The others nodded alongside her. He looked at them with a very odd facial expression. One of his eyebrows was raised, yet the other somehow lowered which in effect gave his forehead wrinkles. One of his nostrils flared slightly, and his mouth was opened at an angle. Alongside his green skin, he simply looked ridiculous.

"Dude's, why did you think I was dead? He didn't shoot me with his pistol." He stated flatly. Cyborg blinked twice.

"Man, but I hit you with my sonic cannon, a green bobcat, right on that branch. Just look at that bobcat on the...hey...that bobcat is still there, yet you're here?" Raven, Starfire (who was carrying Robin) Quickly went over to where Cyborg was pointing, and sure enough, the dead bobcat was still there. The same color green as their favorite changeling, looked exactly like him had he changed into a bobcat.

"Dudes, there's something you should know about Africa. It's uncommon, but it does happen, that you see green animals. They have a disease which turns them green. Fatal to anyone who doesn't have animal DNA. Only animals survive it." Raven observed the bobcat carefully. Emerald green, green eyes, and what were with the ears? Longer than bobcats should be and almost elflike...eyes widening quickly she looked at Beast Boy. The similarities were too coincidental. Robin appeared to be along the same lines as her.

"So, if a human caught it, would they turn green? Cyborg asked, his brow furrowed. A nod was his only reply. "And if, said person, had animal DNA, or...a DNA which is unstable...they could survive the disease?" Another nod. Robin gazed on the changeling curiously.

"So, you had the disease...or still have." Beast Boy gazed on the ground slightly. Another nod.

Raven lowered her hood, her gaze upon the green changeling never shifting. "You must have lived here at one point in time."

"Dudes, you must have already figured that out back in Green River." Beast Boy said, his tone still flat. His face was void of emotion, his eyes hard. But his eyes brightened slightly. "But dudes, now that this mess is cleared out, how about we get back so I can get out of this uniform...ugh. I can't believe I've been wearing it. I mean, it's pink...pink...AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHH!" He started running around in circles, waving his arms wildly, and yelling exaggerated stuff.

"Dude, who designed this? Are hamsters plotting to take over the world from an underground bunker, by overloading the world with pink? Did Cyborg's meat finally show its evil nature!" And several other things along those lines. Completely forgetting the pain, Robin and Cyborg burst out laughing. The reaction they had given up on had finally come. They laughed and laughed. And Beast Boy kept going around wildly.

Raven smiled, things were pretty much back to normal. Now to get down to business. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Beast Boy was picked up by one ankle and hovered in front of her. "Beast Boy, you will stop this nonsense immediately. Otherwise..."she stopped, but nodded at the waterfall. The green teen's face paled dramatically, and just nodded. "Good." She tersely said, then let go of him, letting him fall on his head.

Turning around so he wouldn't see her smile at his 'oof' from the fall, she turned her gaze into some brush which was wriggling. Her hands started glowing black, her eyes turned white. Preparing for another possible threat alerted her friends, who turned to fight whatever. Into the clearing came...the Titans South. None of the looked good at all. But they were alive. Each Titan, well not Raven, yelled in glee and went to help the others.

Helping them into the clearing, it wasn't long before they were nursing what they could back to health.

"And that's what happened." Cyborg finished the tale, milking the story for all it was worth, greatly exaggerating several points of it, (or under-exaggerating how the titans reacted when they thought Beast Boy was dead, Raven took care of that detail for him...to everyone's horror of her explanation of her...thoughts on what to do to Galtry)

Belching loudly, Beast Boy jumped up. "Well dudes, I guess we just take the Tship...and be incredibly crowded, get back to Green River and have some pizza. How does that sound?" Everyone who could smiled and nodded. Yelling loudly, he rushed to the Tship, but to everyone's bewilderment, he didn't get in, but rather went to the storage. He dug around for a few minutes and came out with that huge sack of his. "Dudes, I bet you're wondering what's in my magic sack here? The secret to my greatness maybe...or how I'm such a guiness." Dropping the sack to pump his fist, well, his plan was changed when he dropped the sack on his foot. He ended up hopping around on the other foot, holding his injured one.

Smiling in a creepy way, Raven watched on. "Yes, a real genius that one. Care to repeat the performance?" the object of her attention glared at her half-heartedly, until a loud explosion echoed the clearing. Turning around slowly, Beast Boy watched in horror. The Tship had exploded. Flames danced around it. Everything in it was destroyed, along with their way home.

