A/N: And so ends the first story in the Super Koopas trilogy; in my opinion, it's also the weakest of the three, but I hoped you liked it nevertheless. The next installment is called Super Koopa Land – enjoy!

"DK! Dixie! Anybody!" Diddy Kong strained against the bamboo bars. Kamek had reinforced them with his magic to keep the Koopalings secure, but now it was the monkey who was stuck in the cage. He let go of the bars and sat down panting. He took of his hat and scratched his head, wincing as he touched the large goose egg that had formed. If he ever got a hold of whoever orchestrated that prank-

"Who's there?" whispered a voice.

Diddy jumped to his feet. "It's me, Diddy! Help me, I've been trapped in this cage for hours!"

An eerie laugh filled the lava chamber, then a silvery shape rose up through the floor.

Diddy gasped and jumped back, staring wide-eyed at the ghost.

Kamek grinned sinisterly and looked around the cage. He noticed the pile of bananas under the door. "So that's how they got out! They slipped you up when you brought them their food, right?"

"Uhhh…" Diddy had no idea what Kamek was talking about, but the face did seem familiar. Suddenly, re remembered what had happened – not about how he eneded up in the cage, though, just the part where he and the other Kongs were attacked by a gang of Magikoopas. Diddy was pretty sure their leader had been alive when he hypnotized the apes, but ghost or not, this was most certainly him. "Hey! Wait a minute! How dare you come in here and mock me! All this is your fault!"

Kamek sighed. "Indeed. I underestimated Bowselta Koopa and let my emotions get the best of me."

Diddy had no clue who the dead guy was talking about. The silence that feel started getting creepy before long (probably because of the dead guy), so Diddy decided to try striking up some casual conversation. Sure the creepy dead guy was probably responsible for him being stuck in the cage, but he could be a way out, too. "So… my grandmother Wrinkly's a ghost. She said she stayed around on Earth because she wanted to see us all grow up. What's your reason?"

Kamek smiled sadly. "Mine's family too, I guess. But it's really because of a promise I made a long time ago."

"Oh?" said Diddy, he loved stories.

"I left my home when I came of age. I am, er, was, the greatest Magikoopa on the planet, but they didn't appreciate it."

"They who?"

"My sister, and everyone else in out village, though it was the same everywhere else I went: no body recognized I was that much better than the rest of my species."

"You're so modest," said Diddy sarcastically.

Kamek glared at the monkey, but continued on. "I joined the Koopa Troopa clan – they appreciated my talents. I met Morton Koopa and I recognized his potential. I made him into a powerful general, and helped him become the greatest Koopa King of all time!

"But then he died in a stupid accident and that floozy ruined everything," finished Kamek.

"Floozy?" asked Diddy.

"Bowselta," spat Kamek. "She turned Bowser against me and then she turned my own twin sister too!"

"That's too bad, but how does this have to do with your old promise? Is your twin the family that's involved?"

"Yes," sighed Kamek. "When Kammy and I were kids, our parents got sick. It's unusual for Magikoopas to fall ill because our magic protects us, but there was a plague going around that drained its victims of their power itself. Before she died, my mother made me promise to look after Kammy, who had also caught the disease. Ancient magic must have activated my promise that day: by the looks of things, I can't move on until Kammy doesn't need watching over anymore."

"So… you mean when she dies?" asked Diddy.

"Yep," said Kamek.

"But what if she becomes a ghost too?"

Kamek shrugged his translucent shoulders. "I dunno, maybe I'll still move on, maybe I'll linger with her until she's done whatever she stayed behind to do."

"What if she stayed behind to watch over you?"

"But she never made that promise to Mom. It'd be more likely that she'd want to stay behind to make sure Bowser's all right. As if that's possible," snorted Kamek.

Diddy blinked, and though about what Kamek had said. "Hey wait a minute, if your sister got the disease too why didn't she die?"

Kamek shrugged. "A handful of people who got the disease were simply left barren – it was just dumb luck that she was one of them."

"Oh," said Diddy, lapsing into silence. After a moment he spoke once more. "But aren't you even a little worried you might be stuck in this existence forever?"

"I'd be more worried about being stuck here forever if I were you," responded Kamek, cutting across Diddy's train of thought.

"Why?" wondered the monkey, a bit concerned at Kamek's implications.

"Well, most of your fellow Kongs left about an hour ago. They had a bunch of wounded so they were going to Brooklyn to get professional help," explained Kamek.

Diddy paled. If they were going to Big Ape City, they wouldn't be back for days. "But wait, you said most of them."

"That's right," nodded the ghost of Kamek. "Cranky stayed behind."

"Oh, that's good," sighed Diddy.

"He's not going to come looking for you though," said Kamek. "He says if you're worth anything, you'd get yourself out."

Diddy was a bit disheartened, but he pushed on. "But you know where I am. You can go and tell Cranky so he won't have to search for me. Tell him it's impossible to get out of this cage."

"The Koopalings got out."


"The kids you let out."

"I can't remember anything that happeend after yo and your goons hypnotized us," whined Diddy.

"That's your problem," shrugged Kamek.

"Well, can't you at least try to get Cranky?"


"Why?" gasped Diddy.

"Because," began Kamek, shooting Diddy a twisted smile, "as far as I know, I'm going to be stuck haunting this volcano for a while. And I doubt I'm going to get another captive audience anytime soon."

Diddy paled. Then, without saying another word to Kamek, he turned around, grabbed the bamboo bars and started pulling at the door, calling for help.

Kamek sighed, this was going to be a long afterlife.

The End