At first, I was going to write Maruhara, but then I decided NiouKiri since... I want to. XD

PS: My romance is bad... KILL ME. XD

"Oi Niou-senpai..." Akaya poked Niou for the fiftieth time. "Niou-senpai... Niou, Niou, Niou, Niou, senpai, senpai, senpai... Masaharu, Masaharu, Haru-chan, Haru-chan..." He kept saying in a bored voice.

Finally, when Niou had it, he smacked his kouhai's hands away and rudely said, "What?"

"I'm bored..." Akaya whined.


"Unbore me."

"So bother Marui. Or Yukimura, you always like him, don't you? He is your favorite senpai, right?"

Akaya sat down next to Niou. "Marui-senpai is busy being attacked by that Akutagawa guy. Yukimura-buchou is busy so I don't want to bother him... Yanagi-senpai is with that Inui guy. Sanada-fukubuchou is just plain boring much like Jackal-senpai... Yagyuu-senpai is at a convention." He explained. "You're the only person not busy."

"Well, go away, I am busy." Niou said.

"With what?"


"I can't believe you on that... You don't do homework!" Kirihara exclaimed.

Niou silently muttered a "Darn!"

"Besides," Kirihara said while playing with a random pencil. "Mura-buchou isn't my favorite senpai. He's one of them, though."

Niou smirked. "Well, who is you're favorite senpai?"

"I don't know..."

"Really now?"

"Marui-senpai, maybe?" Akaya said dully. "Or may-- mff!"

The next thing he knew, Niou was sitting back in his original seat still smirking that trickster smirk. The one that makes you know that something bad will happen.

Akaya just sat there. Eyes widen with a gaping mouth.

"What is it, brat?" Niou asked in a teasing voice.

Akaya tried to talk. The only thing he could splutter out was, "Why... kiss... what?"

"Awww, Aka-chan can't speak..." Niou teased. "Am I your favorite senpai now?"

When Kirihara regain control to his speech he said, "What?"

"Or do you want another example of my greatness?" Niou leaned closer once more.

"You better not--" Yet again, he couldn't finish his sentence. Niou's lips were pressed against his.

Niou chuckled. "Now, who's your favorite senpai?" He asked innocently.

Akaya gasped for air. "You." He replied quickly.

Niou pat Akaya's head. "How nice of you, Akaya. I never knew you cared."

Kirihara was bright red. He just sat there.

"Well, I'll see you later, I guess?" Niou said. He picked up the pencil Akaya dropped when he kissed the boy. "I still have work to do."

Kirihara nodded. He picked up his bag and quickly ran out the door.

Niou snickered. "Now, Sanada-san should be standing there while the thing falls..." He said to himself.


That was short... but please don't die!! My romance skills are bad! I know!!