He was always there for her. Always. He never failed to be.

Even if he physically wasn't there, it was the thought of him that kept her ploughing through the akuma and demons. It was the thought that, if she kept ridding this world of them, she would live another day to see him, and he would live another day so that she could see him.

When he was there, he would give her emotional help when it was needed and reassure her with gentle and soothing words that never failed to calm her down. Even would she would make a burden of herself and sob endless tears for those she hadn't even met, he would understand; he would tell her to cry out all of her tears so that their were none left to fall. Even though his words sounded strange and almost harsh, she knew that he meant it well, and because he did, it made the tears dry up almost instantly.

Even if it was something silly, like she was having a bad hair day, he would chuckle at her and lightly tug at her short hair, teasing her and telling her that her hair looked beautiful as always. She would always blush and tell him to stop teasing her like that. He always did anyways when she asked silly questions like that.

If brother was never there to give her what she needed, she would run to find him, knowing that he would give her the comfort that she so desperately needed. If they were still at headquarters, she would always find him in the cafeteria or in his room resting, if they were on an assignment, he would never be far anyways. After finding him, she would rush towards him and throw herself into her arms and clutch at him tightly, needing the physical comfort. It never failed to surprise him; his only responses were awkward pats on the back and supportive encouragement.

Lenalee looked up at the silver headed boy whose shoulder she was leaning her head on and whispered, "Allen, thank you for being here."

He looked down at her, confused and surprised, "Hm? Where else would I be except here?" He motioned his hand around to the surrounding train, "It's not like I get to choose our assignments,"

Lenalee sighed and snuggled her head further into the crook of his neck, it didn't matter if he didn't know what she was talking about, it only mattered that he was there for her. Always.