Behind the burning vehicle was Galtry, staring at Beast Boy with a crazed expression on his face. His jetpack completely ruined by the log Beast Boy hit him with earlier, his suit in shambles. His breathing deep, the crazed villain inched forward. "Garfield...don't think you've won. You have no evidence. You have nothing going for you. None of you can arrest me. You'll only ruin yourselves." His threw his head back and laughed. He laughed and laughed. What no one counted on was Beast Boy laughing with him.

"Hahaha! Dude, you crack me up. I know you very well...and yes. I do have evidence." Every Titan stopped to stare dumbfounded at him, while Galtry stopped laughing, his crazed look getting a look of fear in them.

"You're lying! You don't have evidence for none exists. I call you on your bluff. Show me your evidence." Pointing a finger at Beast Boy. The green teen nodded at him. He opened up the sack he had just got out of the Tship. First he pulled out a...video recorder. Hitting a button, fear gripped Galtry's heart. He felt paralyzed. On that was a recording of Beast Boy's interrogation of Arsenal. Then a recorded conversation of him talking too the Titans atop their tower. A recording of this entire battle...including him telling Starfire why they deserved to die. The only way Beast Boy could have those recordings were if...

The next thing Beast Boy pulled out was a folder. "Dude, in here is your budget. From paying off Arsenal, what you paid to upgrade Arsenal's suit, as well as the blueprints of the original suit and the upgraded one. Proof of you stealing it." He pulled out was a floppy disk for a computer. "Security feed of when I was in your custody. No idea why you kept it though dude. It's proof of child abuse and attempted murder."

He pulled out evidence and evidence. Each one more damning than the last. Extortion, murder, attempted murder, theft, bribery, blackmail. It was all there. And the last thing he pulled out...was a Raven plushy with hearts painted around the eyes. "Dude, whoever put this on Shirley, I've got to thank them. It alone reminded me not to succumb to obsession. The one thing I feared I would do if I became a leader." Cyborg grumbled to himself, his prank going wrong.

Carefully putting everything in his bag, Beast Boy smiled at the former lawyer. Said lawyer was now sweating bullets. He would get death sentence for sure should he be arrested. He could never return to America with that evidence in the Titans possession, and with his suit out of commission, there was no way he could get it from the Titans...unless. Smiling brightly, Galtry raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, you do have evidence. But a question remains. Is it legal?" Those darn smug teens stopped. Beast Boy stopped for a bit. Laughing again Galtry figured this could be his chance. "Is that evidence legal? If you invaded my home then it is illegal search and seizure. That evidence cannot be used in a court of law. HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Yeah yeah yeah, dude. Laugh it up why don't ya. And while you're at it, why not shut yer trap." Beast Boy said, unbridled hatred entering his voice and eyes. Galtry stopped for a bit.

"Dude, after discovering your hideout, inside an insane asylum no less, I went straight to the director of the hospital. He had no idea about the secret chamber. He dispatched a full security team there, to search alongside me. Along with a warrant I might add. One that the director, and a camera feed of the whole thing in his possession. You dude, are under legal arrest." Every Titan in the clearing were smiling at Galtry in an unpleasant way. To him anyway. His life, the fortune he rightfully deserves, gone forever. Backing up slowly he fingered something from out of his sleeve.

Beast Boy's eyes changed. "Dude, stop! Don't move another inch!" Galtry ignored him.

"You think to arrest me, I won't be so easy to ca..AAAAAAAA!" He tumbled backwards into the river. Not even ten yards away from the waterfall. Beast Boy rushed forward and landed on a rock. Looking down the waterfall, he saw that Galtry had grabbed a root or vine or something sticking out. He was barely hanging.

"So, going to gloat and watch me fall to my death are you? Well go ahead, laugh at the fallen lawyer. Laugh it up. Take your revenge!" Galtry's screams could barely be heard over the raging waterfall.

Beast Boy stood there, glaring at the man who ruined his life. Flashback of his former life flashed before his eyes. The beatings, the constant feeling of danger, the multiple attempts on his life. This man before him truly deserved death. He didn't deserve any help. Kneeling slowly, Beast Boy extended a hand. "Grab my hand. Let me help you up."

Galtry laughed. "Why, so you can drop me at the last minute. I'll take my chances!" Shaking his head furiously, the green teen above him started reaching for him. Taking the blade from his sleeve, Galtry slashed at Beast Boy's hand.

