Wildebeest turned out to be a 10 year old kid. He only turned into the giant beheemoth when he was annoyed or angry in any way...meaning almost all the time. Pantha apparently the only one who could calm him down. Their training methods were pretty much the same. Building strength and fighting quick opponents. The team was built through with a strategy. Panther and Wildebeest made up the muscle while Beast Boy made up the ability to adapt, Jericho and Herald would act as the mist, confusing any and all opponents. It would take work for them to work and fight as one, but that was the plan. They hoped.

A small ant slowly climbed up a bed in the newly constructed tower. Curious as to what new thing had arrived. Would it bring destruction to its colony or would this thing leave the colony alone. Gradually it climbed a pole of the double bed while its only thought was that it was glad it couldn't smell. The ant slowly walked towards the giant mass that could be called the big people, then his alarm clock went off. The green teen jumped and landed on the ant.

"Why did I schedule early morning training again?" Beast Boy asked to himself. The life sized cucumber put his feet on the ground and stood up. Yet as he was getting up, he completely lost balance and crashed head first into the wall. "Oh...that's why." He leaped in the air when he heard frantic tapping at his door. "Who is it?" No one answered, but the tapping soon gained a rhythm.

"Jericho! I don't know moss code!" The grass stain leader called into the hall. Almost immediately the sound of slapping was heard. Beast Boy opened his door and saw Jericho rubbing his forehead. "Let's get to work!" Beast Boy exclaimed with far less enthusiasm than Robin had. Trudging towards the training room, Beast Boy felt something slide into his pocket. Glancing curiously at the mute besides him, Beast Boy pulled out the sheet of paper which contained...the Morse Code.

Entering the training room, Beast Boy noticed that he and Jericho were the first ones there, if you excluded Cyborg who was running some equipment through a routine test run. Waving at his green best friend, the large trash can called him over. "Hey B! This is going to be yours." Beast Boy looked over the oddly shaped treadmill. It had walls coming out of the side and the actually tread had holes of different widths and lengths across it.

"Alright man, here's how it works. As you are running and gradually increasing speed certain obstacles will come out of the walls right at you, and/or obstacles will come out of the tread making your jump over them but not so high as to hit one of the walls obstacles. The maximum running speed is 150 mph. What do you think!?!" Cyborg's explanation of the treadmill grew louder and more excited as he told Beast Boy about it. The green teen could barely keep up as Cyborg also was talking faster than he normally did. "Dude, what kind of obstacles?"

"Oh nothing dangerous, a metal pole here and there, one of those rubber hammers, very durable but very dull swords. A paintball gun in the front shooting randomly. The works."

"Great..." Beast Boy said slowly, his eyes widening slightly. That was rougher than what Robin normally put him through.

A portal appeared near them as Jericho, Pantha, and Wildebeest walked in the training room, though Wildebeest had tripped over Pantha's foot and fell over on top of Cyborg. As the two super strong heroes tried getting up, Beast Boy grinned what had been dubbed his "Prank Grin". Cyborg was on his hands and knees, trying to get up Wildebeest's was on his knees now, his thigh brushing against Cyborg's thigh. If looked at from a certain angle...FLASH...Jericho looked up quickly and only saw Beast Boy put a digital camera into his belt.

Not noticing the flash or the camera, Cyborg quickly explained to the others what they would be doing. Pantha and Wildebeest would be working with huge weights...also they'd be sparring Beast Boy every other day to try and work on their speed. Herald spent an hour playing his horn, seeing if he could do anything with his portals. He would go in and out, send the other Titans who were training to different locations to confuse them, try making portals in different shapes, tried to create shadows from his portals, weaving in and out of his obstacle course without being allowed to move more than 10 feet and being limited in how many times he used his horn. He also worked on his hand to hand combat skills. He actually was proficient at it, but nowhere near Robin's skill, but he could best the average criminal.

Jericho for the moment 'borrowed' his teammates bodies and went through their training regimes. He worked on his adaptability and his quick thinking. Each villain he would likely possess more than likely had different abilities and skills so he worked on working with what he had to the best of his ability.

A small, almost burnt out light flickered over the card table, both figures hidden by shadows so their features were indistinguishable. "You know what must be done?" The question was more a statement from the way he said it.

"I do...kill Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy. I'll begin in two days. Any aces?"

"Go Fish. Why two days? We have the blueprints of the new tower, we know where to hit it to knock out all power with a single shot. Security, lights, everything."

"In the report it says that the one known as Cyborg leaves tomorrow. He could fix anything. He could have the security fixed during the battle. Threes?"

"Go fish. Clever. A day after he leaves. Chances of expecting an assassination so soon would be...astronomically low. Sevens?" The second figure handed over three cards.

"Very well Nick. But remember my payment."

"Of course. The agreed sum, $750,000, payed in full. In fact, I'll pay you half now, and the rest when the job is finished." The first figure called Nick pulled out an envelope and handed it towards the second figure. A heavily armored hand appeared from the shadows as it took the envelope.

"The payment is fair." The two figures laughed. "Soon the Titans will learn to fear the assault of Arsenal."