"AARGH!" Beast Boy pulled his bloody stump up. His hand had been completely severed. Galtry smiled brightly. 'Take that you freak. See how much of your fortune you lose to fix that!' A sudden jerk shook him from his thoughts. When he slashed up with his knife, he had also cut his hold.

"Oh no." He shuddered with fear. A loud snap and he was falling down the waterfall. If only his jetpack wasn't ruined by that log.

All the Titans stood above the waterfall, the lawyer's screams died as he hit the bottom..or what they could see of it from the spray.

Raven and Cyborg were bandaging Beast Boy's hand. Jericho leaned against a tree, grunting from the pain of his broken leg. Herald was in a slow moving part of the river looking at...something. Every Titan were completely speechless.

"Ah...dude, watch it. Guy's. Let's head home.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Green River. The Titans South is completely disbanding. Our city has been promised protection as Pantha Herald, Jericho, and the lovely Argent have agreed to stay in the area and protect our beautiful city. Each will be working independently in separate parts of our city. The tower is being turned into a museum and library of the Titans history, from the beginnings of it in Jump City to the international team it has become. Their successes, their sorrows, all available for the public..."

"Dude, turn it off." Beast Boy lay on the couch. They were back in Jump City. With Beast Boy's injury and Wildebeests paralysis, the Titans south had disbanded until further notice. Pantha, although extremely lucky considering how hard she hit her head on that boulder, suffered some brain damage from a concussion. She had some memory loss and had no knowledge of anything but fighting crime. Argent stayed with her to help her out and hopefully regain some of her memories.

Herald had gone along the beaches of Africa and found a washed up shell. This shell, when blown into made its own form of music. Researching it had revealed it be called a conch...or something like that. Raven said it was in "Lord of the Flies". Herald was using it temporarily until he got a new horn. But he was quickly growing attached to it. Jericho lived with him and they would play small concerts to make money.

Wildebeest was being given personal home care. They didn't know if his paralysis was permanent or not, but Beast Boy offered to front the whole bill. He felt extremely guilty for everyone's injuries. He later revealed to Cyborg that he suspected that Galtry booby trapped the surrounding clearings and sent them into a trap to make Galtry overconfident. To say his metallic friend was displeased would be the biggest understatement of the year. Nearly everyone had made a full recovery, Beast Boy fronting everyone's bills.

After it was revealed what he did, Beast Boy expected everyone to hate him or be angry with him. He even went to Robin and offered to turn himself in to go to prison, front everyone's bills, and completely give up hero work in an attempt to make up for his mistake. What he didn't expect was that everyone had listened to him and promised to try and forgive him...which they did by the end of the month after he went to extreme lengths to try and make up for it.

Two weeks after everyone forgave him, Raven took him aside and gave him a thorough telling down to stop going to such lengths for forgiveness (he had bought her an EXTREMELY rare tome, gave Robin new detective equipment, paid Batman back to replace the Batwing, gave Cyborg a promise to never touch the Tcar again, along with the funding to do build whatever he wanted, gave Jericho a brand new, state of the art guitar, Herald several new horns).

Life went back to a relative norm. As for Beast Boy, his severed hand didn't require much treatment. They just needed to change bandages and keep it from getting infected. But because of his animal DNA, his hand was slowly regrowing. They estimated another month and he'd be good for hero duty again. Kid Flash was currently staying in the Tower to help make up for Beast Boy's recuperation time. Despite how guilty Beast Boy felt, he was still amused at the tension between Kid Flash and Cyborg whenever Jinx came to visit. He and Robin would milk those situations for all it was worth.

All in all, they were happy that things ended as they did. Beast Boy didn't go completely insane with his obsession, a long time rival had been lost to the falls in Africa, and they were all back together. However, things had gotten a bit more interesting. Kid Flash, Jericho, Herald, Robin, and Cyborg had started a betting pool. The object of the bet was...when Beast Boy and Raven would get over themselves to actually start dating. It was obvious they liked each other, heck, they even knew of the other's feelings for them. They just didn't act on them, at all. Always coming up with an excuse. Beast Boy's latest one was amusing.

"Dude! Cyborg's meat might make me pink again!"

In a dark pub along the streets of Gotham, a lone figure was drinking down his sorrows. His life was ruined. He had lost everything. Every hope and dream. He had no hopes left. Only a dream he would never be able to achieve. His assets completely frozen and handed to a certain Titan. There was no way he could ever return to his home. Sighing to himself, he was stuck in the Crime capitol of the world. He had been mugged, drugged, and nearly killed on multiple occasions. from various people like the Penguin, Two-Face, Ras-as-Ghoul, and many others. But he couldn't, nay wouldn't leave. Not until he met his contacts. Two villains particular. He needed their help. He knew he would more than likely be killed that night, but he had to go through this.

His thoughts were interrupted by a bone chilling laugh.

"I don't normally leave my lovely home, but was told you would make it worth my while. A joke of the century to be exact." The slightly drunk figure turned around, his blood cold. Beside him was one of those he needed to see. That pale white skin, the green hair, that purple suit. The Clown Prince of Crime. The most feared criminal in the whole world. He single handedly gave the Justice League a run for their money. Batman was the only one who had ever given this criminal problems. Besides him was the ever faithful Haley Quinn.

"We..we...wel..well I am pleased to make your acquaintance." He could barely utter, his face pale as death.

"And I'll be pleased to shock you to reality if we can get to business now...with a cherry on top please. HAHAHAHAHA!" A huge shock went through his body, the electric current scorched his body entirely, his hair scorching. He watched Joker take the hand buzzer off. If the clown had held on for a second longer...

"Well, you are the Clown Prince of Crime. Batman is your nemesis." He said. Pulling some confidence to himself, he quickly lost it when hit on the head with a crowbar. Harley stood above him.

"Stop givin' Puddin the obvious. He wants to hear the Joke of the Century!" She growled.

Holding his bleeding head, he barely nodded. "What if there was a way you could get Batman in a way he'd never suspect." The clownly duo in front of him yawned slightly, however the twitching eyebrow on the Joker's face showed him he had caught interest. "Batman's old sidekick in Jump City, Robin.

Joker and Harley looked at each other, then laughed. "You think Puddin' hadn't thought of that you nitwit! That would only be a joke if Batman made a sarcastic comment about it." His fear rapidly taking hold of him, his last chance, and the real purpose of the meeting coming on him. He would be killed for this, he knew from what he's heard of the Joker, but his death wouldn't be in vain. So much for convincing him using other methods.

"But there's someone there moving in on your turf! A comedian you could say." Joker looked at him, smiling brightly.

"Assuming I'm interested, why should I care?" The figure pulled out a toy. A toy of a green teenager.

"Push the button on the back."

Joker smiled brightly, and handed the toy to Harley. She pushed it.

"Dude, I'm the King of Jokers."

Silence. silence echoed across the entire bar. Everyone in the bar, and out in the street was staring at that toy in Harley's hands with great fear. Joker however, was staring at the toy. No smile on his face. In fact, his face had a rage on it so extreme that it was a miracle that every mirror in Gotham didn't shatter. Turning slowly, Joker, having stolen the toy from Harley, glared at the man in front of him. "Tell me about him." It wasn't a question.

"His name is Beast Boy. He's one of the original Teen Titans. He's gained international fame for being the one to bring the end of the Brotherhood of Evil. He led the Titans against them in the final battle. He's always playing jokes and easy to underestimate as he's uneducated. However, his instincts is superb. He has animal instincts and senses. He can sense things that animals sense, and his hearing, eyesight, and smell are far superior to ours. He can turn into any animal he's seen or heard of. He's a vegan and has a hatred of" He was quickly interrupted.

"He's a what!!" Turning around slowly, a woman with fiery red hair stood before him. A leaf green outfit covered her. Poison Ivy. "He eats plants!!" He nodded, then smiled.

"Yes, he eats plants, helps kill the planet. Has a hatred for meat, apparently." Joker and Poison Ivy glared at the man in front of them. Joker turned to his sidekick.

"HARLEY!! Pack our things. We're going to Jump City."

"Don't forget me." Poison Ivy hissed.

The man smiled. His goal accomplished. He watched Ivy and Harley rush out of the bar, closely followed by Joker. However...when he reached the door, he turned around. Smiling brightly. "Before I forget." He pulled a pistol out of his pocket. The man felt the fear return tenfold. He had so hoped he could get out of this alive. He watched as if in slow motion Joker pull the trigger...and a bang flag came out. Relief overcame him. It was a joke. Then the flag flew out of the gun, impaling him between the eyes. The somewhat drunk man fell backwards dead.

Joker reached down and took out his wallet. "Nicholas Galtry, bang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The End...for now

Author's Note: And that ends Me? Leader! I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Until the sequal with the Joker and Poison Ivy loosed on Jump City. Good day.